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 642 reviews
by Bontle on WorksheetCloud

Thank you to Worksheet cloud for helping my Son improve in Term 3. I joined in the beginning of Term 3 after noticing a drop in his Term 2 results. His Term 3 results improved about an average of 15%. I will encourage other parents to give it a try. It is well worth it, and very affordable too!

by Michelle West on WorksheetCloud

Our thanks, our gratitude, to the WorksheetCloud Team, for providing an exceptional platform for Learners.

My twin daughters, now in Grade 9, have not only found this helpful, bit quite literally indispensable.

From videos to CAPS content, there is no other platform that provides the interactive resources we've enjoyed, here.

Please, please, please add EMS, Life Skills and Technology. You will be unmatched, once you have those available, too.

Thank you, for everything.

by Shabana Randere on WorksheetCloud
WorksheetCloud is cool

I think it’s great as it motivates my triplets to do better as they are competing with themselves. I feel it’s also a good way to get kids to set and do some constructive work!

by Hansie Ferreira on WorksheetCloud
Worksheetcloud Rocks 🤘

Dankie vir die werk wat oom aan ons verduidelik met worksheetcloud. My ma probeer dat ek elke dag ietsie doen op die program sodra al my huiswerk gedoen is. Ek geniet die NWT en geografie want dit is my gunsteling vakke en wiskunde. Ek is baie bly my ma het dit vir my gekry. Nou kan ek nog beter doen op skool. Dankie oom Adrian.Worksheetcloud Rocks🤘🤘🤘🤘💯😁

by Erica on WorksheetCloud

Thanks to WSC, my son is more focused on learning. He enjoys logging in to work on questions and practice exams. We are still new on this but really enjoy doing this together. Keep up the good work Adrian! Also thank you for all the support you gave us in understanding how it works. With all the stress in schools with the Covid pandemic, we can focus calmly on helping my son with Grade 4 subjects, in which he has problems. You made learning much more fun, especially with the study notes that explain all nicely to him. Thanks WSC and Adrian!

by Najeebah on WorksheetCloud

Love WorksheetCloud! Brilliant. Easy to use. Excellent too.

by Mandisa Jordan on WorksheetCloud
Happy Mom and Son😄😄

My son is in Grade 5. He did not do well in Math and Afrikaans in the 1st and 2nd Term. I have been searching for an app that provides all of his subjects. Thanks to WorksheetCloud, every subject is there! It has been a struggle for my son. He just does not concentrate but now since he started on WorksheetCloud its been fun! He is excited about his work. I'm sooo happy about this app! Thank you Adrian🤗🤗

by Anne on WorksheetCloud
No Regrets. WorksheetCloud Rocks!

Our boys received low marks on Maths and History, we've signed them up just a week before schools close for 2nd Term, like we knew we were going on lock down. Our Grade 3 is amazing with Maths, he can't just guess an answer, he is able to work out a sum and that makes him excited as he gets most of the questions correct. He believes in himself and ready for schools to open, he says "Mommy, I'm a smart boy, now I can do Maths!" WorksheetCloud definitely played a huge role.
My Grade 4 excels on History. He got 54 percent on Term 2 and now ready for Term 3. He managed to work on Term 1 & 2 questions. He says, "Mommy, my Teacher will be surprised that I'm the best in History and NS." Thank you WorksheetCloud Team!

by Crizelle on WorksheetCloud
So much motivation

My son hates studying for exams, it is a big issue to get any info into his brain. He is suffering with ADD and ADHD.
He really loves WSC because there is a constant change of pictures, pages and questions that keeps him intrigued.
Exams is so much easier now for him and me. Studying is half the time, quick and easy.
The rewards system is very helpful for him to keep going.
Thanks so much, what a life saver!!!

by Michelle on WorksheetCloud
Love WorksheetCloud

Brilliant. Easy to use. Excellent tool.

by Yolande on WorksheetCloud
Great product

Great to have an online product that keeps my daughter motivated to learn especially during the lockdown periods. Product content for Grades is up to standard. Love the ability to monitor & track my daughters progress at any time and folllow up with her on any weak areas & also find the online videos you have made available extremely helpful. I will gladly recommend your product.

by Tarryn on WorksheetCloud
Thank you, you saved my son!

