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I love it!

My son has completed his first exams after using WorksheetCloud and I can say with confidence that it made a huge difference in his results. I love this app and recommend it to all parents.

Karen Rutter

Parent, Grade 8

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 182 reviews
by Rhona on WorksheetCloud
Differences in provinces curriculum

I love it when the worksheets are applicable to the curriculum up in Gauteng. There seems to be a difference as to when the schools do which part. My child thinks the on-line sheets are great and they're a great morale booster. Not quite sure what do with all the coins we earn?

by Nozipho Dube on WorksheetCloud
It's great!

We are homeschooling our children and have found this a great help. Since we are not professional teachers, setting extra practice exams and assessments was a challenge. We have been using Worksheet Cloud for only 20 days and we love it. Even the extra explanations that come with each answer have helped us better school our kids. I only wish we could record their manual written tests on theirWorksheet Cloud profile. I think we will be very ready for our exams this year, looking forward to it!

by Terry on WorksheetCloud

Worksheet cloud two is nice if you don't want to waste paper but it can be very hard to read it at times and understand what the question mean other than that it is helpful.

by Megan on WorksheetCloud
Grateful mom

I really struggled to find Afrikaans assisting worksheets before signing up to WorksheetCloud. Thanks for being my Afrikaans heroes ūüôā

by Alison Jones on WorksheetCloud
Marks improved steadily

The worksheets have definitely helped my son with his end of term tests, his marks have improved steadily throughout the term.

by Liesbet Schietecatte on WorksheetCloud
No more printing

I am happy with WorksheetCloud, especially now that there is no more need for printing. The one glitch was that the assessments for Natural Science didn't match what they had been working on at school. But I don't know if that was due to the school or WorksheetCloud.

by Louise Heyneke on WorksheetCloud
Different textbooks

Just an idea: Would it be possible for WorksheetCloud question papers to be set according to the spesific textbooks different schools/provinces are using - for example Oxford Suksesvol, Platinum, etc.?

by Rashika Shukla on WorksheetCloud
Fantastic worksheets

Fantastic worksheets.

by Nicolene Laubscher on WorksheetCloud
Great help for parents

Great help for parents equipping them to prepare their children for tests and exams.

by Adele van der Merwe on WorksheetCloud
Helps with revision

We have just started using Afrikaans worksheets and it does cover most work. It helps to do these sheets for revision for a lot of parents only work through resources they get from school.

by Lynette Thirion on WorksheetCloud
Worth the money

Very much worth the money!

by Nontsikelelo Mancam on WorksheetCloud
It is very good

It is very good, my child is doing good on his tests and formal assessments so far.

by Debbie van Eyk on WorksheetCloud
Great product!

It is a great product to use. My daughter uses it to just check whether her overall understanding and learning is at the level it needs to be. Can't wait for more. I would like for the exams to be a lot longer and to test a lot more than it currently does.

by Lentie Lumley on WorksheetCloud
Like what I found so far

I have found the work sheets more in line with questions asked at my son's school. We still need to actively work through it on a more intense basis, but I like what I found so far.

by Khaya on WorksheetCloud
It creates clarity

The worksheet cloud creates clarity in terms of knowing whether your child is coping or not, how much behind and areas of weakness!!!!

by Gerda Smal on WorksheetCloud
Worth it!

My son is loving the worksheetcloud 2 version.

by Phumzile Gcanga on WorksheetCloud
It is good

I think it is good. We are still getting used to it but we believe and have hope that it will make a difference as the year progresses.

by Nasira Vallee on WorksheetCloud
Fabulous website and extremely useful content

My daughter has completed her exams and we are so grateful to have stumbled upon your website. Albeit very late in the year. She did quite a few of the practice examination worksheets and many on the sections that she needed to brush up on in each of the subjects. I found the content to be most useful, with a great balance of questions in ranking of easy and difficult. Each section in the syllabus is covered comprehensively and my daughter really benefitted for this year’s exams. Well done on a fabulous website and extremely useful content.I am pleased that the subscription will automatically rollover for 2017 and we look forward to working on consolidation of each section from early in the year.

by Retha Laurie on WorksheetCloud
Highly recommended

Highly recommends to any other parent!

