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I love it!

My son has completed his first exams after using WorksheetCloud and I can say with confidence that it made a huge difference in his results. I love this app and recommend it to all parents.

Karen Rutter

Parent, Grade 8

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by Jean Koegelenberg on WorksheetCloud
Thank you

Thank you for making this beautiful resources available to our children. I love the fact that it is question based, giving our kids more "vocabulary" to prepare them for exam questions. Would love Maths and Science Videos with all the basic rules on a permanent basis.

by Caroline van Wyk on WorksheetCloud
Out of the box

Grade 1 and 2. Great revision and out of the box thinking. We print the worksheets and go through it together. Thank you so much!

by Cameron on WorksheetCloud


by Elizabeth on WorksheetCloud

This app is helping me a lot through what is happening right now. I am able to do online schooling it is the best.

by sherwin on WorksheetCloud
very helpful

This is such a great help in preparing my child for the upcoming exams. It's also a great tool to use during the 21 day lockdown.

by Yvonne Robinson on WorksheetCloud
Helpful !!!!

So helpful in the exams if my child forgot to bring her books home !

by Nina on WorksheetCloud
Great Service

I’m touched by the effort and service and care you guys showed today. I can strongly recommend your services, especially in these times when schools are closed. Such a blessing to keep the kids busy, and know, that they will keep up, or even be ahead of their grade. I do sell screen hours to them. I've "confiscated" time. If they do school work.... they earn screen hours.

by Arthi Govender on WorksheetCloud
Highly recommend this application

I highly recommend this application to all parents.

It is easy to use, and the content is excellent. The appearance of the application is exciting so the children look forward to working on it. They can't wait to do the worksheets and check their scores.

The customer service is very efficient and responses are received within a few minutes after logging a query.

I don't spend hours trying to find worksheets on the internet for my children now.

It is money well spent.

by Mercia Grassmann on WorksheetCloud

I am at a loss for words, Worksheet cloud has surpassed any expectation that I could ever have of any supplier. They not only have a wonderful product, but actually care about their customers

by Candice on WorksheetCloud

My son has been using the worksheets to practice for cycle tests. The experience has been great and very useful. We both love it as it helps him to revise effectively.
Keep up the excellent standard.

by Thulisile on WorksheetCloud

I'm so impressed with your worksheets my son is interested and impressed. To my surprise for the first time he managed to get 44/55 in NS Tech. Studying and revising is not a struggle as it used to be so we are in a break as it's after first term assessment next week will start.

by Shahed Seedat on WorksheetCloud

Our young man loves it... So do we, best investment in his education ever

It takes out the aaaaag man in studying to I know my work and I moved up The Hall Of Fame, I am ready to do the next test

Site is easy to navigate and endless hours of fun and learning, thumbs up, out of mischief and in tune with edutainment and growth

Great work guys, keep it up.

Impressed and satisfied

by Tanya on WorksheetCloud
Love it!

My daughter (Grade 4) is very competitive, so the Hall of Fame is a big motivator for her and she actually WANTS to study and do her worksheets 😉 Beams when she sees her name appear on the list.

The actual site is very user friendly and she has no problem finding her way around by herself.

Definitely made made revision sooo much easier.

by Mmule on WorksheetCloud

My son's interest in school work has improved vastly!

by Lara Hamlet on WorksheetCloud

My son absolutely loves this. He loves a challenge so he has been working through various worksheets and tests every night preparing for his first round of cycle tests.
Really happy with his progress and results from cycle tests so far are all over 90%.. Yay. Thank u

by Janine on WorksheetCloud
Very helpful

Thanks! We finding it very helpful. Thank you so much for this... the extra input has helped my boys!

by Ingrid Chellan on WorksheetCloud

I have signed up both my boys for Grade 7 and Grade 6. They are really enjoying the worksheets. Afrikaans is a huge problem at home, so this is so welcome.

by Sindy on WorksheetCloud
We enjoying it!

