Junior Customer Service Agent at  WorksheetCloud

Add happiness to families by helping us build amazing edtech products on the web!

Your Experience: 1+ years in any service-related field
Location: Monte Vista, Cape Town
Salary: R13k to R18k depending on experience
Position: Permanent

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WorksheetCloud Learner Dashboard

Wanted: a humbly confident Junior Customer Service Agent

At Learning Lab Apps we build the world’s best edtech apps. We’ve built an amazing product (WorksheetCloud) that has been a huge hit with parents from day one, and we continue to grow thanks to happy users who can’t keep quiet about how much of a difference WorksheetCloud has made in the lives of their children (look here).

Our company is growing and we’re looking for a full-time Junior Customer Service Agent to help us continue to build the best edtech app ever, and support our users on their journey to exam success.

In short, your communication (English and Afrikaans), organisational and self-management skills need to be mint. And when we say mint, we mean really top-notch. 😁

Are YOU the person who says things like …

“Why do I need to hold on the phone for 5 minutes just to speak to a real person?!? What a waste of my time!”

“If a customer ever complained to me, I’d turn their frown upside down in no time!”

“I understand every person’s need to feel respected and understood, and to get great service for something they’ve paid for.”

“I love to give every customer an AWESOME experience when they need my help, because I treat everyone like a good friend.”

If you’ve answered yes to the above, then keep reading …

We’re looking for someone with the ability to connect with our customers on a human, emotional level. You’ll be providing customer service to WorksheetCloud.com users (mainly parents and teachers, and sometimes children too). You’ll need to be super organised with the ability to work and think independently (we don’t do micromanagement). You should definitely enjoy serving and putting others first, but you don’t necessarily need experience in customer service.

You’ll be providing help to all our customers who need it, so good communication and people skills is an essential non-negotiable.

We must stress that being bilingual in English and Afrikaans is important for this role.

The above is a very brief intro into what you’ll be doing as our new Junior Customer Service Agent, but before we tell you more, you first need to know who we are and how we operate …

Who is Learning Lab Apps?

Learning Lab Apps is an edtech company (9+ years and counting) headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our mission is to bring happiness to families. It’s the reason we wake up everyday. We add a bit of happiness to the lives of parents and children by making schoolwork a little less daunting and a lot more fun.

But … we add happiness to the lives of our employees too.

To quote our CEO: “I love our customers, but my main purpose is not to serve our customers. My main purpose as CEO is to serve you, the employees, to help you achieve your goals and to have fun while doing it. I exist at WorksheetCloud to help each member in our team do the best work of their entire career.” ~ Adrian Marnewick, CEO of WorksheetCloud

Our company story begins in 2014, but our history in education and technology goes all the way back to the early 90’s. Our company is bootstrapped, profitable and growing. We haven’t taken on any outside funding because we’re in it for the long haul. This means we don’t exist to serve shareholders, but rather to serve our customers AND our employees.

You might be interested to read the following documents …

Let’s look at what life is like at Learning Lab Apps before going into the job details for this specific position …

Our Team

We have a small, but incredibly effective team with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills that all add up to make our company fantastic. You’re a team player? Well our team is full of exceptional people – the kind you’ll love to work with. You’re a recluse with no desire to be friendly? Then this job isn’t for you.

Only 7 Hour Workdays

We work an average of 5 hours less per week than other companies, giving you more time to focus on your personal life. We expect you to put in 7 hours of work each day from Monday to Friday somewhere between 8am and 5pm, then go home, switch off and enjoy life.

Take Time Off (Seriously)

You’ll get a minimum of 20 paid annual leave days every year which increases the longer you work at Learning Lab Apps. On top of that, you also get 8 extra paid leave days throughout the year to help you with unexpected personal issues (so that you don’t need to eat into your annual leave when you have a personal emergency). So that’s 28 PAID leave days every year! We believe in rest and relaxation and take the mental and physical health of our team seriously.