by Dominique Bruwer on WorksheetCloud
More subjects for Grade 8

It is great. It would be great if you could cover all the subjects Grade 8 do at school ie art, business studies (EMS) drama, Life Orientation etc. Otherwise, this is a great idea.

by Johan Venter on WorksheetCloud
The exam worksheets really help

Looking forward to the new changes in WorksheetCloud 2 in January 2017. The exam worksheets online really help to create an interest in my child to want to do the worksheets. Keep up the good work!

by Marianne Beneke on WorksheetCloud
Very happy with worksheets

I am very happy with worksheets but wanted to know on online practice exams if there is any way to see what questions she got wrong and what the correct answers are, otherwise, she just keeps putting incorrect answers. I believe that the worksheets have helped a lot and am looking forward to getting her school report.

by Retha Laurie on WorksheetCloud
Excellent customer service

Excellent!! Quick response to any questions asked or info needed. Keep parents up to date on all info needed. Well done.

by Vivienne Williamson on WorksheetCloud
Memorandums are a fantastic guide

My son has responded very well to the worksheets as a way of learning and revising work. It also helps him to see weak areas that need more attention and the memorandums are a fantastic guide on how answers should be given.

by Louise Jones on WorksheetCloud
Fantastic initiative

I think it is a fantastic initiative.1 suggestion:- multiple choice papers should be able to be done online and result etc. automatically loaded on student's profile.

by Nontutuzelo Makubalo on WorksheetCloud
Wish I knew about WorksheetCloud earlier

I so wish that I had known about Worksheet Cloud at the beginning of the year. It is really helpful, I'm planning to continue with my subscription next year. My child does not like reading at all! Thank so much for making it easier for me in trying to assist her.

by Daleen van Zyl on WorksheetCloud
WorksheetCloud is a good product

My son (starting his grade 6 exams today) used your online mathematics exam yesterday in preparation for his test today and tomorrow. He thoroughly enjoyed doing the online test. I hope you will continue to add more tests in future, which are also a bit more challenging for the grade he'll be in next year (grade 7). This is a really good tool and I'd like to see more of these online exams/tests. This is an excellent addition to WorksheetCloud and a good motivation for me to keep my account open. Thank you very much to you and your team for this new addition. This makes WorksheetCloud a good product.

by Chantal Rodriques on WorksheetCloud
Very user friendly and great support

So user friendly and amazingly quick replies when questions are asked.

by Carey Viljoen on WorksheetCloud
Saves time setting up practice exams

Thank you worksheet cloud for creating a platform for kids to learn and enjoy. My grade 6 son knows from the practice exams exactly what he needs to focus on when he studies and what he already knows. It saves us so much time setting up practice exams ourselves and time studying with Jake. Please, could you post more practice exams and include all the subjects too. Great site and I will definitely recommend you to other users.

by Catharina Coetzee on WorksheetCloud
Brilliant idea

This is a brilliant idea - I am very happy with WorksheetCloud. My only suggestion is to make it possible for the child to complete it on-line.

by Natasha Donley on WorksheetCloud
Super impressed with WorksheetCloud

I'm really super impress with WorksheetCloud. My child has extreme difficulties with maths, and has adapted a negative attitude towards the subject. I've joined WorksheetCloud and hope to change this around for my child. Thus far the improvement is really overwhelming. We take it day by day. I really feel that I made a good choice this time, after all the disappointed attempts to help my child. Thanks.

by Jenny Booth on WorksheetCloud
Very happy with the worksheets

I am very happy with the worksheets. The only comment I have is the Grade 1's use colour quite a bit which is a bit difficult if you are printing in black and white. Maybe consider using numbers. My girls are really enjoying doing the worksheets. Thank you

by Caron Mynhardt on WorksheetCloud
Easy to identify problem areas

WorksheetCloud has made it so much easier for me to identify and help my child on areas that he is battling with.

by Delaine Hiscock on WorksheetCloud
Very happy about the personal attention

I am very happy about the personal attention and help that I'm getting from work cloud. I am certain that I will be able to help my son who is struggling a lot at school, and with your assistance I'm sure he will prosper from it.