I don't know how I could've gotten my son back on track in the nick of time before exams if not for your programme. Thanks from all of us in our family!

by Crystal on WorksheetCloud
The proof is in the results

Using WorksheetCloud for the second term exams has been such a great experience. My daughters results improved dramatically in English - from 45% first term to 60% second term. We even managed to get an 80% for Natural Science.
In fact the only subject she did not improve on was History. This program really does make a difference to your learning experience, both for parent and child.

by LUYANDA on WorksheetCloud

I have recently started with the app, but it has assisted me in determining how much they know, I'm hoping as the year progresses, I will be able to have more time to view and utilize all that's there. SO FAR SO GOOD.

by Zaheera on WorksheetCloud
I tell everyone I know!

So often parents say, “my kids hates Afrikaans or Maths...” or “I dont know how to...”
I can honestly breathe a sigh of relief. Whilst my boys don't go online as often as I would like them to, its our safety net. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

P.S both my boys are autistic so this is also testimony that the app works for everyone!

by Wilme on WorksheetCloud
Happy Mom!

I only started recently on WSC with my daughter. She really likes working on WSC.
I would only like more exams to be placed for her to practice/test her knowledge.

by Gillian Williams on WorksheetCloud

My son struggled last term and failed. Since he started WSC, he seems to understand questions more clearly and the practice on subjects is a great help. It's only been a few weeks but I can see an improvement. Thank you for the support!

by Iris on WorksheetCloud
Greatest Tool Ever

I'm a Grandmother to Olona. Before signing in on WSC, she was struggling with her studies. But since she has been with WSC I can see the positive influence on her assessment programme in this term. WSC is the best, I can notice the progress.


by Hughlene Ford on WorksheetCloud
Amazing tool

Good morning WorksheetCloud!

We are still new at using this App, however Caleb is enjoying the immediate outcome of results once he has completed a challenge, it motivates him to achieve a higher result. We are preparing for the coming June exams and will certainly be using all the information available to assist with his preparation for the mid year exams. Thanks for an amazing tool!

by Karen Vivier on WorksheetCloud
Great study tool!

My boys in Grade 6 use WorksheetCloud questions and tests as revision exercises. It really helps to show them where they need to focus their study efforts and they enjoy the feedback!

by Elsie Nagel on WorksheetCloud
Love WorksheetCloud

I do love WorksheetCloud! My son is homeschooling and we do the work everyday. The study notes are so easy and you do make it very helpful with Pictures... I will recommend every parent to try this app, you won't be sorry! It is easy and challenges you. There's also a report card for you and your child to see were to improve... Keep up the excellent work and thanks for this app... The monthly amount is also affordable.

Thanks! Love your app!

by Merishka Hajari on WorksheetCloud
Awesome and affordable study tool

WorksheetCloud certainly does offer a great platform that is fun and entertaining as well as educational. Definitely a 5 star rating for what you do offer. However the one thing I would like is printable memos or notes so that we could browse over the notes before we go online and answer questions. Other than that, we are quite happy with the platform.

by Zanele on WorksheetCloud
Useful tool

Thank you for this tool. I have just started and my son prefers to work with it for revision. I believe once we get used to it, it will help him a lot.

by Bernadette on WorksheetCloud

Thank you so much WorksheetCloud for the amazing job you have done for my child. Ever since she started with WorksheetCloud, she has developed an interest in practicing as they have been on holiday for two weeks and going back to school this coming Wednesday. This is really amazing. Keep up the good work!

by Eunice on WorksheetCloud
Excellent Tool

Thanks to Adrian and team for introducing me and my children to WorksheetCloud they enjoy the program and I an I can see progress in their work.

