Our Core Values

1. Care about everyone

Treat everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of their background, and regardless of whether they make the company money or not. Be mindful of people as individuals, both inside and outside of Learning Lab Apps. Understand that we’re all different, and learn to value our differences and the opinions of others. Seek to resolve issues peacefully, but never shy away from having the tough discussions, at the right time and in the right way. Always be kind, always. Give without expecting anything in return. Care for yourself too; you can’t serve from an empty cup.

2. Life is bigger than work

Care for yourself; you can’t serve from an empty cup. Put in 7 good hours of work Monday to Friday, then leave and enjoy life. Working overtime is sometimes necessary, but we seriously frown upon it. Even more so when it becomes a habit or damaging to your health. Make sure you use your leave – it’s there for a reason.

3. Start excited, finish satisfied

This is more than simply an emotion or feeling; it is in fact a duty. This value is your responsibility more so than anyone else’s. If you don’t start excited or feel satisfied at the end, then that’s on you. You either didn’t speak up (have the tough conversations) or you have let other people negatively influence you. Always give a 100% effort and be a contributor, not a detractor. This does not mean you need to agree to everything or agree to anything. What it does mean is that you need to bring your energy and enthusiasm to work every day.

4. Embrace vulnerability, humility and trust

We’re human and we all fail. Popular culture has taught us that failure is bad. At Learning Lab Apps we believe failure is good, if you’ve learnt something. Admit when you’re wrong, when your plan fails, or when life gets in the way and you’ve messed up. Then, embrace the concept of the mighty pivot by picking yourself up, making the necessary changes, and moving forward. And remember to care about everyone.