by Megan James on WorksheetCloud
Very user friendly

Very user friendly. Would be more cost effective if worksheets could be completed and captured without printing.

by Mamorongwa Seakamela on WorksheetCloud
More language learning

If possible include more language learning....e.g..sign language, French, Spanish...for fun. Kids love fun.

by Vanitha Naidu on WorksheetCloud

Worksheet cloud is really a great help for the grade 4 learners. My son is benefiting from these worksheets. Please consider doing Life Orientation as well.RegardsVanitha

by Tracey Watson-Gill on WorksheetCloud
Helped tremendously

I found it good practice to give my daughter sample tests - so I can see how well she knows her work and so she can test herself. Worksheetcloud has helped tremendously!

by Christel Obery on WorksheetCloud
Recommend WorksheetCloud to all my mommy friends

We have found a few mistakes in the memorandums. However, I have found that the explanations are excellent and I will recommend the WorksheetCloud to all my mommy friends! Just the fact that the papers and answers are in Afrikaans are priceless. Thank you!

by Sonet Schoeman on WorksheetCloud
WorksheetCloud maak 'n verskil in ons lewe

My naam is Sonet en het te hore gekom van WorksheetCloud deur 'n vriendin. Ek was so beindruk met dit wat sy my gewys het dat ek dadelik ook my seun, Ruben geregistreer het om deel te wees. Ek het begin vraestelle download en is in my skik met die hele konsep, hoe eenvoudig dit is en ekstra hulp wat dit bied om 'n verskil te maak in Ruben se eind eksamen se punt en vordering. Baie dankie aan almal wat agter die skerms werk om die program so 'n sukses te maak.Groete uit Piketberg!!

by Trisha on WorksheetCloud
Very Happy

Thank you worksheet cloud. Very happy with the content.

by Inge Bloem on WorksheetCloud
Very helpful

It's very helpful and we can measure ourselves against the grades our boys are in. Sometimes the boys get bored when the same pictures/stories are being used in Test 1 and Test 2, but I'm sure there is a good reason for that? So far no hick ups - thank you guys!

by Shoma Sinivasan on WorksheetCloud
Extremely happy with WorksheetCloud

I am extremely happy with WorksheetCloud. It is really benefiting my child and I can see the results. I will be using it for my grade 1 child next year as well. I recommend it to everyone I know that has kids in school simply because I know how stressful it can be to a parent when a child is battling in school.

by Megan van der Berg on WorksheetCloud
More subjects please

More subjects would be great!

by Verna Pappas on WorksheetCloud
Helped with preparation and confidence!

I used the tests for revision last week for my daughter and it was great. She felt confident and prepared for her test.

by Jess on WorksheetCloud
Content is organised well

There is a lot of content.

by marie de vasconcelos on WorksheetCloud
WorksheetCloud does wonders

My son is in gr 5 and I must say from when we work with worksheetcloud all he school work went up and he find it eazy to do the worksheets and it helps a lot, so thank you once again worksheetcloud.

by Reinette Smit on WorksheetCloud
Has given me direction with my child's schoolwork

As a new grade 4 parent I feel 'lost'. I love WorksheetCloud! It is giving me some direction. What would help even more is if I could see which work is done in which term, so I could match the worksheets accordingly.

by Pumeza Gedu on WorksheetCloud
Really happy

I'm really happy with WorksheetCloud.

by Victoria Potgieter on WorksheetCloud
Easy to identify categories he struggles with

I am happy that I have came across this. When I looked at my child's textbooks I felt so worried, because there is so much content and sometimes I did not know how to formulate questions to prepare him for tests and exams. Now with the worksheets it's easy to identify in which categories he struggles. Thank you for the explanations on how to get to the answers. I am positive that he will really do better in the September exams than he has done so far.

by Vanessa Loots on WorksheetCloud
We really value this website

I just wanted to thank you for your worksheets. It works like a charm! It has really helped me and my daughter with exam preparation as I was clueless on how to get extra resources (besides the workbook and handbook/tablet) to really help her understand the work and learn additional material. We really value this website and the contents, thank you.

by Nelanie Bruwer on WorksheetCloud
Helped children prepare for June exams

WorksheetCloud has helped my children through their preparation for June exam. If children start preparing in advance, it is also easier to identify the "problem" area's and focus on that.

by Vanessa on WorksheetCloud
Will definitely recommend this!

