From Failing to Passing

We asked parents what life was like before their child used WorksheetCloud. And how it has improved after switching to WorksheetCloud. What a HUGE difference! Here’s what some of them said …

10% to 45% increase in school results

Parents report that their children’s school results improve between 10% to 45% when using WorksheetCloud.

Results After Using WorksheetCloud

Here’s why parents LOVE WorksheetCloud …

“Thanks to WorksheetCloud, my son is more focused on learning. He enjoys logging in to work on questions and practice exams. We are still new on this but really enjoy doing this together. Keep up the good work!

Also thank you for all the support you gave us in understanding how it works. With all the stress in schools with the Covid pandemic, we can focus calmly on helping my son with Grade 4 subjects, in which he has problems. You made learning much more fun, especially with the study notes that explain all nicely to him. Thanks WorksheetCloud!”

Erica Ferreira

Parent of Grade 4 Learner

“I find this app extraordinarily helpful, easy to use and my child loves it. The entire app is user friendly, its motivating visually to my 9 year old, and I have huge comfort knowing that it runs according to the curriculum.

Given the major schooling hiccups this year with COVID and the enormous amount of catch up work given, I take comfort knowing that there is a platform that we can plough through that is easy and fun to use. This has taken away any angst I have and the stress of my child having to catch up so much work at school. Highly recommended!”

Birgitta Weaving

Parent of Grade 5 Learner

“My naam is Sonet en het te hore gekom van WorksheetCloud deur ‘n vriendin. Ek was so beindruk met dit wat sy my gewys het dat ek dadelik ook my seun, Ruben geregistreer het om deel te wees. Ek het begin vraestelle download en is in my skik met die hele konsep, hoe eenvoudig dit is en ekstra hulp wat dit bied om ‘n verskil te maak in Ruben se eind eksamen se punt en vordering.

Baie dankie aan almal wat agter die skerms werk om die program so ‘n sukses te maak. Groete uit Piketberg!!”

Sonet Schoeman

Parent of Grade 9 and 11 Learner

“From a parent’s point of view:

Great app and easy to keep track of your child’s work. I highly recommend it to any parent with a busy schedule, without compromising the success of your child’s work. What I really enjoy is the fact that the mistakes the child makes on a worksheet is then explained, so they get to understand their mistake. This would be like having a private tutor at home.

From a child’s point of view:

Great fun and boosts their confidence!!! Thanks to the team!”

Albia King

Parent of Grade 8 Learner

“So often parents say, “my kids hates Afrikaans or Maths…” or “I dont know how to…”

I can honestly breathe a sigh of relief.

Whilst my boys don’t go online as often as I would like them to, its our safety net. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

P.S. both my boys are autistic so this is also testimony that the app works for everyone!”

Zaheera Seedat

Parent of Grade 5 and 7 Learner

“This is a great resource at a reasonable price. WorksheetCloud has proven to replace at least 4 other online programmes we subscribed to. My daughter has a reference point as well as an anytime-anywhere study buddy. The worksheets are absolutely helpful, the parental tracking is valuable in assisting my daughter with work that she is struggling with.

I can confidently say WorksheetCloud works 100%. Thank you to the team for their efforts!”

Thembi Ndubane

Parent of Grade 6 Learner

“Our young man loves it… So do we, best investment in his education ever. It takes out the ‘aaaaag man’ in studying to ‘I know my work and I moved up The Hall Of Fame, I am ready to do the next test!’

Site is easy to navigate and endless hours of fun and learning, thumbs up, out of mischief and in tune with edutainment and growth. Great work guys, keep it up. Impressed and satisfied.”

Shahed Seedat

Parent of Grade 5 Learner

“If only there was something like a 6 star rating I would rate you a six!!!!! This is simply the best!!!!

I am working 8 to 5 (sometimes only getting home at 19:00). There is no way I can give the attention to my child and her school work the time I would like to. This year is even worse… She is in Grade 6 and my son is in Grade R!!!!

Thanks to WorksheetCloud I can print the papers after my daughter tells me she knows her work…… What better way to test her and on top of it all: She loves this as well!!!!!!!! Her marks tell a story on their own. At the beginning of last year her maths was in the 60%. At the end of the year she received a certificate for the maths 87%. Not one subject less that 70%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neither of us can wait for this year!!!! WorksheetCloud you are really helping to calm the nerves!!!!!!!!”

Tania Meyer

Parent of Grade 5 Learner

Hi, I am extremely grateful for all you are doing at Worksheetcloud. I stumbled on it searching for extra online work for my grade 1 grandson, and I find it very user-friendly, helpful, encouraging and well presented.

We love teacher Di and the online lessons in Maths and English, my grandson sometimes thinks he’s actually talking to her. The Afrikaans teacher is also very good and the lessons have helped a lot, especially since my grandson had very little Afrikaans background.

The tests are good and the reward system and record-keeping system is excellent, easily visible to us. My grandson loves to see that 6/6 at the end of a test and the comments are great. He loves being able to select the tests he’d like to do, with a little gentle prodding!

It’s made him enjoy learning and sometimes he wants to go on and on. Thank you for a wonderful app, for all your hard work and for encouraging a love of learning.

Michelle Streeter

Grandparent of Grade 1 Learner

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