My daughter is not a fan of extra work, but she enjoys this... She likes the fact that test questions are few so doing 2 test per subject is not too much... and they're very helpful to prepare for school test... Everything is so simple easy to use... She can even log on by herself, do test reviews, explanations are very perfect... Appreciate the tips a lot as well... Looking forward to my first daughters exams this year.

by Buyi on WorksheetCloud

We are very grateful about the support you give. We've never found such supportive people in every way like this. You guys really have a heart for learners and parents too. The drive behind that you display is about helping children LEARN, your patience is amazing. We are glad to have you by our side. May God richly bless you and expand your territories.

by Engela Reinke on WorksheetCloud
Love it

My grandmother just started this worksheets and absolutely love it. She stay with me after school and don't have a lot of time, but she found it so useful and enjoy the marks that she get and that she can see what went wrong. She can't wait to go on this program.

by Prashna on WorksheetCloud
Easy to use.

My kids love using this program and we love how everything is divided onto sections so they can go directly to what they want to revise

by Nokuzola on WorksheetCloud

I would love it

by Gwen Paulson on WorksheetCloud
Just starting

My daughter is really enjoying the content and loves checking her coins and where she in on the Hall of Fame. We've been using the worksheets just this year as revision for cycle tests.

From my side, I'd really like to see more questions than 6 per worksheet. I've also noticed that the Afrikaans comprehension is way ahead of where she is at school.

by Ntombi on WorksheetCloud
Happy parent

My son's performance has improved, he was struggling with mathematics but since he started using your program as a parent am impressed.

by Heili Stegmann on WorksheetCloud

I thought I'm only going to enroll and test it... but you made such an impression on me, that I have decided to register for the whole year for Olivia and as a home school mom (teacher)... to subscribe to the teacher part too. MANY MANY THANKS, its delighted to know, for a starter home school mom, their is hope. Subscribing on Friday as soon as my pay is in!

by Maritza on WorksheetCloud
Groot verwagting

Ons is nog baie nuut, maar sien vreeslik uit na wat voorlĂȘ. Ons seun het die begripslees alreeds gedoen en dit baie geniet. En was baie opgewonde oor die coins wat hy verdien het.

by Brendan Mcevoy on WorksheetCloud

WorksheetCloud is fantastic. Really helped my children last year and I'll be continuing our subscription in 2020. Thanks so much!

by Renae Jegels on WorksheetCloud
Son grade 6

My son joined 2 months ago and revised on this system which was extremely helpful. Looking forward to grade 7 in 2020

by Aneesa Hobbs on WorksheetCloud
Rocky start

My son has been on WorksheetCloud for only 2 months. And it has been a rocky start. Worksheet Cloud has definitely made a difference, but it has not been easy to motivate him to get going. I am looking forward to 2020, where hopefully we will see some valuable results. My hope is that in the new year, WorksheetCloud includes subjects like Physical Science and some of the other subjects that kids are doing in Grade 9.

by Rentia Zulch on WorksheetCloud
Great App

My daughter used Worksheet Cloud to prepare for her exam (grade 4). She loved that she could see the results of the papers immediately and that she could go back to the questions she got wrong and see what the correct answers were.
Her only complaint was that some of the papers included work that was not on their "to study" list.

by Nozuko Mgadle on WorksheetCloud
I still need to observe more

I have just discovered worksheet cloud I think it was too late for my self and my son as it was at a very pressure filled time of exams but it really helped him study for his exams I am hoping to observe nicely next year in grade 7, otherwise I am very pleased with the content that worksheet cloud provides.

by Meisie on WorksheetCloud
Thanks a lot WorksheetCloud Team

Thank you very much. I regret joining WorksheetCloud late on the last term, but I have I seen an improvement on my son within a short period of time. He is going to Gr9 next year and we will be continuing with your services. Thanks for the tips and the assessment.


by Janine Coetzee on WorksheetCloud

This app could not have come at a better time! I have recently started working full time and the time that I could spend to help my grade 4 child to study was limited. WorksheetCloud made it easier and to the point and when she got tired of trying to memorize things we did exercises that is provided by WorksheetCloud. I love this app and will recommend it to anyone.

by Natasha Steele on WorksheetCloud
Best Online Revision Platform

We are the biggest fans of Worksheet Cloud. My son is top of Grade and this online platform has only helped him to get there and maintain his excellent academic achievements. Often when he is too tired to study he is more than happy to do WorksheetCloud revision, finds it a great challenge to improve his average and has loads of fun whilst still "learning".

by Tarren Venish on WorksheetCloud
Best Thing Ever!