The worksheets have really helped me and my daughter with exam preparation as I was clueless on how to get extra resources (besides the workbook and handbook/tablet) to really help her understand the work and learn additional material.The answer sheets help greatly to explain as well. I would certainly recommend this to all parents!!

by Tshimbiluni Mashamaite on WorksheetCloud
Very happy

I think it is the best so far, we are happy.

by Annette Koekemoer on WorksheetCloud
Average percentage increased

WorksheetCloud helped a lot during exams. My granddaughter's average percentage already increased since we started using this program. Would love for learner to answer tests online. That will save paper and therefore leave a greener footprint. It will also safe time.

by Angela Page on WorksheetCloud
No other subjects other than maths for Grade 11

Although it was helpful having the maths. I was disspointed to see that there were no worksheets for any other subjects from Grade 9 other than that. It would really help to have Science, geography and Afrikaans.

by Madeleine Broodryk on WorksheetCloud
Amazingly helpful tool for my child

There was no Social Science History or Geography Test Exam for June for Grade 4. It would have been nice to have these. However we did the worksheets to prepare which helped a lot. I found the worksheets and test exams an amazingly helpful tool for my child to study and for me to be able to see how she's doing and she loved doing the worksheets.

by Marlene Louw on WorksheetCloud
Better report card

WorksheetCloud helped my kids have a better report.

by Elizabeth Louw on WorksheetCloud
Very helpful

5 stars. Very helpful.

by Ganine Bezuidenhoudt on WorksheetCloud
Worksheets are really useful

Whilst I have found the worksheets really useful, I would like to see worksheets where multiple choice is not an option. For example, with the English comprehension, perhaps the student can provide their own written answers without having a multiple choice option, i.e. make the student think more. The same for maths. The reason I ask this is that the school exam papers and test are not multiple choice. My concern is that the student is then not prepared enough for the school set up.

by Lea Prinsloo on WorksheetCloud
Marks went up to 90%

I found it very helpful in the exams. My sons marks went up to the 90%.

by Simon Motlhanke on WorksheetCloud
Moved from 'consistent performance' to 'outstanding performance'

WorksheetCloud has been a revelation to me. I wished I had subscribed to it a couple of years back. I started using it about two weeks before June exams, and my daughters results have improved significantly. She has moved from 'consistent performance' to 'outstanding performance'. I'm really happy with this facility.

by Melvina Stollie on WorksheetCloud
Reduced my child's stress

WorksheetCloud is a good program, it helped my child to prepare for June exam and she was less stressed.

by Sinna Mkwananzi on WorksheetCloud
English translation would be helpful

Afrikaans if it can have english translation for some of us.

by Melissa Deepnarain on WorksheetCloud
More worksheets per term

I Love it but I think there should be more on per term worksheets

by Leigh Ducray on WorksheetCloud
Saving me so much time!

We are loving the site.You have no idea how much time you are saving me. I used to write practice tests for Alyssa which took up so much time.Her marks have gone up by 10 - 15 % for most subjects. I highly recommend you.

by Elsabe Botha on WorksheetCloud
Very useful

Great exam questions and tips on how to deal with exam stress and ways to study. So far I think WorksheetCloud is great.

by Nicky Bezuidenhout on WorksheetCloud
Fantastic worksheets

My daughter is in Grade 2 and has really been struggling with maths concepts. These worksheets are really fun - especially because they use pictures as re-inforcement. They are just long enough to keep her interested without getting irritable. Thank-you

by Prisentha Pillay on WorksheetCloud
Really great!

