Grade 7 Maths Practice Exams

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Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Area and perimeter
    • Volume and surface
    • Common fractions
    • Counting numbers
    • Decimals
    • Integers and number properties
    • Percentage
    • Ratios and conversions
    • Lines, angles and triangles
    • Quadrilaterals and polygons
    • Begripslees: Nelson Mandela
    • Begripslees: Op pad om te gaan duik
    • Begripslees: Scott se laaste reis
    • Begripslees: Toneelstuk
    • Lees en begrip
    • Antonieme en sinonieme
    • Idiome, intensiewe vorme en vergelykings
    • Leestekens
    • Meervoudsvorme
    • Sinsbou
    • Tydsvorme
    • Woordeskat
    • Vergelykings
    • Voornaamwoorde
    • Woordeboekvaardigheid
    • Woordeskat
    • Woordsoorte
    • Antonyms
    • Dictionary skills
    • General grammar
    • Parts of speech
    • Poetry
    • Spelling
    • Comprehension: Advertising
    • Comprehension: Obesity
    • Comprehension: Going snorkelling
    • Comprehension: Living through a tornado
    • Comprehension: Mom and Sue
    • Comprehension: Once upon a time
    • Comprehension: Samuel Pepys
    • Comprehension: Scott’s last expedition
    • Comprehension: The bully in the dress

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Acids, bases and neutrals
    • Energy transfer and the national grid
    • Heat transfer and energy saving
    • Historical development of astronomy
    • Periodic table of elements
    • Properties of materials and mixtures
    • Relationship of the Moon to Earth
    • Relationship of the Sun to Earth
    • Sexual reproduction
    • Solar energy and the Earth’s seasons
    • Sources and types of energy
    • Stored solar energy and life on Earth
    • The biosphere and biodiversity

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade on slaves
    • Slavery in the America South
    • The Kingdom of Mali
    • Timbuktu – Leo Afrikanus, the city and trade
    • Trade across the Sahara Desert

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Floods
    • Structure of the Earth
    • Volcanoes and earthquakes

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