Western Cape Premier's Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 - Learning Lab Apps

We Won 1st Place: Best Emerging Business 2015

Written by Adrian Marnewick

Today I have incredibly exciting news to share …

On 19 November, Learning Lab Apps (the company that brings you WorksheetCloud) was awarded the prestigious Best Emerging Business title in the Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards. This event, organised by the Western Cape Government to promote entrepreneurship, saw over three hundred entries from businesses across the province.

The Awards programme recognizes the achievements and potential of some of the Province’s most exciting entrepreneurs. By acknowledging and showcasing successful entrepreneurs, it is helping to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the Western Cape – and in turn, support the creation of jobs and opportunities by small and medium business.

Our company was up against some seriously tough competition and other brilliant ideas. In the end, the simplicity of WorksheetCloud and the business model of Learning Lab Apps impressed the judges enough to choose us as the ultimate winner.

Western Cape Premier's Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 - Learning Lab Apps

To the entire team at Learning Lab Apps, I say: “THANK YOU!”

We would not have been able to pull off this achievement without the drive, determination and passion for education that you all share.

To all our customers, you should know that we will continue providing your children with the best educational content to help them dream and aspire to achieve great things. We could not have achieved this prestigious recognition without your support, your understanding, and the trust you place in WorksheetCloud to help your children at school.


And to celebrate, we’re giving away 10 WorksheetCloud 12 month subscriptions valued at R720 each! To enter this competition, simply leave a comment below with your child’s grade and answer this question:

What’s your #1 tip for helping your child get through exam-time mayhem?

Here’s to a brilliant 2016!

Adrian Marnewick, Managing Director of Learning Lab Apps

The Author - Adrian Marnewick

Adrian is the Product Director and Co-founder of Learning Lab Apps, the company that develops WorksheetCloud. He is an activist for technology in education, but also a firm believer in the effectiveness of good, old fashioned, hands-on teaching.

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. Karen

    Congratulations ….. your worksheet have been so helpful, keep up the great work!

    • S Poorun

      Congratulations! Well Done! Keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere at home. child must have nutritious food and vitamins. Grade 7 in 2016

  2. Usha

    Allow your child to get a good night sleep, have a healthy breakfast and remain calm and relaxed.

  3. Claudia

    Keep a routine and work in a calming organised atmosphere.

  4. Glynis

    My only tip is to remove any distractions.

  5. Rene

    Grade 4 – Stay calm or you will stress out your child

  6. Greta Mantell

    Hockey crazy son in Grade 8. Breathe! You know you are ready. Same as all the practice for the big hockey game. Worrying will not make you play any better.

  7. Karen

    Congratulations ….. your worksheet have been so helpful, keep up the great work!

    My #1 tip is to keep practicing the whole year and not leave it right up the last minute. The worksheets have been a great help to keep testing and reviewing the work.

  8. Michelle

    Tip #1 : Ensure he is well rested and fed with lots of encouragement.

  9. Paul Niekerk

    Plenty of sleep and good nutrition.

    • barbara

      A teacher at home, what a good idea. Keep it up!

  10. Lorraine Antonie

    Firstly, well done! Definitely well deserved as I find your TIPS very useful and always print them for my daughter. My number 1 tip for getting my daughter through exams would be to ensure she PLANS properly! ie, Start revising as early as possible! It relieves the stress and the work seems a lot more familiar when it’s closer to exam time.

  11. Nereshnee

    Prepare in advance, work through worksheets throughout the year.

  12. Vicki

    Grade 6. We compile a study roster together with study times and breaks!

  13. Belinda

    My first tip is to go into the worksheetcloud website & to print the printable worksheets so that my child that is currently in Grade 7 can use this to study before the exams actually starts. This has helped in the past, & hopefully he will pass Grade 7 onto Grade 8 this year.

    Thank you to your team. They are great.

  14. Faiza Steyn

    Congratulationas and well done.

  15. Nereshnee

    Prepare in advance, work through worksheets throughout the year, I have 2 daughters that will be in Grade 7 and Grade 4 next year. The worksheets really helped them to prepare.

  16. Justine Ward

    Good preparation using worksheetcloud, early to bed, healthy breakfast and lots of love and support. Connor Grade 5 & Reece Grade 4

  17. Yolanda

    Grade 8 – Lots of hugs and cookies.

  18. Janine

    Grade 6 (2015) – Have faith in your child!

  19. Adri van den Berg

    Good Morning

    Firstly pray and ask God to open your mind and eyes and to calm you down.
    Read the question twice, think twice, breath and answer once.