by Morakane on WorksheetCloud
Excellent App

At first I was skeptical about this app. Then I decided to dive in and try it. What a wow. My life is easier that before. My child can log in by herself and do her work while I am busy with my work. It has helped improve her spelling, her reading and understanding skills are much better. Keep up the good work. I can definitely recommend this app to any parent that is juggling many things and does not have the time to help a child with school work. Big ups!!!!

by Hlengiwe Ndhlovu on WorksheetCloud
Love of your Programme

My had been struggling with her studies. Thanks for WorksheetCloud she's calm and happy no anxiety any more about her studies we all happy. She getting excellent marks at school. Thumbs up for WorksheetCloud 👍.

by Ani on WorksheetCloud
Superb tool

Having tried numerous apps before, I was a bit skeptical about paying for yet another... This is an absolutely marvelous program - so easy to use and exactly what we needed.

The support is better than any I've received before and I am very happy that one can "pause" activity - no payment during paused period, however, account may be reactivated at any time. I'm thinking of those many empty hours during school holidays!

Wonderful product, keep up the good work!😁

by Zandile on WorksheetCloud

I love it , I had a go at the exams myself and i was impressed . I wish we could be able to download the online classes though as my kids have to share the laptop . So it would make it easier to do revision .For now i get them to alternate weekly for them to finish .Are you ever going to add on classes in other languages ?
a great tool to study .

Hi Zandile, thanks for your amazing review! I'm glad to hear that you and your children are enjoying your use of WorksheetCloud. Our video lessons unfortunately cannot be downloaded at this time. They are only available to stream on the website at the moment. But don’t worry, they’re not going away any time soon! I can assure you that we look into making a download option available in future. In terms of making other languages available, your comment has been passed onto our Curriculum Development Team and we will definitely look into making a few more languages available for our online lessons. In the meantime, I trust that you and your children will continue to greatly benefit from your use of WorksheetCloud. Feel free to share anymore feedback you may have; we really value your input!

by Ele Gangazhe on WorksheetCloud

I love it a lot
It's the best thing ever made
Easy for me to tutor
I just wish there was translation in English for Afrikaans n vice versa so that it would be easy to teach

Hi Ele, thank you for your fantastic review! We are glad to hear that you are enjoying your use of WorksheetCloud. We also highly appreciate your feedback and want you to know that we have will definitely look into adding a translation feature for English and Afrikaans in future.

by Nici on WorksheetCloud
Great & Fun Free Lessons & Practice

Thank you WorksheetCloud and a great thank you to all your Teachers for your awesome online lessons! Your friendly, fun-orientated and encouraging smart board lessons has been a vital support to us during the whole of lockdown last year and again, it has enabled our child to jump straight into her Grade 4 work despite the big delay to her new schooling year due to the pandemic restrictions. Our child participates confidently and enthusiastically. She also enjoys the independence your platform provides in progressing through the subjects and curriculum at her own pace. Thank you so much, and please continue to build onto such great support for our kids during such a challenging time..

We soooo appreciate all your team effort at WorksheetCloud!!!

by Mike on WorksheetCloud
No worries

I don't worry about my education because WorksheetCloud is here to help me with my school education.

by Joan on WorksheetCloud
No worries!

I don't have to worry how my daughter is revising her work as we are now sorted! She really enjoys doing her work, thank you!

by Marlene on WorksheetCloud
Effective and fun!

My daughters just love Worksheetcloud! They especially enjoy the avatars! My gr 4 daughter will do anything else but study; but since she started on WSC she will 'work' for hours just to complete as many levels as possible. I could also see the positive influence it had on her grades in the last quarter of 2020.

The program is definitely very fun, effective and motivating!

