Grade 10 Premium Pack – All Subjects

  • Over 300+ printable worksheets and practice exams.
  • Covers English, Afrikaans, Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies and Life Sciences. (Alle inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.)
  • Based on the South African CAPS and IEB curriculum.
  • FREE bonus downloads included!
  • Alle inhoud ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.


Payment methods for WorksheetCloud
Payment methods for WorksheetCloud

Rock your Grade 10 exams!

Over 300+ printable worksheets and memos (plus FREE bonus content!) to help your Grade 10 child prepare for class tests and exams.

Grade 10 brings new academic challenges for your child. They’ve had to choose subjects to specialise in, which means those subjects become more advanced and difficult. Grade 10 also means your child is nearly finished with high school. This is the year where they’ll learn what real tough exams are all about, in preparation for Grade 11 and 12. Will your child struggle in Grade 10? Will they put up a fight every time they need to study for an exam?

These are questions that all parents worry about when their child begins Grade 10. But don’t stress, because WorksheetCloud has your back!

We’ve developed a premium pack of all the printable learning resources your child will need during Grade 10 that will allow them to practice and revise what they learn in class, while helping to prepare them for Grade 11 next year.

WorksheetCloud Grade 10 Premium Pack was created from the ground up by expert Intermediate Phase teachers in South Africa. This printable pack from WorksheetCloud is designed to help your child succeed during their Grade 10 year.

What do you get?

  • Over 300+ high-quality, printable worksheets and practice exams covering all Grade 10 subjects.
  • Every worksheet and exam has a detailed memorandum that include in-depth explanations to help your child understand each question and answer.
  • All the content is based on the Grade 10 South African CAPS and IEB curriculum and is 100% up-to-date.
  • FREE bonus #1: Exam terminology dictionary with a list of common exam terminology that will help your child ace their Grade 10 exams.
  • FREE bonus #2: Background music audio tracks to help improve your child’s focus and attention span during study sessions.
  • FREE bonus #3: Printable homework and study timetable to help your child plan their activities and Grade 10 study schedule.

Grade 10 Subjects Included

Based on the 2023 South African Grade 10 CAPS and IEB school curriculum. The following Grade 10 subjects and topics are included in the WorksheetCloud Grade 10 Premium Pack download:

English Home Language
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Ambiguity, puns and malapropism
  • Comprehension: Are Exams Really Necessary?
  • Comprehension: J&J and Pfizer vaccines
  • Comprehension: Teen Fitness
  • Comprehension: The Importance of Community Service in a Teen’s Life
  • Comprehension: Things I Learned When I Got My First Puppy
  • Comprehension: Thinking of getting a tattoo?
  • Comprehension: What happens to your brain when you binge-watch a TV series?
  • Denotation and connotation
  • Direct and Indirect (Reported) Speech
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Sentences: Phrases and clauses
  • Sentences: Subject, Verb, Object
  • Spelling: Americanisms, homophones, homonyms
  • Summary 1
  • Summary 2
  • Textual Editing: Adjectives and adverbs
  • Textual Editing: Miscellaneous Errors
  • Textual editing: Nouns and pronouns
  • Textual Editing: Prepositions and conjunctions
  • Textual Editing: Punctuation
  • Textual Editing: Verbs
  • Visual Literacy: Advertising 1
  • Visual Literacy: Cartoons 1
Afrikaans EAT
  • Advertensies – taal in konteks
  • Afkortings, verkortings en akronieme
  • Begripstoets: Dans vertel ‘n storie
  • Begripstoets: Die koning se dilemma
  • Begripstoets: Glasbodems
  • Begripstoets: Japie van Zyl – ‘n ruimtepionier
  • Begripstoets: Maak van die wêreld ‘n beter plek
  • Begripstoets: Met of sonder pynappel?
  • Begripstoets: Olifante diep in die moeilikheid
  • Begripstoets: Pluk ‘n poegie uit vir pret-en-pyn
  • Begripstoets: Speletjieverslawing
  • Begripstoets: Tieners en fone: Hoe om slim daaroor te wees
  • Begripstoets: Vinny Lingham – ‘n kop vol planne
  • Begripstoets: Walvisbaai
  • Byvoeglike naamwoorde – Intensiewe vorme
  • Byvoeglike naamwoorde – trappe van vergelyking, attributief en predikatief
  • Bywoorde
  • Deelwoorde
  • Die enkelvoudige en saamgestelde sin
  • Direkte en Indirekte Rede
  • Drama – kenmerke en begrip
  • Gedigte – algemeen
  • Gedigte – metafore, vergelykings, personifikasie, alliterasie, assonansie.
  • Gevoelstaal, veralgemening en stereotipering
  • Homofone en homonieme
  • Idiome
  • Kortverhaal – kenmerke en begrip
  • Leestekens
  • Letterlike en figuurlike betekenis – denotasie en konnotasie
  • Lydende en bedrywende vorm
  • Ontkenning
  • Selfstandige naamwoorde – meervoude, verkleining en geslag
  • Sinonieme, antonieme en paronieme
  • Sinsoorte – stelsin, vraagsin, bevelsin, uitroepsin
  • Soorte selfstandige naamwoorde – eiename, soortname, versamelname, stofname, abstrakte selfstandige naamwoorde
  • Spelreëls, spelfoute, los en vas skryf van woorde, hoofletters, skryftekens
  • Spotprente – taal in konteks
  • Stamme, afleidings, samestellings en verbindingsklanke
  • Tyd en tydsvorme
  • Voegwoorde – Groep 1, 2 en 3
  • Voorsetsels en voornaamwoorde
  • Voorvoegsels en agtervoegsels
  • Werkwoorde
  • Woordorde in sinne – STOMPI
  • Woordsoorte – algemeen
Pure Mathematics
  • 2D trigonometric problems
  • Algebraic equations: Linear equations and inequalities
  • Algebraic Fractions
  • Analytical geometry: Integrated problems
  • Angles of depression and elevation
  • Angles on the Cartesian plane
  • Distance between two points
  • Equations and inequalities revision
  • Euclidean geometry: Integrated problems
  • Exchange Rates
  • Exponential equations
  • Exponential expressions
  • Exponential functions
  • Factorisation
  • Finance: Integrated problems
  • Five number summary and Box and Whisker diagrams
  • Fractions in equations
  • Functional notation
  • Functions: Integrated problems
  • Gradient of a line
  • Hire Purchase
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Inflation
  • Linear functions
  • Literal equations
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Measures of dispersion
  • Midpoint of a line
  • Number patterns
  • Population Growth
  • Probability
  • Products
  • Quadratic equations
  • Quadratic functions
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Special Angles
  • Straight line geometry
  • Surface Area and Volume
  • The number system and notation
  • Triangles
  • Trigonometric Equations
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Trigonometric ratios
Maths Literacy
  • Banking
  • Calculations with fractions and decimals
  • Classifying, organising and collecting data
  • Conversion
  • Financial documents
  • Income, expenditure, profit and loss
  • Income-and-expenditure statements and budgets
  • Interest
  • Length
  • Makings sense of graphs that tell a story
  • Mapwork
  • Models and Plans
  • Numbers and calculations with numbers
  • Patterns, relationships and representations
  • Perimeter and area
  • Probability
  • Rounding
  • Scale
  • Tariff systems
  • Taxation
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Basic budgeting concepts
  • Cost Accounting
  • Creditors
  • Debtors
  • Ethics
  • GAAP principles
  • Informal or indigenous booking systems
  • Internal Control
  • Revision of grade 9 content.
Business Studies
  • Business opportunities, related factors and location decisions
  • Business sectors
  • Contemporary socio-economic issues
  • Contracts
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Macro environment: Components, features and different types of macro environments
  • Macro environment: Relationship and interrelationship of environments
  • Market environment
  • Micro environment: Administration, financing, purchasing, public relations and quality
  • Micro environment: Components and features, business functions and general management
  • Presentation of business information
  • Self-management
  • Social responsibility & Entrepreneurial qualities
  • Team dynamics
  • The business plan
Life Sciences
  • Animal tissues, biotechnology and indigenous knowledge.
  • Biodiversity and classification
  • Biospheres and Biomes
  • Cell division: Mitosis
  • Cells: The basic units of life – Animal Cells
  • Different tissues of the skeleton
  • Environment and Ecosystems
  • Life’s history: Change throughout the history of life on Earth.
  • Organs
  • Plant tissues
  • Support systems in plants
  • The chemistry of life
  • Transport systems in Mammals (Human)
  • Types of skeletons and bones
  • Understanding of fossil formation and tourism

Why WorksheetCloud?

Practice makes perfect.
WorksheetCloud Grade 10 Premium Pack will allow your child to practice hundreds of relevant, curriculum-based questions in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History, Geography, Technology and EMS. We’ve included full memorandums that contain correct answers as well as detailed explanations and working-out of each and every question. In a nutshell, WorksheetCloud Grade 10 Premium Pack will get your child ready for all their tests and exams. It’s the easiest way to learn and study.

You can access your content on any device.
View your worksheets and tests on your Apple iPad or Android tablet, your smartphone, or your laptop or desktop computer. WorksheetCloud works on any device and allows your child to access CAPS curriculum worksheets in English and Afrikaans from home, school, or even on the bus.

You’ll never need to set another practise test for your child, ever.
You can print our worksheets for your child to revise on paper, just like the way they do their exams and class tests. Our school worksheets are a great way to simulate an exam and help you determine if your child needs more revision of the Grade 10 curriculum.


Purchase the WorksheetCloud Grade 10 Premium Pack today and you’ll receive the following bonuses worth R299 for FREE:

  • Exam Terminology Dictionary – This downloadable ebook helps your child learn important words and instructions used in exam papers. By reading this easy guide, your child will be prepared to ace their Grade 10 school exams.
  • Audio MP3 Tracks – Download and play our peaceful audio tracks to help your child stay calm and focused during their studying sessions.
  • Exam and Homework Schedule Template – Printable study timetable and checklist templates to help your child stay focused and organised during exam time.

Additional Product Information

  • Product type: Digital download
  • Grade: Grade 10
  • Compatibility: Android Tablet, Apple iPad, Apple Mac, Linux, Windows
  • System requirements: PDF reader
  • Language version: English and Afrikaans
  • Download size: 511MB

License Agreement

This version of WorksheetCloud Print is sold with a PRIVATE USE LICENSE, meaning that you can use it at home for personal use with your own child. You are not allowed to distribute, adapt or sell the content. This content may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. at schools or tutoring).

If you are a teacher or tutor and you’d like to use WorksheetCloud Print with your learners, we have School and Tutor packages available to suit your needs and budget. Contact our support team to request pricing.

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