    She gets the prayer and the answer once right, BUT read the question twice – not mastered yet…

    Thanks for this wonderful tool it helps a lot and halves the study time.



  20. Shaun

    Awesome news!! Congratulations.

  21. Mandy

    pacing themselves with their studies and giving them lots of worksheets to practice before the exam. My son’s marks went up by a whopping 22% for English & 20% for Maths in this past end of the year exams!

  22. Esmerelda

    Grade R currently. No exams for us so far :), but the thought of it….I would probably give a tip of ENOUGH sleep and healthy brain food like tuna etc. We will both be doing exams as I’m a part time study mom too. 🙂

  23. Faiza Steyn

    Be calm and prepare in advance.

  24. Helene

    Grade 4 – Prepare revision work that your child should do beforehand, so that you feel prepared and relaxed. Your child should then feel the same way.

  25. Helen Phillips

    My #1 tip is to stay organised and work through the cloud worksheets. A good breakfast and enough sleep also help.

  26. Rhoda

    Cara gr 5 – Explain until they understand. This is the key to success. Don’t learn like a parrot.

  27. Christine

    My nr 1 tip will be to sign up for worksheet cloud.
    Firstly, you get to prepare your child during the course of the year for the exam.
    Secondly, you get to choose the theme you need to test your child’s knowledge.
    Thirdly, you as parent are able to assist your child all the way, with the step by step memorandum. No more extra classes needed. No more worries about not understanding the field.
    This is the best you can do to assist your child from grade 1 to 12!
    Kindest regards,

  28. Tracy Cook

    NO 1 tip – Give your child a comfortable, quiet space to learn in, wake them up early to study and feed them well (including vitamins!).

  29. Mandy Roux

    Hi there,
    Congrats on winning.
    I just want to say that your worksheets have been so helpful. My child’s marks in the end of the year exams have improved.
    Geography – 100%
    Natural Science – 98%
    Maths – 96%
    English – 81%
    Afrikaans – 89%
    We would not have achieved these great marks without your worksheets.
    Another point I have to make is you make the kids apply the information they have learnt and apply it, which makes them think outside the box.
    Thank you so much

  30. Vernon

    Grade 4 – Stay calm and be organized in your process!

  31. Heather

    Grade 4
    Stay calm and review with your child. Encourage your child to rest and eat well.

  32. Lee van Rooyen

    My Daughter is in Gr 7 and has ADHD I’m am so thankful to worksheet cloud because the worksheets really helped her prepare for exams and gave her confidence in the exam time Thanx you again and I will be using you next year

    • Lee van Rooyen

      Just work through the work sheets that’s my tip

    • Petro

      Can I give you tip to try? Let your child sit on an big exercise ball when she does homework or studies. The kids tend to concentrate better on the work because the brain is busy to stabilise the core muscles…..chewing gum while doing homework can also help them concentrate more on the work.

  33. liza

    Som op en begin vroegtydig (graad 7 in 2016)

  34. Glenda Uhlmann

    Grade 7 – listen in class, if you can remember what you did in class studying will be just a revision lesson!

  35. Alison

    Grade 7 daughter – best tip for exam time… start preparing early and keep to a routine

  36. dylan

    Well done!!! My 3 kids used your worksheets these final exams and loved them!! Upwards and Onwards

  37. sonia

    Congrats – this is just the begining

  38. desiree

    Grade 4 – Proper planning for exams with timetables to making learning easier for her so that she can learn each subject thoroughly and within the allocated time period.

  39. Liezel Robinson

    Before answering any question, read the question twice. Underline the word or part of sentence that’s important and answer then the question.

  40. Debi

    My No. 1 tip is support …love having the worksheets with the answers…as you know children forget parents went to school :-)..Congratulations you deserve it wonderful website, very helpful

  41. Jessica

    Congratulations on the well deserved Reward!!!!!!!!!!!

    My child also currently Grade R. No exams for us yet.
    Something that I’m implementing when we are busy with home work.
    No Tv….big distraction and my little one’s eyes are glued to it. A bomb can explode next to him. I hope that his studies will also get that concentration level next year.:-)

  42. Elmarie van Wyk

    Well Done!!! Grades 4, 8 & 12 … Be prepared and relaxed!!!

  43. Karen

    Don’t let your own worries or nerves show. Keep them calm and make learning fun.

  44. Liezel Robinson

    grade 5 and 7 in 2016

  45. Verna Pappas

    Grade 6 – tip- prepare in advance and use WORKSHEETS!!!