We hardly ever work overtime. Our company culture discourages overtime work.

Take Care of Your Future and Your Family

You’ll be in on our employee benefits from day one. These are:

  1. Pension fund.
  2. Death, critical illness and disability cover.
  3. Family funeral cover.
  4. Paid maternity/paternity leave.

Eat Healthily Every Day with Free Lunch!

You’ll get a healthy lunch every day, Monday to Friday, from Woolworths, Nandos and other awesome restaurants. So no more late-night-meal-prep or going hungry if you haven’t had time to pack food.

Learn Something New

We’ll pay towards classes to help you learn something new or further a skill that helps you advance in your career. We take learning and growth seriously.

Read, Rock Out or Binge-watch

Stay entertained on us. Love reading, listening to music or watching movies and series? We provide free access to Amazon Kindle, Google Play and Netflix to help you unwind.


We have a bonus plan based on profitability that you’ll be in on from day one. Learning Lab Apps wins, you win.

Get Treated Like an Adult

We’re all adults. There’s no need to punch a clock, or ask for permission to take off early one afternoon to go see the doctor. We look at what you’re accomplishing, not how long you sit in front of a computer.

Change Lives Through Education

You’ll sleep well at night knowing that the work you’re doing has a direct impact on the education and future of tens of thousands of children, as well as reducing anxiety and stress on parents. Everybody wins.

Take a peek inside WorksheetCloud

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Required Experience and Skills

  • 1+ years demonstrated experience in any service-related field (e.g. sales, admin, technical support, teaching etc.).
  • Grade 12 certificate with minimum C symbol for English Home Language OR B symbol for English First Additional Language, AND minimum C symbol for Afrikaans Home Language OR B symbol for Afrikaans First Additional Language.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (your English must be 10/10, your Afrikaans must be good but does not need to be perfect).
  • Strong emotional intelligence with the ability to connect deeply with people.
  • A very friendly and outgoing personality (you can’t be shy or soft-spoken in customer service).
  • You’re known for being helpful, patient, and awesome – particularly when it comes to explaining things in a way that anyone can understand.
  • Excellent task-orientated organisational skills.
  • Good computer skills – you should have a good working knowledge of spreadsheets and be internet savvy.
  • You must have your own reliable transport to ensure you’re able to arrive for work without being reliant on public transport.
  • COVID vaccination requirement: you must be fully vaccinated against COVID and will be required to submit proof.


  • Respond to inbound customer queries via email, telephone and social media.
  • Own the overall relationship with customers that are assigned to you, which include: ensuring successful use of our products, resolving problems that customers are facing, and delivering complete customer happiness and satisfaction.
  • Work with customers to help them achieve the educational goals they set for their children in our products.
  • Work to identify and list common problems experienced by customers using our products.
  • Advocate customer needs and issues with our product development team.
  • Work to identify and develop upsell opportunities.
  • Take on additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned to you by your manager.


Position Details

Level: Junior Position

Remuneration: Salary of R13k to R18k per month depending on your experience and skills, as well as annual performance bonuses. Benefits are added over and above your salary.

Benefits: Pension fund, death, critical illness and disability cover, family funeral cover, paid maternity/paternity leave.

Perks: *7 hour work day, Woolworths lunch Monday to Friday, 20 days paid annual leave plus 8 days paid leave for personal matters, internet connectivity allowance, free Netflix, Google Play and Kindle, continuing education opportunities, and hardly any traffic to the office (depending where you’re coming from), remote work allowed occasionally.

* You will be required to work 8 hour days during your probation period until you are up to speed.

Work location: WorksheetCloud Development Office in Monte Vista, Cape Town

Employment type: Permanent, full-time position

Start date: Negotiable

Department: Customer Service

Reports to: Customer Service Manager

Learning Lab Apps supports workplace diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, or any other protected class. However, if you spell “colour” or “optimise” like an American, we reserve the right to laugh at you at best, or fire you at worst if you continue doing it.