I can't explain how much this has helped my son. He wrote his first exams this year (Grade 4). The way all the revision is done is perfect and the fast that he can go back and retry something till he gets it right is fantastic. His words: " Mom this is awesome! I really enjoy it!" He definitely benefited from this app! Thank you.

by Dineshree on WorksheetCloud

WorksheetCloud has made learning fun, I am glad i joined as my daughter
was not bound by the boring just read the notes learning, doing the worksheets online became a challenge and at the the same time exciting and fun. The hall of fame also helps because every child wants to get there as a result making them want to strive to learn. We will most def. continue with program. Please consider entering Isizulu as one of the subjects

by TASNEEM BHAYLA on WorksheetCloud


by Kim on WorksheetCloud
Parent Gr 9

Where does one start!
Its a friendly program for parent and child. My daughter enjoy's it so much that I can't get her away from the laptop to take a break at least. I can track her report and worksheets. Is she fails she tries again and again until she pass the worksheet.

Thank you for this amazing program, we will be using it until she's in Gr12

by Lawrence on WorksheetCloud
Excellent service but limited content

Good learning material and easily understood, however, I will like to see more subjects added.

by Yulonda Bard on WorksheetCloud

My daughter did an exam for social science and got a shocking 37%
I got her this app.... she did a cycle test and got 90%

by Nandipa on WorksheetCloud
Happy with WorksheetCloud

I have two of my kids recently signed up with WorksheetCloud. I am impressed with Printable Worksheets on Maths for my Grade 10 son. These worksheets are not only giving him an opportunity to practise more but they are subject specific such as Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry with intro and advance worksheets and memos etc....These help him focus on an area of need. My Grade 4 daughter is extremely happy with online tests. These boost her confidence and knowledge. One appreciative message read " You are great, you should be teaching your teacher" this left us in stitches and gave her the much needed confidence that she'll pass Grade 4 with flying colours.

Well done WorksheetCloud Team! Thank you for establishing such an innovative learning platform!


by Patricia Rohlandt on WorksheetCloud
Highly recommended

WorksheetCloud is a really fun method for children to engage with their own learning. There are sections in Grade 4, particularly History and Geography where the questions asked don't seem to be covered in the textbooks. I am needing to ask my son to rather refer to his classwork and textbooks for these two subjects to ensure that he learns what he should for his exams. English, Afrikaans and Mathematics are great.

by Lara on WorksheetCloud
Wonderful Study Tool!

Easy to navigate, good content and motivating for the kids. I have had great feedback from both my kids in Grade 6 (Caps) and Grade 8 (IEB). I've done some of the worksheets with my son and like the online layout and content. My daughter signs in online from boarding school which has also been great! I can highly recommend Worksheet Cloud!

by Laura Russell on WorksheetCloud
Happy customer

I signed up on the weekend, in despair after my ADD 9 year old left all her books at home AGAIN, with tests looming on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. So far it has been worth every cent as I haven't had to try and figure out what she needs to study (it's all there, organised by term for us), she enjoys doing the work as each exercise is short enough not to get tedious, and she loves earning coins. Thank you for saving us from another day of tears and drama (and that's just on my side, never mind hers!).

by Karen Abrahams on WorksheetCloud
Parent grade 9

I'm happy that I joined. I use to like it on Facebook and then I thought let me rather find our more about this app. It's very helpful and also keeps us as parents on our toes to be on the same page as the kidz. The WAY of Work is much easier. My son like the worksheets.Thank you... keep it up.

by Marelise on WorksheetCloud
There's hope thanks to Worksheetcloud

I only subscribed a few weeks ago, so we haven't seen the results on paper. However my son loves it. He has never liked studying or revision, and yet, he is happy to do a few tests every day. That's a game changer for me. It has a lot to do with the coins, which is a great way to encourage increased participation. I can safely say this is the best program we've tried so far. Really, a life saver. I'm sure we can look forward to better results at the end of the year. Thank you very much!

by Phumeza on WorksheetCloud
Feedback on Worksheetcloud

I am 20 days with WorksheetCloud and I can see the difference these worksheets are doing to my son. He is also feeling very confident to face his Mathematics paper and surely he will improve drastically in his results.
Once again, thank you for what you are doing to our children.
Phumeza Peteni-Mzayidume
Parent, Grade 9

by mildrett on WorksheetCloud
Amazing APP

My Daughter has improved a lot since started using this APP and practice on the Worksheets, her school performance has improved so much, Thank you, thank you so much

by Vicky on WorksheetCloud

Tremendous improvement marked since using WorksheetCloud. I definitely recommend to other parents.

