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Academic Features

Practice Questions and Exams

Everything you need in one package

WorksheetCloud gives your child access to thousands of online and printable practice questions across Maths, Afrikaans, English, Natural Sciences, History, Geography and Life Skills.

You don’t need to spend any more time searching the internet for relevant practice material or past exam papers because WorksheetCloud has it all in one neat package! Your child can learn in class, and then come home that same day and use WorksheetCloud to practice what they learnt.

WorksheetCloud Question Screenshot

Study your way

WorksheetCloud is designed around the practice of reading and answering questions. It’s a simple, yet highly effective way of studying and retaining knowledge. WorksheetCloud will introduce your child to a wide range of question types that are asked in real school exams. Some questions will require your child to type their own answer, while others are multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and true or false. Your child can study in the way that works best for them by choosing short bursts of practice questions that give your child instant feedback, or longer practice exams that simulate a real exam environment at school.

Online AND printable worksheets

Your child will receive feedback on their answers with hints, tips and explanations to make their studying interactive, and therefore far more effective than using existing learning material like textbooks and past exam papers. All of our questions and practice exams can be completed online, or printed and completed on paper.

Study Notes

The perfect way to learn

Your child can learn their school work straight from WorksheetCloud with our Study Notes.

Study Notes break down your child’s study material into bite-sized, easy to grasp chunks (or slides as we call them) alongside beautiful imagery that helps them to understand and remember their work.

Guided Studying

Tired of forcing your child to study?

We’ve all been there. The struggle is real.

WorksheetCloud is designed to gently (and where required, not so gently!) motivate your child to continue studying with our continuous learning loop system. Once your child has completed some practice questions, the learning loop will guide your child to the next set of questions and encourage them to keep studying. The learning loop tells your child what to study next and takes the pressure off you as a parent.

We’ve also included awesome gamification that encourages your child to become self-motivated to study.

Digital Report Card

Keep a close eye on your child’s studying and exam preparation.

Monitor your child’s progress closely with their digital report card that tracks everything they do in WorksheetCloud.

Your child’s results are broken down by subject so that you can drill down to the specifics of where your child is excelling or struggling. You’ll be able to see and track your child’s grade average, number of questions they’ve answered, number of exams they’ve completed, their total time spent studying as well as their strongest and weakest subjects, all in one easy-to-read digital report card!

All the stats you need to make the best decisions for your child’s education and future.

CAPS and IEB Curriculum Aligned

Made by South African teachers, for South African learners

There are loads of studying tools on the market, but few cater specifically to South Africans. That’s why we set out to create a study tool that aligned perfectly with the South African CAPS and IEB curriculum.

Our content is created by REAL South African teachers and goes hand-in-hand with what your child is learning in class. We have thousands of practice questions and exams for Maths, Afrikaans, English, Natural Sciences, History, Geography and Life Skills.

Daily studying practice based on classroom learning

Your child can learn in class, and then come home that same day and use WorksheetCloud to practice what they learnt.

Our content is broken down by term, subject and topic, so your child can quickly find the section of work they want to study. Every piece of content has been translated into both Afrikaans and English. At the beginning of each year, your child’s WorksheetCloud membership will automatically update to their new grade, and all the new content for that grade will become available.

Gamification Features

Avatars and Sidekicks

No more boring learning

Gone are the days of study boredom! We’ve spiced up your child’s studying process by adding EPIC avatars and sidekicks to unlock.

Avatars give your child’s profile a unique personality, while sidekicks help and guide them while they study and learn. Trust us, your child will fall in LOVE with their new friends!

Level Up, Earn Emblems and Cloud Coins

Designed like a game, but focused on studying for exams

We’ve designed WorksheetCloud like a game. Players earn rewards in games that create a psychological need to keep playing. WorksheetCloud does the same thing, except instead of playing, your child is studying. WorksheetCloud’s game-like-studying design rewards EVERY type of child, not just the “clever kids”.

As your child practices questions, they’ll earn question points and level up, even if they answer incorrectly. Each level unlocks a new badge, and bonus Cloud Coins (our in-app currency). There are also special surprises hidden along the way that encourage your child to keep studying.

Make every child feel like a champion

WorksheetCloud rewards EFFORT and makes every child feel appreciated. This means that it’s the perfect studying and learning tool for any child on any academic level. The more effort your child puts in, the greater the rewards, and the greater the motivation to keep studying.

WorksheetCloud Leaderboard

Nothing motivates us more than some healthy competition

Your child earns Knowledge Points as they practice questions and exams in WorksheetCloud. The more they practice, the more they earn, and the higher they rank up on the WorksheetCloud Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard is designed to motivate your child no matter their learning capabilities. They’ll go head-to-head with other South African learners in their grade on their same academic level to compete for the #1 WorksheetCloudie spot! The Leaderboard resets every term so a fresh challenge awaits your child at the beginning of every single school term!

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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