WorksheetCloud Online Practice Questions
This help guide is for TEACHER users.


Step 1 – Login to Your Account


To access your WorksheetCloud account, visit the login page here.

The login page has three options …


Printable School Worksheets


Learner Sign In:
Allows your learners to view and print worksheets and answers.

Parent Sign In:
Gives parents access to view and print worksheets and answers, as well as input their child’s worksheet results, view report cards and manage learners.

School Sign In:
Gives you access to your teacher account to view and print worksheets and answers.


Step 2 – Print Some Worksheets


Once you’ve signed in to your Teacher Account, you’ll see a menu at the top of your screen.

To view your worksheets, click the “Worksheets” link in the menu:

Download CAPS worksheets


Then select a grade:

Download CAPS worksheets


Now select a subject:

Printable School Worksheets


And you’re ready to go! To open a worksheet or answers (memorandum), just click on the respective link in the table of topics:

Download CAPS worksheets


To help you keep track of what you’ve printed, you can tag content you’ve used by clicking the “Printed” tag. It will turn green to indicate that you’ve used this content:

Printable School Worksheets




Administrators only: Add and Manage Teachers


If you’re the WorksheetCloud administrator at your school, you’ll be able to add, remove and manage teacher users within your WorksheetCloud account.

To manage teachers, click the “Manage” link in your menu bar, and then click “Manage Teachers”:

Download CAPS worksheets


To add a new teacher, scroll to the Available Teacher Accounts section, and click one of the “Setup account” links:

Download CAPS worksheets


Complete the form with the teacher’s details. Make sure you enter their email address correctly. Click the “Update” button when you’re done:

Download CAPS worksheets


The last step is to send the teacher a notification that their account is ready. You can do this easily by clicking the “Send Invite Mailer to Teacher” button:

Download CAPS worksheets


Get Help


If you’re struggling with any aspect of WorksheetCloud, contact us here.

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