I find the worksheets really great. It would help if there was a print all functionality for sections or subjects as it is time consuming printing the worksheets individually.

by Mishelle Kison on WorksheetCloud
Easy to understand

Really easy to understand worksheets for the parent as well. I am grateful that worksheet cloud also keeps track of worksheet results as well so we can see the weak areas our child has difficulty in. Thank you

by Lynn Kleynhans on WorksheetCloud
Useful tool

It has been a useful tool both as a preparation for exams as well as homework revision.

by Carien Ross on WorksheetCloud
It helped my son prepare for his 1st Exam

It helped me help my son prepare for his 1st Exam. Will be using it going forward daily. Pitty I didn't know about it before the exams started.

by Madelein Opperman on WorksheetCloud
Top 10 in grade 6

Thank you. You have made a huge difference in my daughter in grade 6's math marks. She is now currently in top 10 in her grade. My son in grade 11 is doing well. I would just like to have worksheets on Afrikaans and English as well.

by Naiema Moerat on WorksheetCloud
Invaluable information to a parent

I am new to the site, and a little unsure what process I should follow and how often my daughter should be accessing the site. Rating 5 because this is invaluable information to a parent.

by Aziza Mac Simlah on WorksheetCloud
Would like more subjects for Grade 9

My daughter is in Grade 9 and I only saw Mathematics worksheets on your website. I suggest that you do all subjects for Grade 9s, e.g. Geography, EMS, etc. as some kids have strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. Hope this helps.

by Wendy Masters on WorksheetCloud
A fantastic resource - huge difference to my son's marks

The only suggestion is that I found that at RBPS, they worked on slightly different content to that covered by WorksheetCloud, which meant that some worksheets cover work that hasn't yet been done in class while there is other content that has already been done but no worksheet for revision. I'd like to have more worksheets available so we can pick and choose the content that we have covered... Otherwise a fantastic resource and it's make a huge difference to my son's revision and his marks this term.

by Rashida Harris on WorksheetCloud
Our fun time together

The worksheets are excellent and I enjoy sitting with my son and we make it fun all the same, it is our fun time together.

by Maritsa Roberts on WorksheetCloud
Really Happy

I'm really happy with the product.

by Christine Jaeger on WorksheetCloud
Interactive worksheets

It would have been nice if we could complete the worksheets on screen and did have to print them out. Is that possible?

by Greta Mantell on WorksheetCloud

Suggestion: Make it easier to track each worksheet by giving it a unique number and then have a "Search" feature.

by Martie Correia on WorksheetCloud

Fantastiese website. Love it!!

by Anisa Govender on WorksheetCloud
Huge improvement in marks since last term

My son's average formal assessment mark so far this term has been in the 80's - a huge improvement from last term. We have not been marking the worksheets formally - he just uses it to gauge how much he knows and then makes use of the memo to make corrections. It is working!

by Bash Naidoo on WorksheetCloud
More Subjects for Grade 9

It would be great if you could add more subjects for Grade 9 and upwards.

by Christine Visagie on WorksheetCloud
Eliminates fear for Exams

Dear WorksheetCloud, Seeing that exams are written twice a year (June and November), the fear of the actual event is worse than the exam. (The only thing to fear is fear itself.... That concept is still being taught to the young ones.) With worksheetCloud I could help my children eliminate that fear. They are now more prepared in terms of what to expect, and how many different formats questions can be asked, as well as the correct details of answering a question. The proper memorandums give me as parent the added advantage to assist my children without paging through the text book. I don't have any suggestions, only a huge THANK YOU, for giving me as parent the opportunity to help my children prepare properly for the final exams of the year. Kindest regards, Christine

by Natalie Solan on WorksheetCloud
Easy to use and good content

Pretty easy to work with. Good content.

by Rozelle on WorksheetCloud
More content for Grade 9 and up

I would like to see English, Afrikaans and Science for Grade 9 and up please.

by Tanya van Rooi on WorksheetCloud
Very glad to be part of WorksheetCloud

I think WorksheetCloud is awesome. The tests helps a lot for preparation for exams or normal tests. What is nice about the tests is that if your child struggle with one concept for example, you can print only those kind of math problems to focus on OR you could print out a combination of it. I think it's very helpful. You can also tract your child's progress. I am very glad to be a part of WorksheetCloud.

by Kerry Semple on WorksheetCloud
Found everything I needed

So far I have found everything I have needed to help my daughter to revise for her exams. It's a great tool to help her practice the type of questions being asked as often she knows the content but struggles with the understanding of what is needed. So far we have only come across one thing which was not applicable to her for this term and that was the WC coat of arms.

by Susan McLaren on WorksheetCloud
Help met eksamen en toetsvoorbereiding

My dogter is in graad 4. Sover help dit nogals met eksamen en toetsvoorbereiding. Dalk minder waar en onwaar vrae en meer vrae wat hulle self die antwoord moet skryf, is al negatiewe wat ek dalk sou verander. Verder, baie oulik.

by Esmé Olsen on WorksheetCloud
June exam preparation - great!