Congratulations on an excellent product that is totally on the child's level and thank you also for your incredible customer service!

by Christan Buys on WorksheetCloud
Very happy

More,Ek is baie bly dat Ek vir Sade by julle aangesluit het.Ek waardeer Al julle terug voering wat julle gereeld stuur.Dankie vir Alles wat julle vir ons kinders doen.

by Louisa Dlhamini on WorksheetCloud

I'm happy so far as its been 3 weeks now since my boys have joined WorksheetCloud , they are both interested as they see hours they have spent in the program and the fact that they have class mates for them its very much interesting because they have competition as well as feedback and corrections.

by Judy on WorksheetCloud
Worksheet Cloud

We signed up a week before the end of year exams in a year my daughter moved schools and curriculums. We explored a little but exams were rather tests on bits of curriculum. I'm impressed my daughter agreed to look and tried a bit so I'm hopeful we're over the first hurdle of creating interest. The plan is to use it for tests through the first term and hopefully get to know the programme and improve marks. She gets cross and is reluctant when she thinks it doesn't ask questions how her teachers ask or the content feels slightly different but I'm hoping if we follow it consistently from the start of a more stable year we might be able to give better feedback. At this point its all about getting the teen to commit. Easier said than done.

by Neliswa on WorksheetCloud
Exams Term 4

WorksheetCloud helps my son a lot! His marks improved

by Naushina on WorksheetCloud
Easy to use and understand

It is good for parents who are unable to help their children. It is like online tuition. Discovered it later on the year but can't wait to use the full platform with videos for my child next year. Found WorksheetCloud first when it was free when lockdown first started early in the year, it made me realize this opportunity was worth it. I'm grateful for that opportunity.

by Charles Greef on WorksheetCloud
Exciting to use but only learned about it late in the year

Helping with Grade 9 work was invigorating. Unfortunately I only discovered the existence of WorksheetCloud when the examinations had commenced already.

Plan on using it more comprehensively in the future and hope to have the video lesson support also made available to me as a parent. I enjoy the fact that I can monitor academic effort remotely as I travel a lot for work purposes , and can identify problem areas timeously instead of waiting for examination results. I am based in Bloemfontein and travel a lot to Kimberley so will definitely encourage my family members to make use of WorksheetCloud.

by Lester Mwale on WorksheetCloud
Excellent work

My son in Grade 8 is enjoying it, especially the Sciences. No need to encourage him to study!

by I Walker on WorksheetCloud
Video Lessons

WorksheetCloud has definitely helped me to teach and test my daughter's knowledge of her schoolwork for grade 5.
Due to the Lockdown, WSC offered video lesson support that we definitely found to be invaluable and my daughter and I would sit and go through all the lessons together. She still needed constant explanations from myself to see the bigger picture but the videos gave us a deeper understanding of what to cover and how to approach the subject modules.

Since the video lessons have stopped, we have made use of the suggested questions, exams and study notes provided, but my daughter needs a more direct teaching and explanation process in order to learn effectively. The questions and exams have assisted us in preparing her for her exams, for which we are grateful for and the reward system works perfectly as I no longer have to bribe or beg her to practise her school work modules. She is more eager to participate with the reward system offered.

Please keep us updated on the progress of you updating the WSC system to accommodate video lessons again. Wishing you well!

by Roshnee Chinapa on WorksheetCloud

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Our family is loving this app. We have grades 2, 3 and 5 using this and they all love it. As a parent is so super easy to use and very user friendly. Cost effective and overall one of the best!
Well done on creating an amazing product and service.

by Mia on WorksheetCloud
Worth it all the way

Worksheet cloud is one of the best programs that I have found for my kids. No child enjoys studying but Worksheet cloud has found a fun way for children to study. The new interface has my children hooked and they both enjoy studying. My son said that from now on this is the way that he wants to study. It is great to see a product that not also helps the children but is fun to use.

by Fadziso Mamoche on WorksheetCloud
💗💗💓 Happiest one

I am so thankful to WorksheetCloud! My child, a Grade 6 learner, has improved so well in all subjects, mostly in Mathematics, which in March he had 32% and this third term he scored 75%! After how happy he was with learning with WorksheetCloud, I decided to sign up in April. He wasn't bored to do his school work alone at home while we are at work . Thank you!

by Najma. Ceres on WorksheetCloud
Grateful parent

Before WorksheetCloud, I used to spend hours helping my daughter... WorksheetCloud has taught her independence to work on her own and she is loving it!