  46. Liesl

    Remember to exercise! Take numerous short breaks while you are studying as your concentration span is limited. Get outside and breathe in the good clean fresh air.
    My mother taught us a little pre-exam (or pre any scary thing) prayer:
    I am the beloved child of God (can be any God or higher power you believe in)
    May his harmony, wisdom and poise now flood my being
    I am alert, receptive and responsive
    I give grateful thanks!

  47. Petro

    Gr 1. By using worksheets on a regular basis during the year, your child should be pretty well prepared for exam time. Enough sleep, enough water (brains need water to function…not juice or cold drinks), and physical play-time.

  48. Susan

    Be calcm,study and read a questions more than once

  49. Warren

    Grade 6 – My boy is easily distracted and struggles to focus for periods of time, making studying for especially content heavy subjects, a painful exercise. I discovered worksheetcloud halfway through the year, and his marks for the subjects we tackled using the worksheets provided improved dramatically, often from 4’s to 6’s! Happy to recommend to all parents. Start early thought, as soon as those worksheets become available, have your kids tackle them.

  50. janine

    Grade’s 3 & 7
    Prepare in advance and go over worksheet cloud worksheets, I have found them to be a huge help. Thanks.

  51. DEBBIE

    start studying from the first week so that when it comes to exams you will know most of your work already

  52. Yolande Coert

    Grade 3 – Have Faith in your child and just support them in their studies and be there for them.

  53. Hanlie


    I believe in making summaries of the day’s work.
    When it is exam time, work through summaries and the applicable work.
    I still ask questions for my children and set up little exams.
    The morning of the exam i try and have a relaxed morning with them to keep them relaxed. Importantly they need a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast (lucky that is no problem for my children they love their mieliepap in the mornings)
    My children grade 3 and 5.

  54. Ronel Viljoen

    My child hates exams. I found that by letting my child go through the worksheets gives her that “exam” feel, so she knows what she can expect and is prepared. Grade 7 in 2016

  55. Heather O

    Grade 6 – prepare well ahead of time and teach them how to answer questions and study, the details and the information will follow if they know how to learn.

  56. Genevieve Naude

    Grade 4 – First exams …
    Techniques for relaxing when overwhelmed and NO LAST MINUTE CRAMMING!

  57. Mathapelo

    Prepare early, practices makes perfect and this should calm all the nerves. My son his in Gr 1.

  58. Nisha Nadesan_Reddy

    Grade 4 this year. Lots of encouragement, organization and adequate amount of sleep

  59. Wendy Hartwig

    Grade 5 – Get a goodnight’s sleep, eat well and don’t panic!

  60. Charmaine

    Grade 6.

    I try to help my daughter with positive reinforcements/comments about her abilities. I tell her to try her best, to stay calm and focused and to always work hard and to the best of her ability. I tell her that I will always be proud of her no matter what and that I love her no matter what. If she works hard and does extra study and practice with worksheets or other revision materials, then hard work pays off.

  61. Hayley

    Grade 4 – Remain calm so that you don’t stress your child out!!!

  62. Thobashnee

    Joash Daniel Naidoo . Grade 3 in 2016.

    Answer: Gets a good nights sleep, good diet, and have intervals between studying, start studying early to study so no need to cram the last minute.

  63. Ziyaad

    Consistent work throughout the year, not only at exam time. My kids are in Gr4 and Gr3.

  64. Genene

    BE PREPARED. With the help of your worksheets that is exactly what my daughter was (prepared) for her exams throughout the year. The worksheets are clear and because it follows the CAPS syllabus so closely, it made it very easy for my daughter, who is in Grade 5.
    Thanks for the worksheets and congrats you deserve the award!

  65. Mariette Starke


  66. Wilanda van Rooyen

    Congratulations! Grade 5 – We have 2 sessions during exams at school. 1st session to write an exam paper, 2nd session to study for next day. Advice: USE the time during the 2nd session while others are playing on tablets or reading or fooling around. She takes baroque music on MP3-player to school to prevent her from being distracted so she can study intensely. The more you get done in those 2 hours, the longer/ more frequent you can take breaks in the afternoon and swim during this hot summer. Early preparations prior to the start of the exams also takes off a lot of burden and stress the day before a paper. We also start with Maths 3 weeks before exams. 30 mins of revision each day. It’s usually a lot of work and repetition helps a lot.

  67. ruth

    Grade 4. Make learning a daily habit and start exam prep early enough to avoid it becoming stressful for you and your child.