We've been using the June exam worksheets as preparation for the exams that's just around the corner and I am honestly impressed with the worksheets. Not only did the worksheets make my life easier it most definitely decreased my "parent-exam-stress" levels quite a bit as I feel a lot more prepared and ready for our first round of grade 4 exams. Thank you WorksheetCloud!

by Marilyn on WorksheetCloud

I am a working parent its difficult to search and make up tests, thanks to these worksheets all I have to do is print:-) Please can I request for more past year exam papers that would be most appreciated.

by Kim on WorksheetCloud
Thank You!

I would just like to say thank you so much for providing these worksheets and tests. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for reliable CAPS worksheets to help us with revision for Grade 7. I am so glad I found this website!

by Arnaud Malherbe on WorksheetCloud
Really great for kids to use

Really great for kids to use. Sometimes the way questions are asked are confusing for kids, especially in maths when (1), (2) etc are used to indicated blanks where answers need to be completed. Might be better to use (a), (b) etc.

by Chantelle Viljoen on WorksheetCloud
Great service

I think it is great what you are doing for the kids.

by Jeanette Maree on WorksheetCloud
Using for 2 years - very happy!

My son is in an Afrikaans school and we've been using WorksheetCloud papers for 2 years now. The modules correspond 99% to my son's curriculum (grade 5 and 6) so I' m a happy customer. Thanks

by Fiona Kemp on WorksheetCloud
Good worksheets

I would prefer if the app allowed the worksheets to be completed and marked automatically online rather than being printed and marked manually.

by Yolanda Boyd on WorksheetCloud
Baie hulpvol

Die site is baie hulpvol, sou net nice wees as al die vakke wel daarop was, bv EBW.

by Ange Hoffmeester on WorksheetCloud
Very helpful and informative

Very helpful and informative.

by Melanie Stevens on WorksheetCloud
A bit too complicated

When comparing my child's school worksheets given to her and worksheet cloud I feel that the questions are phrased a bit too complicated for a grade 4 to understand. Most often my daughter understands the question once I paraphrase it to her. Also the numbering in between the sentences are confusing for her.

by Tracy Hardcastle on WorksheetCloud
I recommended this to my friends

I love the worksheets, my son finds the worksheets interesting and very helpful. I love the memorandums, so much detail ... its fantastic. I have recommended you to friends. Thank you!

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Fabulous app and extremely useful!

My daughter has completed her exams and we are so grateful to have stumbled upon your website. She did quite a few of your practice examination worksheets. I found the content to be most useful, with a great balance of questions in ranking of easy to difficult. Each section in the syllabus is covered comprehensively and my daughter really benefited for this year’s exams.

Nasira Vallee

Parent, Grade 4

WorksheetCloud maak ‘n groot verskil in ons lewe!

Ek¬†het te hore gekom van WorksheetCloud deur ‘n vriendin. Ek was so beindruk met dit wat sy my gewys het dat ek dadelik ook my seun geregistreer het om deel te wees. Ek het begin vraestelle download en is in my skik met die hele konsep, hoe eenvoudig dit is en ekstra hulp wat dit bied om ‘n verskil te maak in my seun¬†se eind eksamen se punt en vordering. Baie dankie aan almal wat¬†werk om die program so ‘n sukses maak!

Sonet Schoeman

Parent, Grade 7

Super impressed with WorksheetCloud

I’m really super impress with WorksheetCloud. My child has extreme difficulties with maths, and has adapted a negative attitude towards the subject. I’ve joined WorksheetCloud and hope to change this around for my child. Thus far the improvement is really overwhelming. We take it day by day. I really feel that I made a good choice this time, after all the disappointed attempts to help my child. Thanks.

Natasha Donley

Parent, Grade 3

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