by Tumi on WorksheetCloud

Since we've started using worksheet app,i see so much confidence built on my son. Working daily before a drop off at school. Please kindly add more English poems,comprehensions,also in Afrikaans. He is new on Afrikaans,its still a challenge to him.
Thank you.

by zaheda on WorksheetCloud

With five kids WorksheetCloud helps me to juggle work because kids can work independently, have work marked and review corrections, redo weak points. So far it fits like a glove. Suggestion: English and Afrikaans comprehensions will be a great help.

by Donna O'Reilly on WorksheetCloud

My son hates school - finds it boring. But your worksheet sparks a competitive side to him with the Hall of Fame. He enjoys doing them and seeing immediate feedback. I am hoping that WorksheetCloud will galvanise him to do better at school.

by Christina on WorksheetCloud

My son is happy to see his own progress. He understands Maths better than before. I am glad I joined WorksheetCloud.

by Nadia Pillay on WorksheetCloud
Best Tool in my Life

My son and I have been using worksheet cloud for the past 2 weeks now, and it is so convenient as I used to make up the questions and test him myself. This just made my life a whole lot easier, thank you WorksheetCloud.
I will let you know on his results soon!!

by Ayesha on WorksheetCloud

I found the site a bit difficult to navigate - but once i got the hang of it - it was easier. I have printed some worksheets and hoping for positive results.

by Louise Beyers on WorksheetCloud

My grandson went through English worksheet about Apostrophes of contraction and possession.I could not have wished for anything better.

by Mulalo on WorksheetCloud

My son's performance has improved in term 3. But more work is still needed To be ready at the end of the year

by louise on WorksheetCloud
Amazing woksheet.

I tried it out the first few days,just to compare the worksheets with the work my grandson has done in the third and forth term.When he started with the worksheets he was very ecxcited and could answer most of the questions as he is busy with tests and soon with exams.He even saw questions and answered them that was not covered in class.He proudly told the teacher about it and teacher asked him were he got it from.He said WorksheetCloud.Still ,there is also work covered in class that are not in the worksheets.Regards Louise Beyers.

by Hleliwe on WorksheetCloud

My son did well in the 3rd term, though he still needs more push. He was excited to work online, I wish I can do more so he can do it without me

Hleliwe Jamba
Parent grade 5

by Sonja on WorksheetCloud

WorksheetCloud has cut studying time for my Grade 5 daughter in less then half.

by Kim on WorksheetCloud
Amazing product

This tool you gave created not only helps my kids, but has given me a greater understanding of each subject. Thank you for help us parents help our kids

by Stephanie du Toit on WorksheetCloud
Recommending this to all parents!

I would definitely recommend this program to all parents who have kids struggling to concentrate while studying. The contents is relevant to the curriculum and my son was very proud of himself scoring full marks on some worksheets. This really boosted his confidence. Marks are up this term and we are very proud of our young man!!

by Nomali on WorksheetCloud
Amazing program

My daughter failed term 1 and term 2. We’ve been using worksheet cloud for 2 months just before the exams. My daughter passed all her subjects with flying colours. Moving from failing maths two consecutive terms to obtaining 75%. We are looking forward to finishing this year strong.

Thank you for making our lives easy.

by Vumeka on WorksheetCloud


by kaindu on WorksheetCloud

I love the app! My daughter does excellent. But sometimes she tells me the answer is wrong and mine was right; but wonderful app

by Rumbidzai on WorksheetCloud
Focused Study

Its been 2 months now since l joined worksheet cloud. My child is now focused when studying. I am waiting for better results this term.


by Amanda on WorksheetCloud
Good Results

My son has seen good improvements in his class tests. He is currently writing his mini exams. I can see that he is growing in confidence.