  68. Zoleka

    Grade 7 (2015) and definitely Grade 8 (2016) 🙂
    #1Tip for before & during exams
    Before: prepare well, eat healthy food & drink lots of water. have enough sleep daily
    During: Keep calm, read the questions carefully before answering and start answering the areas you understand better/easy marks first. that will help with time management!

  69. Chem

    Congrats on a great achievement!
    Grade’s 5 and 9 – #1 Tip is to draw up an exam learning timetable starting well before the exams (depends on grade) to ensure a stress free learning environment – and to stick to it! As the kids are very busy on the sports fields this ensures all work gets covered without last minute cramming sessions.

  70. Margot

    Grade 7 2015….congratulations!!!!Been a member for a month and it definitely helped my daughter…advice to her is always to prepare well,stay calm,breathe and stay focused…

  71. Tracey Ellington

    Well done! I am hoping this website will help us for Grade 5 next year!

  72. Shannon

    Grade 4. Just keep doing past papers and, of course, worksheet cloud worksheets! They are more useful than words can say.

  73. Marise

    Worksheet Cloud is a great friend and helper in our special needs classroom. Grade 1.

  74. Lizaan Maralack

    My number one tip is two always be supportive and encouraging as this makes children feel secure and children excel in a secure environment add worksheets and you have a winning recipe

  75. Delia Wilmot

    Grade 5. Well done, this is a truly great achievement! Worksheet Cloud has helped James not only in the exams but for preparing for his tests during the year aswell. It has given me a bit of a break aswell as he is able to work on his own then i just mark his tests! Awesome!

  76. Rosa Seale

    Congratulations, Keep up the good work, I Make sure that my children are well fed and rested before starting the day, Grade 1 in 2016

  77. Shannon

    Exam tips and worksheets from worksheet cloud.
    Nicolas Langley Gr. 4

  78. Rouann Laidlaw

    #Tip 1
    Be well prepared before exams start. The day before an exam should just be a case of recapping work previously studied.

  79. Colette Rossouw

    Make sure you get the exam timetable at least a month before the exams start – usually the teacher will give a list of all the subjects and which modules/work is going to be in the exam. Set out a study timetable for every day of the week – one or two subjects every day listing the work that they should be revising. This ensures that that the studying is ‘spread out’ over at least 3 weeks ahead of exams. Ensure that revisions are done the day before the exam – this means there is less ‘cramming’, less stress, more sleep, and a happy family.

  80. Shaun

    Well done to Learning Labs and Worksheetcloud.
    Grade 6 – 2016, stay focused and relaxed. The worksheets are also a great help for preparing for the stressful times during exams.

  81. Petro

    Baie dankie vir julle ongelooflike hulp met Graad 5 vraestelle. Karla wil eers haar vraestelle langs haar sien voor sy begin leer 🙂

  82. Suzanne

    Grade 5 – positive reinforcement from the parents, not negative threats . Instil the notion that slow and steady wins the race. A little bit of revision each day erases the necessity for cramming everything in the day before.

    Your worksheets have definitely assisted in putting this across, as they provide a far more fun way of revision.

  83. Una

    Firstly Congrats, Worksheetcloud has done wonders for my son that struggled with comprehension.
    The tip i would suggest is to continuously let your child revise and what better way to do it via the worksheets.

  84. Karen

    My #1 tip is to summarise all work done per term so that all the prep work has already been done by the time the exams come around 🙂

  85. Anel de Wet

    Congrats Adrian and your team! To answer your question: By constantly complementing my daughter and boosting her self confidence during the exam helps drive away fear. During the year we prepare for the exam with weekly revision and extra reading and /or watching documentaries on relevant topics and some YouTube videos. We are on top of our game! Therefor exam time my daughter feels in control of the years’ work and not overwhelmed by the content or the volume of work.

  86. Anel de Wet

    Grade 5

  87. Brenda

    Congratulations! Always give positive reinforcement!

  88. Vinay Singh

    Grade 7 – I think going over the worksheet cloud worksheets just reinforces all concepts that are taught in school and makes understanding easier. The more you practise the better you get. Congrats on the award, much deserved.

  89. Sam

    Don’t freak out about exams and your child wont either. Use exams to teach them discipline in study rather than allowing it to develop performance anxiety in your child. Worksheet Cloud has been so great! Congrats on your award. Gr 5 here we come!

