Stop Worrying About Exam Results

Price per learner

R1170 paid annually (3 MONTHS FREE!)

or R130 paid monthly

You’ll get …

  • Interactive, online worksheets
  • Printable worksheets
  • Entry to Hall of Fame and monthly prizes
  • Keep track of your child’s progress with advanced reports
  • Access all subjects available in your grade
  • FREE upgrade to next year’s grade on 1 January

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view a sample worksheet?

Yes, just click here to go to the product tour page where you’ll find screenshots of sample worksheets and memos.

What subjects and topics are covered?

Click here to view all the subjects and topics covered in every grade.

How many worksheets are there in each grade?

The number of worksheets differ from grade to grade. On average, there are currently over 100 worksheets per grade which will keep your child busy for over 40 hours. However, we are constantly adding new worksheets, so this number grows monthly.

Can I cancel my WorksheetCloud membership?

WorksheetCloud comes with a minimum 4 month commitment. After 4 months, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I need internet access to use WorksheetCloud?

Internet access is required to view and print our worksheets and memos, and to access new content and content updates.

I’m a teacher. Can I use my subscription for all my learners?

No. The price shown on this page above is for parents only. If you want to use WorksheetCloud with all your learners in your class or school, you’ll need to sign up for a school subscription.

What happens next year when my child goes to the next grade?

On 1 January your subscription will automatically be upgraded to the next grade. There is no cost for this.

What curriculum is this based on?

Our content is based on the South African CAPS curriculum and is 100% relevant to the work your child is doing at school. The content is suitable for learners at both government and private schools.

How much does it cost per child?

WorksheetCloud has two plans available, Printable Only Worksheets or Online & Printable Worksheets.

  • Printable Only: R120 once-off signup fee plus R60 per month per child.
  • Online & Printable: R120 once-off sign up fee plus R95 per month per child.

You can pay your membership fee monthly, or you can make an upfront payment for a 12 month subscription and get 3 MONTHS FREE (if signing up to our Online & Printable plan).

Can my child use WorksheetCloud on their tablet/smartphone?

Yes! WorksheetCloud is compatible with all tablets (iPad and Android) and smartphones that have web browsing enabled. Your child will be able to view and answer the content digitally, without having to print it out. All they need is an internet connection.

More questions? Contact us