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WorksheetCloud 2

The “New” WorksheetCloud

  • WorksheetCloud 2 offers printable AND online, interactive worksheets that are automatically marked.
  • Your child is provided with instant feedback, hints and tips as they work through each online worksheet.
  • Your child can earn coins for completing worksheets, and you can view advanced progress reports.
  • It’s the way of the future! Not signed up? Click here to get started.

WorksheetCloud 1

The “Old” WorksheetCloud

  • If you signed up before 8 March 2017, then you are still using WorksheetCloud 1 (printable only worksheets).
  • You can upgrade to WorksheetCloud 2 now, giving you printable AND online, interactive worksheets.
  • When you upgrade, your WorksheetCloud 1 account will be closed automatically.