  90. Tanya

    Thank you Worksheet Cloud! Your worksheets and practice tests and exams have helped my daughter so much this year. It’s a great measure for them to determine how much of their work they know/don’t know. My tip would be to help your child be organised – start planning when they’re going to study what and start studying early enough so the day before the test isn’t stressful.

  91. Rene Prins

    What I found to be very helpful was that after my son had studied. I printed the exams and worksheets which he could answer accurately which helps evaluate his knowledge of the work. Well done! !

  92. Ivanna Granelli

    Grade 5 and 7. Remember your marks are not a reflection of who you are!! You are good enough just being who you are!!

  93. Stephne

    Grade 4. Enjoy it! Learning is fun…don’t you want to know what’s behind door 1? To make learning fun takes preparation and loads of coloured pens & highlighters.

  94. Hilary Marshall

    Grade 4 and 6 – 5 and 7 in 2016.
    Start revising early to build their confidence and to avoid last minute exam stress…..
    Would be so awesome if they could complete the tests online, and as a parent you receive a message when tests are ready to be marked, or automatically marked……

  95. Carol

    My daughter is currently “finalising” grade 4. Prepare in advance, revise, sleep well and stay calm!!

  96. Julia

    Congratulations! My grade 5 son only started using worksheet cloud this term, but after much resistance to doing the worksheets, conceded that the papers really helped him as exam preparation.
    My tip would be to be flexible with the number of questions you expect your child to answer before letting them have a break. My son tended to struggle to stay focused for some of the longer papers. We had far better results and memory retention when we broke the papers into smaller chunks.
    We also found that the model answers for the papers, particularly the long questions, were very useful as a revision aid the night before the exam.
    Thank you WorksheetCloud, and keep up the good work!

  97. Chloe

    My kids are grade 4 & 6. Our tip: work consistently throughout the year to ensure that exams does NOT have to be this big bad thing that causes stress, tension & misery!

  98. Mahmuda

    I have a grade1, grade4 and grade 8. The best advice I could give is continuos effort and preparation throughout the year and very important for yourself as a parent not to stress or panic will make it easy for the kids to breeze through exams. Effort and ofcourse prayer for ease is a winning combination

  99. Crystal

    My eldest son is in grade 9 and not an enthuasistic communicator. My only daughter is in grade 5 and has had a bit a of tough time this year as she had an operation and was out of school longer than most kids. But still brings top grades. My number 1 tip: Communication is key, if we don’t gaurd their hearts, we don’t know what is inside.

  100. Tasneem

    Grade 6 & Grade 2. #1. practice, structure & correct method of studying! Congrats, looking forward to an awesome year with Worksheet Cloud!!

  101. Angeleque

    Grade 1. # make sure your child eats nutritions meals and get enough sleep.

  102. Cherysse

    Congratulations – my #1 tip is to get your child to work through the Worksheet Cloud papers. They are fun and my child thoroughly enjoys them – huge help as a Mom as i don’t have to think of what questions to ask. Thank you Worksheet Cloud – you are great!

  103. Almarie van Aswegen

    Well done! I always tell my two boys – Gr.2 and Gr.4, practice makes perfect. Revise work on a daily basis. Get enough sleep and have a good healthy breakfast! We work with a lot of assosiations to help them to remember certain rules ect.

  104. Petra Swartz

    Comment: Congratulations on scooping up this award.
    Grade 6.
    Answer: During exam time I make sure my son knows he has my support and I emphasize that he must relax, study hard and try his best. During this time I reduce his chores and try and spoil him with coffee in bed in mornings etc just to give him that extra “I love you” feeling.

  105. Liezel

    Grade 3. Stay calm and do your best. You know your work.

  106. Erica Vermeulen

    Grade 2 in 2016
    Enough sleep and a relaxed home environment

  107. Marius Buys

    Draw out what you need to do visually and tick off things that are done. Not only does your confidence grow as you visually see your learning and exam progress but it also calms your mind because it does not have to keep remembering every important thing. You are then free to only focus on the next thing on your list instead of thinking about everything all the time.

  108. Laetetia

    Well done. U have really helped my kids. A aware well deserved.
    Kids grade 9 and 5. Work right through the year and stay calm and focus when u write exams. Dont try and force an answer, move on you can always come back


    Draw up a revision roster about 3 weeks before exam starts and include a WorksheetCloud test for every day during revision, even if you just do the test orally. All the exam work would be summarized by exam time. Stick to the revision roster and by the time the exam starts it is going to be plain sailing to learn all the work already summarized and tested. A last WorksheetCloud test or two during the day before exams…and hooray…peace and calm during exam!!