by Elize on WorksheetCloud

My children can't get enough of this app....
I had to tell them to take a break lol can you believe it?
Anyway as long as they are happy I'm happy.
Please keep up the good work.

by ELIZABETH on WorksheetCloud
Love it

I love WorksheetCloud! I am getting an assistant and I am still monitoring my children's progress.

by tashina on WorksheetCloud
Great job

Great job!

by Doretha on WorksheetCloud
Happy Mom

Just started with WorksheetCloud and so far I'm happy with my child's progress. He enjoys it a lot. Thank you!

by Maria on WorksheetCloud

This is one of the BEST learning platforms for children, we loved it!

by Fathima on WorksheetCloud
More videos plz

Really appreciate and enjoy this app! My kids really enjoyed online videos during lockdown and I strongly feel you should keep more lesson videos coming in.

by Angela Webster on WorksheetCloud
Love this Website

I find your website so useful as a supplement to my son's homeschooling curriculum. All the worksheets and tests are exactly in line with the work he is doing and it provides him with a fun way to test his understanding. Really worthwhile to join.

by Birgitta on WorksheetCloud

I find this app extraordinarily helpful, easy to use and my child loves it. The entire app is user friendly, its motivating visually to my 9 year old, and I have huge comfort knowing that it runs according to the curriculum. Given the major schooling hiccups this year with COVID and the enormous amount of catch up work given, I take comfort knowing that there is a platform that we can plough through that is easy and fun to use. This has taken away any angst I have and the stress of my child having to catch up so much work at school, Highly recommended!

by Duduzile on WorksheetCloud
Very good

We got two girls on this program, the one in Grade 3 and the other in Grade 4. The Grade 3 is coping well and Grade 4 still needs more time. Overall review of the program is brilliant, the management of WorksheetCloud, keep up the good work!

by A.Adam on WorksheetCloud

My twins really love watching the tutorial on WorksheetCloud. Can you please include videos of Social Science, EMS and Technology. Would be great. Thanks!

by Glenda on WorksheetCloud

My son loves the app. We can monitor his progress and also see him improve on the topics he was battling with. Would be nice if there was a chat group for the kids to interact with each other that are on the Leaderboard.

by Precious on WorksheetCloud
Happy about WorksheetCloud

We are really enjoying WorksheetCloud! Thank you!!!

by mulanga on WorksheetCloud

Dear Adrian and the WorksheetCloud team. I wish there is more subjects i.e Life Skills.
But overall I am happy!

by Sthembiso on WorksheetCloud
Very Good

I am happy about WorksheetCloud, it is very good and my kids love it! I would just like to see an overall or holistic report showing the summary of the child's strength and weaknesses, as well as speed analysis (how long it takes to find answers) if possible? Otherwise I am happy with your application, is easy to understand and to use. I am very impressed and my kids love it, it is their new game now... They think they are playing while they are actually learning

by Ndumiso Nyathi on WorksheetCloud

WorksheetCloud is a great App, my grade 6 and 4 boys are enjoying it. The Leaderboard is a smart idea to keep them studying more. Within 20 days their knowledge has improved tremendously. This App is such a great treasure, especially during this time. I foresee WorksheetCloud becoming the future way of learning, very soon it will be the talk of the town. It gives us parents peace of mind.Thank you.

by Wendy Mogale on WorksheetCloud
Happy SuperMum

This app came handy and it is impressive! My son has never been this happy about studying in like forever now! I don't even have to nag, he just studies by himself. Enjoy all the worksheet's rewards and recognition. Thanks, WorksheetCloud! This app is built to even assist him with his low self-esteem when it comes to activities.
I'm so impressed with the lessons and worksheets from WorksheetCloud. It made my life a bit easy and I am now calmer, especially during this time of Covid19. The only sad news he just misses the videos.

by Justice on WorksheetCloud
Lessons from the app

Hi. This app is the tool of learning that I can say really has changed the attitude of my son about answering questions about his work. I trust it will really help him improve going forward.

