Grade 9 History Pack

  • Over 300+ printable worksheets and practice exams.
  • Covers English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Natural Science, History, Geography and EMS. (Alle inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.)
  • Based on the South African CAPS and IEB curriculum.
  • FREE bonus downloads included!
  • Alle inhoud ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.


Payment methods for WorksheetCloud
Payment methods for WorksheetCloud

Rock your Grade 9 History exams!

Over 250+ printable worksheets and memos to help your Grade 9 child prepare for History class tests and exams.

Grade 9 History is one of the important subjects your child needs to master this year. But don’t stress, because WorksheetCloud has your back!

We’ve developed a premium pack of all the printable learning resources your child will need for History during Grade 9 that will allow them to practice and revise what they learn in class, while helping to prepare them for Grade 10 next year.

WorksheetCloud Grade 9 History Pack was created from the ground up by expert Senior Phase teachers in South Africa. This printable pack from WorksheetCloud is designed to help your child succeed in History during their Grade 9 year.

What do you get?

  • Over 250+ high-quality, printable worksheets and practice exams covering Grade 9 History.
  • Every worksheet and exam has a detailed memorandum that include in-depth explanations to help your child understand each question and answer.
  • All the content is based on the Grade 9 South African History CAPS and IEB curriculum and is 100% up-to-date.

Grade 9 History / Geskiedenis Topics Included

Based on the 2023 South African Grade 9 History / Geskiedenis CAPS and IEB school curriculum. The following Grade 9 History / Geskiedenis topics are included in the WorksheetCloud Grade 9 History / Geskiedenis Pack download:

History / Geskiedenis
  • 1948 National Party and Apartheid
  • 1950s Repression and Resistance: Freedom Charter to Women’s March
  • 1950s Repression and Resistance: Programme of Action to Defiance Campaign
  • 1976: Consequences of the Soweto uprising
  • 1976: The Black Consciousness Movement and the causes of the Soweto uprising
  • 1990: Release of Nelson Mandela and the unbanning of liberation movements
  • Apartheid Laws Case Studies: Group Areas Act and Bantustans
  • Definition of racism
  • Definition of the superpowers and the meaning of ‘Cold War’
  • Division of Germany in 1946 and the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961
  • End of World War 2 in the Pacific : Atomic bombs and the beginning of the Nuclear Age
  • Increasing tension between the allies after the end of World War 2 in Europe
  • The Arms Race and the Space Race
  • The end of the Cold War in 1989
  • The formation of the PAC and the events at Sharpeville
  • The Rise of Nazi Germany: 1919 – 1933
  • The Rise of Nazi Germany: 1933 – 1938
  • The short and long term consequences of Sharpeville
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights after World War 2
  • World War 2 in the Pacific
  • World War 2: Europe
  • World War 2: Europe – examples of resistance
  • 1948 Nasionale Party en Apartheid
  • 1950’s Onderdrukking en Weerstand: Program van Aksie tot die Versetveldtog
  • 1976: Die Swartbewussynsbeweging en die oorsake van die Soweto-opstand
  • 1976: Gevolge van die Soweto-opstand
  • 1990: Vrylating van Nelson Mandela en die ontbanning van die vryheidsbewegings
  • Apartheidswette Gevallestudies: Groepsgebiedewet en die Bantoestans
  • Definisie van die supermoondhede en die betekenis van “Koue Oorlog”
  • Definisie van rassisme
  • Die einde van die Koue Oorlog in 1989
  • Die kort- en langtermyn gevolge van Sharpeville
  • Die ontstaan van die PAC en die gebeure by Sharpeville
  • Die totstandkoming van Nazi-Duitsland: 1919 – 1933
  • Die totstandkoming van Nazi-Duitsland: 1933 – 1938
  • Die Tweede Wêreldoorlog in die Stille Oseaan
  • Die Universele Verklaring van Menseregte na die Tweede Wêreldoorlog
  • Die Wapenwedloop en die Ruimtewedloop
  • Einde van die Tweede Wêreldoorlog in die Stille Oseaan: Atoombomme en die begin van die Kerntydperk
  • Toenemende spanning tussen die Geallieerdes na die einde van die Tweede Wêreldoorlog in Europa
  • Tweede Wêreldoorlog: Europa
  • Tweede Wêreldoorlog: Europa – voorbeelde van weerstand
  • Verdeling van Duitsland in 1946 en die bou van die Berlynse Muur in 1961

Why WorksheetCloud?

Practice makes perfect.
WorksheetCloud Grade 9 History Pack will allow your child to practice hundreds of relevant, curriculum-based questions in History. We’ve included full memorandums that contain correct answers as well as detailed explanations and working-out of each and every question. In a nutshell, WorksheetCloud Grade 9 History Pack will get your child ready for all their History tests and exams. It’s the easiest way to learn and study.

You can access your content on any device.
View your worksheets and tests on your Apple iPad or Android tablet, your smartphone, or your laptop or desktop computer. WorksheetCloud works on any device and allows your child to access CAPS curriculum worksheets in English and Afrikaans from home, school, or even on the bus.

You’ll never need to set another practise test for your child, ever.
You can print our worksheets for your child to revise on paper, just like the way they do their exams and class tests. Our school worksheets are a great way to simulate an exam and help you determine if your child needs more revision of the Grade 9 History curriculum.

Additional Product Information

  • Product type: Digital download
  • Grade: Grade 9
  • Compatibility: Android Tablet, Apple iPad, Apple Mac, Linux, Windows
  • System requirements: PDF reader
  • Language version: English and Afrikaans
  • Download size: 783MB

License Agreement

This version of WorksheetCloud Print is sold with a PRIVATE USE LICENSE, meaning that you can use it at home for personal use with your own child. You are not allowed to distribute, adapt or sell the content. This content may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. at schools or tutoring).

If you are a teacher or tutor and you’d like to use WorksheetCloud Print with your learners, we have School and Tutor packages available to suit your needs and budget. Contact our support team to request pricing.

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