  110. Wilna

    Grade 3 and 5 in 2016. Start early and try to make sense of what you are learning instead of trying to memorize a lot of facts.

  111. Lynne

    Congratulations – Grade 4 – My tip is too work consistently throughout the year. Worksheets definitely help!

  112. Cheryl

    Congratulations!! Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9. I tell my 3 children. Listen in class and ask questions all year through … you will only need to work through Worksheet Cloud papers and revise when exam time comes. Always eat healthily and get enough sleep. Thank you for a great concept!

  113. ASHONA

    Congrats, – well done, as a parent, i am always helping my child with extra work, so that she
    understands, not only work from her school books…i feel that a early start in the year, will help, make notes of important sections from each term, writing always helps to remember, make fun key notes so it stick’s out to remember,

  114. Candice

    Grade 5 and Grade 2 in 2016.

    Congratulations…your worksheets have proven to be amazing.
    #tip…prayer and belief, consistency, calm…practice makes perfect.

  115. Marlene

    Gr. 1/ Gr. 3/ Gr. 5 – Break-up study work in smaller pieces and study more often for shorter periods. Worksheets are a big help.

  116. Karlien van Vuuren

    Great news. Congratulations. #1 Tip To use worksheet cloud as a basis.

  117. Karlien van Vuuren

    Great news. Congratulations. #1 Tip – To use worksheet cloud as a basis/platform. Gr 1 and Gr 3.

  118. Sanet Visagie

    Well done. Grade 5 and Gr 1 – no 1 tip: stay calm and believe in yourself.

  119. Heetesh

    Give them guidance, give them space, help them with structure, and challenge them to reach their full potential always.

  120. Renet

    Grade 4…..studying hard and using exam papers and tests from WorksheetCloud to help him test his knowledge and get used to the way the exam questions are asked.

  121. Soné Scholtz

    Leer vroegtydig. Deel die werk in kleiner dele op. Vir wiskunde oefen oefen oefen. Ons het dit beproef, my kind het met worksheet se vraestelle hierdie kwartaal 12% verbeter deur te oefen.

  122. Gizelle vd Westhuizen

    Cara grade 4 Congrats !!! Tip: enough time to prepare and have time the day before the test to just do example tests and quick revision, be organized .

  123. Barbara Priday

    Hi there,
    Well done on amazing award. My secret to my child’s success (grade 4 this year) is 1 part studying 1 part play. It is so important to keep her mind active. So when it is time to study her energy levels and enthusiasm is high. The worksheets have been a blessing. Keep them coming cause the results are amazing.

  124. Karen

    Stay Calm yourself and don’t put any pressure on your child. Keep healthy snacks and drinks on standby.

  125. Lizelle Drotskie

    My child Riazelle Grade 2. Work constantly through worksheetCloud tests and exam time will be stressless for your child.
    Thanks a lot it helped my child sooooo much.

  126. tracet

    Take a deep breath, breath out slowly. Think before you write

  127. Rhona

    Thankyou. My son is in grade 8. I suggest assist with revision. Be there for those mom ‘where. What. How. When’ times and have fun

  128. Michelle O'Halloran

    Well done on this achievement!!! Now Parents, we just wait for our rewards with the exam results :).

    My # 1 Tip for my Grade 4 daughter :
    Just before you start to write your exam, close your eyes – take a deep breath, let it out slowly and begin. You have done your revision now just put it back on the paper in front of you.

  129. Tania

    Congratulations!! My #1Tip for my son is ‘be prepared and always give of your best’. My son will be in Grade 9 in 2016

  130. Dominique

    Congratulations. A well-deserved achievement!

    During exam time, the kids spend a lot of time sitting indoors behind desks and studying, This can lead to boredom and lack of focus when they do try to study. My #1 tip is to take regular, scheduled study breaks, getting the kids outdoors to clear their minds and regain focus and concentration. I feel that it is important to balance the pressure of exams with fun, so allowing the kids some time off to have fun during exam time is really important.

  131. Le-Maitre

    Congratulations on the award. My tip to my children would be… although you have worked hard and studied a lot always make time to say a prayer and ask God to be with you and help you.

  132. Vuyokazi

    Believe in one self, stay calm, eat well, drink enough water, enough sleep and revise your work.

  133. Petro

    Let you child make their own summaries and learn how to study independently. Gr 6 2016.

  134. Tania Meyer

    Starting at least two weeks before the exam! By the time exams start you can spend more time to revise your work! Just remember a child also get tired. Give then breaks and let them play for 15 minutes or so!