Parent, Grade 8

by Marlize on WorksheetCloud
Happy Child Happy Mom

Lize loves doing the tests after studying. (chasing those coins) hehe. WorksheetCloud has put the fun back into schoolwork and also helps her grow in the understanding of questions when you "put another spin on it"...It teaches her to think more "out of the box" and not just learn by "Parrot-fashion". We are waiting in anticipation to see what this Term's results will bring. Thank you. Keep up the good work and add more and more sheets !!!

by Margi Slater on WorksheetCloud

I love this program. It really helps prepare the children for exams.

by Bongi on WorksheetCloud

Hi, so far so good, the worksheets are very handy and my son enjoys working on them.
I am fully convinced, these worksheets will help him to improve even on the subjects that he still struggles on.

by Bianca on WorksheetCloud
Worksheetcloud Review

At first my son was not really sold on preparing for his tests, but now because he does it on his tablet instead of writing everything out makes it so much better. He is now so motivated to study. We have only recently signed up and already his last 2 cycle tests have improved dramatically. Looking forward to the next few.

by Beverley Koeberg on WorksheetCloud
Parent Feedback

I was a bit sceptical about joining WorksheetCloud, but now I regret that we didn't join earlier . My son enjoys it. After studying he would do some worksheets, whereby in the past, I had to formulate questions by myself. WorksheetCloud is really helpful.

by Tharien on WorksheetCloud

Good day, I am a new member.
I find these worksheets very handy and I trust it will help my Gr8 daughter as we have not yet found a proper study method for her.
I would however like to see more subjects for Gr8's.
Looking forward to the rewards!

by Hleliwe on WorksheetCloud
Repeated questions

My son is starting to enjoy his work and find it easy to do with your question papers. I am little bit puzzled with repeated questions especially when it comes to maths because my son struggles with maths and Afrikaans (Additional Languages) So I am not sure whether this is how it's supposed to be or how it's going to assist. Happy parent

by Nici Jones on WorksheetCloud
Parent Feedback

Hi Adrian
My son is enjoying doing the worksheets, thank you. I look forward to his next terms results.
I find some of the concepts he has not yet covered, as different schools do things at different times, so I help him with those.
I have noted that some of the questions are repeated when selecting to do another round of tests after completing the previous one.
I will check tonight, but do you also have afrikaans comprehensions? It has come up as an area of concern, so I will have to spend more time on that.
I appreciate the mails with tips for exams and planning the studying calendar.
Thanks for a useful tool.

by Angelique on WorksheetCloud

We really love this program it is a great help and my son can't wait too work on it after school everyday. It's almost a fight at night to get him into bed.

by Chantal Barry on WorksheetCloud
Excellent Tool

My son just loves motivates him...he is excited to do it...I tell him to spend only 15 minutes on it a day then he goes on for an hour. It's just brought so much positivity to both of our lives.

by Renier Botha on WorksheetCloud

The first time I showed this to my Child, she was very hesitant. After a few exercises and the fact that she could do it without anybody forcing her, she knows that she can determine her future.

by Nolita on WorksheetCloud
Happy parent

I feel so happy that I got WorksheetCloud for my daughter, I am so impressed by the progress so far, and she feels so confident and happy to be in the program.
Thank you

by Glen Thakadu on WorksheetCloud

My daughter has improved her marks significantly. She is happy and excited to be using the app and competing with other kids.


by Roberta Pieterse on WorksheetCloud

I found Kyle Roets to be most empathetic of my problem. He was polite and helpful.
Glad I joined.......unfortunately my student is unable to grasp the basics and therefore cannot move forward but I will persevere!! Thanks to all for all the help.

by Sue on WorksheetCloud

My granddaughter and grandson results improved in this second term exams. The worksheets are excellent and helped them improved tremendously. My granddaughter's English went from 60% to 85%. That tells you a lot about your worksheets. Thanks very happy ?

by Nomkhosi on WorksheetCloud
It works!

My 2nd son in grade 5 is a smart kid, Some of his 1st term subject marks were a "C". 2nd term I signed him up for WorksheetCloud and he achieved top 10 in the grade. So, it works!

by Lyn on WorksheetCloud
Extremely happy

The App is user friendly and fun for the child. I have seen an increase in my grandchild's confidence. With younger children, who cannot read, it is a wonderful time to bond with the little one on your lap. Never underestimate the value of this bonding.
The only problem that I had is that the Afrikaans is too advanced for a 2nd language 6 year old. I have raised this issue.
I would recommend this course.

by Soné Potgieter on WorksheetCloud
Easy to use and Fun

My daughter is in grade 4 and did her first ever examinations this term. We love it! it makes learning and preparing for tests and examinations a lot more fun and easy.

by Dane Moore on WorksheetCloud
Grade 5

My daughter started using worksheet cloud 2 weeks before her exams. She felt a lot more confident going into her exams. The English worksheets were really good. The Geography worksheets could have a bit more map work. She enjoys working through them and will definitely continue with WorksheetCloud.