by Seema on WorksheetCloud

Both my girls (Grade 2 and Grade 4) are really enjoying using the app. Now that we are home, it’s easy to keep track of the syllabus!! Thank you to the WorksheetCloud Tea!! P.S.  Look forward to more online lessons if possible they are extremely helpful!

by Nesha on WorksheetCloud

Totally love this new technology. My daughter is so motivated especially to climb the Leaderboard.

by Shabeer Sheik on WorksheetCloud

Amazing to see my son perform better than he did at school! The results produced by him, astounded him and us. I had to sit through a few of the tests with him, in different subjects, to believe that he is capable of such good results. WorksheetCloud has definitely improved his confidence in study and self image, knowing now, that he can perform better. We have introduced WorksheetCloud to family and friends. Kind Regards

by Alice on WorksheetCloud
I love it ????

I can recommend that other parents join so there kids can benefit ????

by Andile on WorksheetCloud

Truly, I like it! Especially this lockdown, wish you can do home schooling app

by naledi grade 8 parent on WorksheetCloud

This is the best app ever! My son has never been this happy about studying in like forever now! I don't even have to nag, he just studies by himself. Thanks WorksheetCloud!

by Aneesa on WorksheetCloud
Helping alot

Joined for my son to help him when Lockdown happened, he's been helping alot, plus with the free online lessons, he's really enjoying WorksheetCloud.

by Boitumelo mokgatla on WorksheetCloud

The was a teacher, Miss Jenny Marnewick, who helped my daughter to complete her exam today. I would like to say WorksheetCloud you are the best app ever! Thank you.

From Sonia
Boitumelo Mokgatla.

by Dulcie Geswint on WorksheetCloud
Beginners review

My Granddaughter just started. Enjoying it thus far.. I find it helpful. Thank you!

by Maria on WorksheetCloud
Like this app

I do like this app, just my grandson is doing homework from school now and seems not to want to do this
But I explained to him, so he will do this on Fridays!

by Margaret Koele on WorksheetCloud
Well done!

Very helpful App.. Well done!

by Claudette on WorksheetCloud

I am beyond impressed with my son progress. He came into the system not even two months and is already in the Hall of Fame under 40! That is how much he is enjoying this program.

This was the best decision ever to join this program.Thank you so much!

by Nitesh on WorksheetCloud

I'm so impressed with the lessons and worksheets from WorksheetCloud. It makes life for us parents just a little bit easier. During this time of Covid19, my fears were put to rest after seeing how much my daughter has learnt from WorksheetCloud...

by Heidi Basson on WorksheetCloud
Work Sheet

I love WorksheetCloud and will tell everybody about this app!

by Wandile on WorksheetCloud

This app is sooo amazing!

by HELEN EDWARDS on WorksheetCloud
Daily Video's are AMAZING

I have signed up for both my kids (GR2 AND GR3) and they absolutely LOVE the daily video's. I hope that these video's continue even after they go back to school as the teachers are brilliant on the video clips.
Thank you so much!!

by Fadziso Mamoche on WorksheetCloud
So happy with your work

I was with sleepless nights thinking how my child will do with his school work. Since I signed up to WorksheetCloud, I have peace of mind and I see how happy he is with his learning. He is not behind! Keep it up!

by Charles Kantor on WorksheetCloud
Very impressed

I am a Gr 7 English teacher and I'm very impressed with the worksheets

by Marcus on WorksheetCloud

My 2 kids are enjoying the lessons especially Itumeleng. He mentioned that he learned new things in Mathematics. Makgotso in Gr 6 is enjoying most lessons except Afrikaans, but it's early days, she will cope!

by Patience on WorksheetCloud
Motivated education

My daughter is enjoying the work of Grade 8 and as well as the challenge of being in competition of the top 100. She enjoys it. Well done to the WorksheetCloud team!

by Jais Mbewe on WorksheetCloud
Grade 7

WorksheetCloud has been an App sent from God. It has really helped us to be organised. My son has been officially using it for 20 days but his progress has been tremendous.
Keep up the good work!