  135. Tania Meyer

    Congratulations Worksheet Cloud! I can understand out of own experience why! This was the first time my daughter went to a price giving! Maths! Of all subjects! When I joined she had in the 60% and now an awesome 88%
    Thanks to all of you!
    Can’t wait for next year when she will be I Grade 6!

  136. Wendy

    Grade 4 – Have food and a drink before they start studying so they are replenished. Reduce the amount of screen time over this period to avoid distractions. A roster and planning and small incentives go a long way. Your worksheets are amazing! Attitude is Altitude.

  137. Ishara

    Pooja will be in Grade 11.
    Read Worksheet Cloud Tips.
    Give teenagers their space – as a Parent you would have helped them, prepare adequately for the exam. Parents provide encouragement, hugs, snacks and love at exam time.

  138. Alida Johnson

    Congrats on a great achievement!! We did grade 4 this year and she has been top 10 in her class all year. So we look forward to 2016 and grade 5. She enjoys the quote “Less doing, more being”. I’ve taught her to find that quiet space in her mind when she feels like the question she has to answer is to confusing. Focus and read again and then answer. That takes the panic of that moment away. Thanks guys. We would love to see all the subjects listed on your website soon with practise papers for them all.

  139. Liezl

    Congratulations Worksheet Cloud! Cultivating the habit of doing a little bit extra everyday has helped us through this year.

  140. Sindiswa

    The most important thing for me is to remember that my child needs me and act as a role model during this time!

  141. Dawn Solyom

    Awesome achievement Worksheet Cloud !!!
    Jorja will go to Grade 7 next year. We believe in working through worksheets, do not study on short notice. Good sleep, nutrients and dedication!! Be stress free before you write.
    WE WOULD REALLY LIKE TO START USING WORKSHEET CLOUD. We’ve been registered for a long time but have not tried your sheets out yet !! 🙁
    2016 we will make a difference 🙂

  142. Helen

    Congrats on Winning. My child is in Grade 4. My best tip is to pray and start studying early, when he returns from school, not late in the afternoon or the evening.

  143. Julie Bashkier

    Congratulations! That is a phenomenal achievement. I have been using the worksheets for my Grade 1 with the worksheets. Seeing that he has a learning disability I have had to help him prepare for his tests etc. The colourful worksheets really help him to keep his focus and interest. Repetition and teaching the same thing from different angles helps the concepts to develop and build on what they know.

    I look forward to next year and the material available. Thanks for all the effort!

  144. Lesego Tiro

    Grade 11.
    Have sufficient rest before the exam.
    Congrats on the award

  145. Megan Govender

    Sashin Grade 6 #1Tip prepare in advance and revise using Worksheet cloud

  146. Mandy Erasmus

    Congratulations! He is in Grade 9 and my tip would be to use practice worksheets to revise the work done in class, and prepare in advance and to have a good rest the day before and eat well, stay calm.

  147. Arenda van Wyk

    If you do the worksheets regularly after each section is completed by the relevant teachers, and the revision for the exams start, everything will just fall into place automatically. I just love it!!!!!!!!!

  148. Keri

    I teach Grade 3 and always tell them and try to show them the benefits of listening in class, then when you get home to study half the work is already done. My little sister is finishing Grade 5 and is reaping the rewards of doing just this.

  149. Estelle

    Congratulations on your success!! My children will be in grade 2 and 4 in 2016. Exams will be new to us next year, but I think the most important is to do your homework every day so you don’t need to suddenly try and learn a lot at once. Also to remain calm during the exam period (mom and child!). Some exercise is also important during exams to keep the body and mind balanced.

  150. Angie

    Congrats Adrian and Team. Worksheet cloud is the best. My daughter will be in grade 6 next year and my son in grade 1. Tip: work through all the worksheets from worksheet cloud so when it comes to the exams you have revised over all sections.

  151. Wanda Lesch

    Congratulations!!! Ulrich – Grade 5 – my #1 tip to Ulrich was to stay calm, plan ahead, keep faith and practice practice practice – with WorksheetCloud worksheet!!! Simply the BEST!!! Thank you!

  152. Felicia Steede

    Find out what kind of learner your child is,then find a method,provide space,get organised,get a timetable,empower,sacrifice and help as a parent.Grade 10 2016 .Great Stuff Congratulation to the TEAM.

  153. Nawaal

    Congratz on the success! My #1 tip is that my child keep on practicing. It made a huge difference in her life. She’s more confident and motivated. Shes more calm and started to try and answer questions on her own. It actually a nice experience when parents get the oppotunity to participate.. God willing my child will be in Grade 6 in 2016.