by Glen n on WorksheetCloud

My kid improved significantly ever since adopting WorksheetCloud as her tool of preparing for her exams and currently working on her term 3. It's been fun and will continue using it.

by Neli Dube on WorksheetCloud
Thank you worksheetCloud

WorksheetCloud had made a difference in my child's exam preparations, she has managed to organize her work properly and I'm confident that she will get the highest marks for the exams; the past exam papers were also very helpful

by Mariette on WorksheetCloud
Very pleased mom and eager student

We signed up just before the exams started. My son only used WorksheetCloud to study for all the subjects it caters for. He was motivated to study and his exam results came back with major improvement on ALL the subjects. We are very excited to see what new features are coming and have been recommending WorksheetCloud to others.

by Dhyan on WorksheetCloud

It's quite nice if I do say so myself. Some papers are a bit challenging and I can manage it.There are things that are unnecessary and I haven't learnt it in our current term. Otherwise, it is a lovely app and I would go and do it without anyone having to force me.

by Lindiwe Rantsane on WorksheetCloud
Happy parent

It has been worth every cent - I have even noted how my son is now eager to study. I am happy, wish I knew about this app sooner.

by Catherine on WorksheetCloud
Really impressed

Really impressed! It made getting into the new experience of studying so much easier for my son in Grade 4. The content tailored to CAPS, the different approaches used and the helpful staff have made this a welcome experience!

by tracey van der merwe on WorksheetCloud

WorksheetCloud has really helped my son prepare himself for exams and what's even more fantastic is mom is learning new things as well!

by Debbie on WorksheetCloud
Parent, grade 4

My son starts exams tomorrow, I think that he is ready thanks to the worksheets and exam on WorksheetCloud. Thank you.

by Elmi on WorksheetCloud

Fantastic and a very helpful study tool

by Magda Horn on WorksheetCloud
Hall of Fame

Exams are soon to start and cannot recommend on that yet, BUT since I added Luhan on the Hall of Fame, he explodes with confidence and motivation.

by Tracey on WorksheetCloud

So far so good. Will see how the exams go before making further comments.

by Crystal on WorksheetCloud
Very Happy!

I was SO happy to read your blog today. I am adjusting to being a widow and my son is 15 and in Gr 9. And yes, he has left studying for Term 2 to the last minute! Your blog today has been SO helpful, as is the entire WorksheetCloud programme. It is SO very very helpful! Thank you SO much this has given me hope that all is not lost!

by Neldi on WorksheetCloud
Groot uitdaging!

My seun, graad 7, het ook besluit die skool se vraestelle is makliker veral die wiskunde! Hy't hard gewerk om sy naam op die WorksheetCloud Hall of Fame te kry. Groot uitdaging!

by Chantel Muller on WorksheetCloud
Great Help!

My son is in grade 6 and he was struggling a lot, but I can see that he has really improved! Thanks a lot WorksheetCloud!

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Fabulous app and extremely useful!

My daughter has completed her exams and we are so grateful to have stumbled upon your website. She did quite a few of your practice examination worksheets. I found the content to be most useful, with a great balance of questions in ranking of easy to difficult. Each section in the syllabus is covered comprehensively and my daughter really benefited for this year’s exams.

Nasira Vallee

Parent, Grade 4

WorksheetCloud maak ‘n groot verskil in ons lewe!

Ek het te hore gekom van WorksheetCloud deur ‘n vriendin. Ek was so beindruk met dit wat sy my gewys het dat ek dadelik ook my seun geregistreer het om deel te wees. Ek het begin vraestelle download en is in my skik met die hele konsep, hoe eenvoudig dit is en ekstra hulp wat dit bied om ‘n verskil te maak in my seun se eind eksamen se punt en vordering. Baie dankie aan almal wat werk om die program so ‘n sukses maak!

Sonet Schoeman

Parent, Grade 7

Super impressed with WorksheetCloud

I’m really super impress with WorksheetCloud. My child has extreme difficulties with maths, and has adapted a negative attitude towards the subject. I’ve joined WorksheetCloud and hope to change this around for my child. Thus far the improvement is really overwhelming. We take it day by day. I really feel that I made a good choice this time, after all the disappointed attempts to help my child. Thanks.

Natasha Donley

Parent, Grade 3

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