by Busisiwe Masoka on WorksheetCloud
Best thing that ever happened

I wish I had known this program earlier, the assessments assist me to check if my daughter understood a concept or not. Thank you!

by zemida on WorksheetCloud
thank you

My son is now passing!

by Deirdre Scharnick on WorksheetCloud

The online classes and worksheets have help my grandson to be responsible and organized. He looks forward to his classes and loves to share what he has learnt. Being on the Hall of Fame has challenged him to push himself. Seeing his results instantly gives him the boost he needs to better his scores. As a grandparent my knowledge is being refreshed. Excellent.

by MJ Montso on WorksheetCloud

My two boys has started a month ago but they are already improving tremendously on their worksheet, looking forward to their exams....keep up the good work guys

by Rena Du Toit on WorksheetCloud

My kinders geniet die werk baie. Baie baie dankie

by Mateng on WorksheetCloud
Great App

My daughter loves the WorksheetCloud lessons. She is now independent. The wall of fame excites her more. As a working mother, I wish you had all the live lessons for Grade 4 per day. In these trying times, WorksheetCloud are fantastic.

by Lesego on WorksheetCloud
My child has progressed a lot

I love worksheet cloud, it has contributed positively to my child's progress. I am happy with it so far.

by Adrey on WorksheetCloud
Online classes and worksheets are great!

My son loves the online classes and has become quite accustomed to the teachers. He looks forward to every lesson. Thank you so much! Great platform for kids who are homeschooled as well as those who need that little bit extra.

by Liesel on WorksheetCloud
Online teachers are awesome!

During a very difficult time, your online teachers have been invaluable. You have lightened a very heavy burden.

by Fergie on WorksheetCloud

I like you guys. You are doing a very good job. My son says he is not going to his school after lockdown????. He wants to attend school at WorksheetCloud! I've never seen teachers like you guys. I wish our schools were teaching like you. Keep it up.

by Ntombi on WorksheetCloud

I'm so grateful about this app, it is very good. My grand daughter is doing very well , she enjoys it. There is a big improvement and I wonder if you can also issue some reports to encourage them too. To be honest I'm a bit worried about her going back to school. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

by Elizabeth Gorridon on WorksheetCloud

A big thank you to the team who so diligently provided lessons during this lockdown period. It was a bit disappointing to Kyle who is in Gr 7 when there were no lessons available on certain days. But once again our sincere gratitude.

by Thandiwe on WorksheetCloud
It works

My son’s concentration has improved. He said to me "Mommy, I’m going to teach my Natural Science when the school opens. He loves Science and Maths! Bravo to the Grade 4 Teachers. Thank you so much. My son is now independent.

by Caroline on WorksheetCloud
For Grade 6 Learner

Big up to WorksheetCloud. My daughter is enjoying to use the app and the lessons. Especially English. Keep this going, I am happy with her progress. Thank so much!

by Nthabiseng on WorksheetCloud

I have never thought that learning can be so fun until I signed up for my son. I have noticed that he is able to relate very well with the lessons as there's demonstration with different pictures so colorful. He also learned to use a computer, I am grateful to WorksheetCloud for this experience.

by Michele on WorksheetCloud
Review for Grade 1 learner

Hi, I am extremely grateful for all you are doing at Worksheetcloud. I stumbled on it searching for extra online work for my grade 1 grandson, and I find it very user-friendly, helpful, encouraging and well presented. We love teacher Di and the online lessons in Maths and English, my grandson sometimes thinks he's actually talking to her. The Afrikaans teacher is also very good and the lessons have helped a lot, especially since my grandson had very little Afrikaans background. The tests are good and the reward system and record-keeping system is excellent, easily visible to us. My grandson loves to see that 6/6 at the end of a test and the comments are great. He loves being able to select the tests he'd like to do, with a little gentle prodding! It's made him enjoy learning and sometimes he wants to go on and on. Thank you for a wonderful app, for all your hard work and for encouraging a love of learning.

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