2022 Term 4 Rewards Hub Winners

Written by Aiden Delport

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2022 Term 4 Rewards Hub prizes.

I want to start off by saying a massive WELL DONE to each of you for all of the hard work that you’ve put in during Term 4, and a humongous THANK YOU for all the valuable feedback that we’ve received about the WorksheetCloud Rewards Hub (if you haven’t yet given us your feedback, click here).

I hope we can continue to make your studying suck less, and improve your marks while we do it!

How to claim prizes:

Below you’ll find a list of the Term 4 Rewards Hub prize winners. We’ve sent emails to each winner’s parents, so if you see your name, ask your parents to check their email. They’ll need to send us your shipping details so that we can send you your prize.

Without further ado, here are our lucky winners.

Xbox Series S winners:

  1. Layla Erasmus
  2. James Atkins
  3. Manqoba Nene
  4. Liah Hayes
  5. Sebastian Fourie

iPhone 11 winners:

  1. Andrew Rookledge
  2. Mari Faul
  3. Arnav Needhi
  4. Tadiwanashe Mareya
  5. Umashan Chetty

Takealot R500 voucher winners:

  1. Lamia Budhia
  2. Karla Muller
  3. Jessica Cawood
  4. Umashan Chetty
  5. James Grant
  6. Kian De Palo
  7. Aaliyah Mia
  8. Jesse Potego Matlakala
  9. Mac de Kock
  10. Migael Bekker
  11. Syrah Herd
  12. Hudson Buchanan
  13. Aroush Jacobs Tofie
  14. Tlholo Selemela
  15. Aiden Holtshousen
  16. Onkgopotse Mongale
  17. Jenna Oosthuizen
  18. Phemelo Loliwe
  19. Karabo Mokhutle
  20. Takudzwa Musekiwa
  21. Nicole Tonhoro
  22. Sean Marsh
  23. Kai van Buuren
  24. Thembelani Mkhize
  25. Gregg Rubbers
  26. Niko Alexiou
  27. Logan Thomas
  28. Luané Paterson
  29. Joash Bates
  30. Zac Wigham
  31. Thamsanqa Maulana
  32. Athena Walker
  33. Dakalo Sikhwari
  34. Claire Whateley
  35. Miyoli Maqezu
  36. Zach Julius
  37. Luke Loveland
  38. Ammaar Seedat
  39. Paul Brand
  40. Gerhard Pienaar
  41. Joshua Moodaley
  42. Senate Peete
  43. Ava Vries
  44. Joelle Jacobs
  45. Aiden Carelse
  46. Olwakhe Matsea
  47. Aria Singh
  48. Elzette Petzer
  49. Izak Marais
  50. Nkosi Mlangeni
  51. Ndalo Rukidi
  52. Nicky Duncan
  53. Unam Hogana
  54. Sibella Louw
  55. Reece Davis
  56. Binyaameen Jeena
  57. Justin Ziehl
  58. Rachelle Scheepers
  59. Eva Leila van der Westhuizen
  60. Unathi Adesina
  61. Daniel Bailey
  62. Koketso Mkhwanazi Modipa
  63. Levarno Scholtz Petersen
  64. Lisa Oosthuizen
  65. Warona Raad
  66. Caleb Hall
  67. Aden Kriel
  68. Christian du Toit
  69. Christian Potgieter
  70. Ava Bosch
  71. Yahya Cajee
  72. Reece White
  73. Chanell Olivier
  74. Eli van der Merwe
  75. Steyn Bronkhorst
  76. Milan Anley
  77. Liandi Joubert
  78. Zohair Laher
  79. Anzel Carstens
  80. Callum Bruchhausen
  81. Shivika Jairam
  82. Audon Aucamp
  83. Jensen Ray
  84. Mia Lee Sanders
  85. Ethan Murphy
  86. Chloe Anthony
  87. Gabriella Mahabeer
  88. Lesedi Sethole
  89. Isabella Giunta
  90. Alex Landis
  91. Tatiana Muchinenyika
  92. Jadah Tarental
  93. Gia Onofri
  94. Tivaan Pather
  95. Siyabulela Mokapane
  96. Londeka Sibiya
  97. Neil Joseph
  98. Kgaugelo Semono
  99. Connor Grobler
  100. Mark Rothwell

Exclusive Books R500 voucher winners:

  1. Matthew Janse van Rensburg
  2. Genevieve Lang
  3. Lateefah Olatunji
  4. Mohamed Kaka
  5. Lukiel Brijball
  6. Liam Robertson
  7. Alexander Frankson
  8. Ethan Moore
  9. Marcel Du Plessis
  10. Kaileigh Delport
  11. Alexi Whiteman
  12. Jorja Ogden
  13. Segopotso Claassen
  14. Ethan Jordaan
  15. Josh Miles
  16. Deante van Schalkwyk
  17. Josh Davids
  18. Ryan Matthew Jacobs
  19. Zara Gaskin
  20. Benjamin Durrant
  21. Nikiel Gopaul
  22. Paulo Christians
  23. Luke Lamb
  24. Shahil Chetty
  25. Rania Ismail
  26. Josephine van Wyk
  27. Calum Hutcheson
  28. Prisha Jivan
  29. Bohlokwa Masukela
  30. Leo Nortje
  31. Michael Butler
  32. Vuthlari Mashaba
  33. Jared Oberholster
  34. Paige Yeoman
  35. Libongile Vukubi
  36. Nhloso Hlalele
  37. Chris du Toit
  38. Ruzeldi De Villiers
  39. Christiaan Van Staden
  40. Afreen Wahab
  41. Yahya Akoob
  42. Max Mills
  43. Thashni Naidoo
  44. Michael Van Tonder
  45. Milena Schmidt
  46. Priyal Tulsi
  47. Alexandros Valaskatzis
  48. Unam Hogana
  49. Naledi Mohale
  50. Troy Pretorius
  51. Emily Louw
  52. Elena Dingley
  53. Noah Strandvik
  54. Katie Gothard
  55. Rhunali Naicker
  56. Sarah Houston
  57. Matthew Van Niekerk
  58. Amarise Pretorius
  59. Phillip Vorster
  60. Matthew Squair
  61. Lalita Grobbelaar
  62. Erin Jacobs
  63. Ryan To Much
  64. Nicholas Vajeth
  65. Leighton Carroll
  66. Kuhle Masuku
  67. Arinus Le roux
  68. Daniella Moller
  69. Jett Debeer
  70. Valentino Zedde
  71. Grace Engel
  72. Amy Lashbrooke
  73. Sinjon Worst
  74. Nelani Fakudze
  75. Kiki Haines
  76. Aruska Scott
  77. Mae Talbot
  78. Luhan Koch
  79. Matthew Cross
  80. Dylan Wren
  81. Kwanda Mxunyelwa Magwentshu
  82. Mikayla Pillay
  83. Shree Rughbeer
  84. Brennan Weldon
  85. Dakota Page
  86. Iman Harris
  87. Kelly Rabinowitz
  88. Mia Stroebel
  89. Jadyne Dowie
  90. Thandolwethu Kula
  91. Dominic Meredith
  92. Kabo Fihla
  93. James Hill
  94. Ethan Pauls
  95. Caleb Horner
  96. Phillip Grobbelaar
  97. Hein Muller
  98. Maya Nel-Glaser
  99. James Fowler
  100. Ben Skillicorn

Didn’t find your name on the list? Don’t worry, our 2023 Term 1 Rewards Hub is launching soon, which means that you’ll get another chance to win.

How do I get started with earning rewards?

If you’re already a WorksheetCloud member, sign in to your account here.

If you haven’t yet signed up for WorksheetCloud, then now is the time!

WorksheetCloud is designed to motivate you to learn throughout the entire school year with:

  • Interactive Practice Questions, Study Notes, Practice Exams, and Video Lessons that make learning easy.
  • Gamification features (as mentioned above) that make learning fun.
  • Our Leaderboard that lets you compete with your friends and classmates and adds competition to your learning.

Sign up to WorksheetCloud here and watch your grades soar!

The Author - Aiden Delport

Aiden heads up our design department and is in charge of making WorksheetCloud look great. He also forms part of the product team in charge of developing new features. His top skill - making a mean cup of tea!

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. Mike

    I unlocked all the rewards but i did not win

    • Kyle Roets

      I’m really sorry that you didn’t get to win any of our Term 4 prizes Mike.

      However, a new term will be starting soon and we have some new rewards up for grabs. Keep working hard and hopefully you will be one of our lucky winners! 🏆

  2. Kerchia Pillay

    It is kind of unfair to the ones who did their best and never got anything. Every child should get at least something

    • Kyle Roets

      I’m really sorry to hear that you are unhappy with how our Rewards Hub has been designed.😔

      Please know that we have done our best to make our Rewards Hub as fair for everyone as possible.

      Everyone who uses the app stands an equal chance of winning a prize as our winners are chosen through a lucky draw.

      Every child also has the opportunity to unlock epic avatars and sidekicks that are only available for that term specifically.

  3. Akani Sibulela

    A humble hello Worksheetcloud I am sending this comment to you to address an issue with the reward system that has been set up, in which I discovered that I wasn’t able to get a reward even though I worked harder than most of my peers with a total of 21065KP by the end of this term (Term 4 of 2022) I do not want this comment to come of as immature or emotional but a to address problem in the system that I feel still needs some work because there is probably more people who worked as hard if not harder than I did but wasn’t able to get a prize like me which could probably discourage those students to work as hard ever again and I understand that you want to make learning fun but I feel that your reward system should also prompt hard working students as well so please Worksheetcloud don’t turn a blind eye to this comment but use this information to better this system and prompt more hard working students, thank you.

    • Kyle Roets

      Thank you very much for reaching out and expressing your concerns Akani. We take every piece of feedback that our parents and learners give us very seriously.

      The Rewards Hub is something that we created to encourage our learners to study more, and to make learning for exams more fun. We also wanted to give every learner a chance at winning, regardless of whether they are able to use WorksheetCloud for 4 hours a day, or only 15 minutes. We understand that each of our learners and parents have different living situations. Some have limited access to the internet or have more children that share devices, so some are not able to use WorksheetCloud as much as others.

      We didn’t want those learners to feel excluded from standing a chance at winning the prizes. The more a learner uses WorksheetCloud, the more entry tickets they earn, and the higher their chances are of winning. But, even the learners that are only able to unlock 1 entry ticket are still in the running for the prize.

      This is the decision we’ve made. We are definitely looking at options for rewarding the top learners in each grade because we understand how hard they’ve worked to get there. But right now, we’ve chosen to give the chance of winning these prizes to all of our learners.

      I hope that you keep working hard and hopefully, you can be one of our upcoming lucky winners in the terms ahead.😁


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