  154. Jackie

    Congratulations. My daughter is in grade 5. Pay attention to what the teacher is teaching, and i print extra worksheets according to what they are doing in class to help her better understand the topic. 9 out of 10 times the extra worksheets does a world of difference in preparation for the exams. Sometimes the worksheets printed have a better explanation than the textbook they use.

  155. Rina Barnard

    Grade 4 in 2015, worksheet cloud, the mercy of God

  156. Mitzi

    The 1st step is to support your child and to find the help he needs. My children will be in grade 7 and 9 next year. We worked through all the grade 8 worksheet cloud math papers this exam and my son said he felt ready and prepared. He went for his exam and I could see he was calm and confident. Even I learned a few things. I loved the papers and have been telling all my friends. Thank you.

  157. Shirene

    As a parent be supportive, very stressful time for parents and children. The best way for me to get my boys to do the worksheets is to sit with them. To make it fun for them I also do the worksheets and we then see who gets the correct answer. Mom is also learning again. Next year Grade 7 and Grade 9.

  158. Amanda Coetzee

    Relieve the stress by managing time effectively and making room for down time and family time. Healthy eating, lots of sleep and never let parental nervousness transfer to your child!

  159. Mercia Smit

    Keep your child focused and calm and remove any distractions

  160. Michele

    When the information isn’t going in, take a break, go for a walk and try again when you get back. The worksheets have been helpful.

  161. SUSAN

    An environment conducive for learning both at school and home, a nutritious diet, studying beginning in January with Worksheet Cloud which makes it less hectic during exam time, and loads of love, encouragement and support.

  162. Elsabé

    My daughter is in Grade 3 and I often remind her about your quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” She is at an age where she still believes anything is possible, so I like to keep this thought alive! Add to this good nutrition, exercise, a good night’s sleep and your daily prayer and you are good to go!

  163. Sonette Maritz

    Grade 3 next year…
    Get enough sleep, have enough fun, eat enough good food, pray enough and trust enough!

  164. Fleur

    Grade 5
    We use the 4 P’s – Proper planning prevents panic! Also, maintain a strict routine with an early bedtime to allow for a bit of reading to quiet the nerves and most of all, stay calm.

  165. Alida

    Congrats on a great achievement. keep it up!!

    My most valuable tip to any parent (and one which I follow) is to have their kids eat the right food and drink which is high in nutrients and vitamins (preferably organic food and drink), plenty of rest, a set routine and a relaxed atmosphere without any distractions.

  166. poppy

    My tip – U reap what u sow!!

    The weekly woksheets work done through out the year will certainly get u prepared n ready for the final exams. Its straight foward n no manga manga business about that.

  167. poppy

    Congrats to u on the awesom award. Keep itup

  168. Bernadett

    I believe that you must listen in Class. If you learn for all the small tests you have less to do for exams. You will also quickly see if you do not understand something.
    Congrats on your award. 2016 -> Grade 5 & Grade 2

  169. Marina

    You deserve the award! 🙂 The Worksheets definitely helped us a lot. Tip: Work hard throughout the year, do summaries before exam start and work through papers and worksheets! Gr 4

  170. Hendrina

    Congratulations. Grade 10 – Prepare in advance

  171. Angela

    Grade 6
    Congratulations on this wonderful achievement
    Well deserved, this website has been tremendously helpful in assisting my son with his studies.
    Organisation is key is helping him to cover all the work that needs to be done
    Worksheetcloud has helped me to do that

  172. F Cronje

    Completing worksheetcloud papers definitely helps to bring all the work together and stops us from cramming unnecessary info. That makes for a calmer attitude as well. Grade 7(2016)

  173. Marleen

    Maths this exam was fun and motivating. My 14 year old son gained confidence and together we got back the excitement of doing maths. Thanks for this. We have decided together that 2016 will be different from the start and that we will do maths often!

  174. Sherene

    Grade 5 and grade 2. Subscribe to WorksheetCloud and work out a schedule for your child.

    Well done you making a difference in our children’s lives. Thanks so much:)

  175. Leonie

    Congrats, I love worksheet, it is brilliant.

    My tip – don’t nag your child

  176. Yolandi Zammit

    Study in the afternoon (not at night) – my daughter (now grade 6) is too tired from 18h00 onwards – just a huge waste of time and my patience! This does mean I can only work half days when she is writing exams.


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