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 by Lea L'Estrange
Great Motivation

We recently started using Worksheet Cloud as a supplementary curriculum to solidify our Gr4 son's studies. It is quickly becoming his preferred method of study, far above pages and pages of worksheets he is expected to do for CAPs. He is driven by the motivational rewards and genuinely finds the lessons interesting. He pushes himself through them. He can't wait to see his results once he's completed a test.
My biggest problem is sticking to the original curriculum. He asked me if I really meant that he could do Worksheet Cloud every day and does that mean I will allow him to do it over the weekends too!
I'm sure hoping that his enthusiasm will continue!
I confess I was a bit skeptical at first, and wondered how much of the information he was actually retaining, but I have cross-questioned him and have gone back to retest him, only to be pleasantly surprised. Worksheet Cloud helps the children to relate to the curriculum and it helps bring the lessons to life.
Great job. Keep up the excellent work that you are doing! Also, thank you for always responding so timeously and professionally to my questions. I never feel like a number, and I value the personal touch.

 by Yolanda
Best educational tool in SA

We have tried most available learning tools,and this one ticks all boxes we needed at a very reasonable price. My kids are so driven and excited to study,I don't have to run after them ,I see them just grab their PCs and studying,they don't skip a day without logging in and studying. Thank you to the team behind the scenes.

 by Thandeka
Outstanding work!!!

The best decision of my life, my child is excelling in her school work. thank you!!!

 by Fatsie
A Game-Changer for Exam Preparation!

Even though I am a step-parent, I am deeply invested in my child's education, I cannot recommend Worksheetcloud enough!! Mal daar oor!!

This app has been an absolute game-changer in helping my kiddies prepare for exams.

Worksheetcloud's user-friendly interface makes learning engaging and enjoyable for children while covering a wide range of subjects and topics. The diversity of exercises and practice tests available caters perfectly to different learning styles and ensures comprehensive exam readiness.

What truly stands out is the app's adaptability and convenience. Whether it's revising at home or on the go, Worksheetcloud provides the flexibility our kids need to study effectively. The detailed feedback and progress tracking have allowed me to monitor my child's growth and strengths, offering invaluable insights for targeted improvement.

Moreover, the commitment of Worksheetcloud's support team to continuously update and improve the app demonstrates their dedication to enhancing the learning experience.

In sum, Worksheetcloud has become an integral part of our exam preparation routine. It's not just an app; it's a supportive companion in my child's academic journey, fostering confidence and mastery in each subject....AND as a plus, my girl loves seeing her schoolmates on the leaderboard and drive to beat their marks 😆

Thank you, Worksheetcloud, for revolutionizing the way children prepare for exams!


 by Charien Coetzee
Learning made fun!

As a lot of parents know, Homeschooling is not always easy or fun, motivation is not always there but, ever since my son has started using WorksheetCloud he is actually excited to study and work towards his goals. Thank you, guys, for this great platform to help us get through the school terms and school year!

 by Natalie Abbott
Studying made fun

I will have to admit that between the school day, afternoon sports, and other activities, finding the time to do some additional studying can be challenging. I only have one child at home to worry about (the other is already in Uni) but WorkSheetCloud provides such a wonderful, inviting platform with immediate results and rewards, it has made studying fun!

We have only just joined in the last month, though feel eager to aim for new heights in the academic arena.

 by Cynthia Mnwana
How good WorksheetCloud is !!

WorksheetCloud is the best app any parent or child could have it supports with learning skills and archive better results this app is my fav because it teaches my child how to study and challenge themselves , WorksheetCloud has gifts to give out and chances to will cool thingh my child challenge each other to see who is the best and that’s why I love this app thank you WorksheetCloud

 by Warren van Boom
Excellent Program

Dear Worksheet Cloud Team,

I am writing this letter with immense gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable impact your platform has had on my son's academic journey. Your dedication to providing a comprehensive study aid has transformed his learning experience and yielded outstanding results.

My son entered High School with considerable difficulty in grasping mathematical concepts and content subjects. His initial academic performance was disheartening, with grades that reflected his struggles. As concerned parents, we embarked on a journey to support his learning, including investing in various self-help study plans. Despite our efforts, time constraints made it challenging for us to provide the dedicated assistance he needed.

Amidst this, your Worksheet Cloud study aid emerged as a beacon of hope. Although initially met with reluctance, my son's attitude shifted once he began engaging with your program. The transformation was remarkable, as he exhibited a newfound enthusiasm while logging in and engaging with the study material. His dedication and the support of your platform culminated in a significant improvement in his academic performance.

In the past year, he not only managed to raise his grades but achieved an average of 6 in all his subjects. This year, the progress continued to surpass expectations. His perseverance resulted in achieving remarkable grades, including five code 7s, and an impressive 94% in mathematics—a subject he once found challenging.

Your program has been a pivotal factor in his journey of academic growth, providing him with a structured, interactive, and engaging platform to enhance his understanding of various subjects. The positive impact you have had on his confidence and performance is truly invaluable.

As parents, we cannot thank you enough for the profound difference you have made in our child's life. Your commitment to education and innovation has positively shaped his learning trajectory, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Once again, thank you, Worksheet Cloud Team, for your unwavering dedication and exceptional contribution to our son's education. Your program's effectiveness and impact are truly commendable, and we are excited to see the continued growth it will bring to countless other students.

With sincere appreciation.

 by Rolene
Very impressive

We love everything about the platform. Very useful and fun. My son love the videos!

 by Kelly-Ann

Both my children love using worksheet cloud, the incentives and competition with the leader board to the fun teachers that they connect with online is all incredible.
The kids love to hop on and do their lessons and worksheets.

 by Leisel
Been a HIT!

My son is ADHD and diagnosed with a specific learning disorder in written impairment (aka Dysgraphia) the Worksheetcloud has opened new doors for him. He is excited about learning and having fun at the same time. He mostly enjoys the results after each exercise and feels challenged and motivated. At the same time it’s like playing a game with others! It has given him a lot of confidence & the best part is that I don’t even need to nag!

 by Chandre
Awesome Programme

Tried it for my daughter and she is in Gr6 .They get bored of others apps and programs but was totally chuffed with Worksheet cloud. I love that i can also check on her progress this has helped us all alot with her school work

 by Julia
Wish I'd signed up for my child ages ago!!

I wish I had signed up for my child (grade 5) ages ago. She has loved every aspect of Worksheet Cloud and it has been a highly motivating and effective resource for her to use. Some of her marks in the recent June exams went up by 10-15%, which in my opinion was due to her high level of participation on Worksheet Cloud. The short practice questions, summaries, visuals, extended learning opportunities and rewards all speak to her ADHD brain and she has been highly motivated to do more! Have recommended Worksheet Cloud to other parents and will continue to do so.

 by Ria Roets

My little group of kids love it...been using worksheetcloud for 5 years now

 by Ansa-Mari
Best tool EVER

I hate writing reviews. I mostly avoid it like a communicable disease honestly, but I'm doing this. There are a couple of reasons for saying that... firstly it is an absolutely amazing product, secondly my son has never had this much fun or motivation to study anything in his life. I don't even have to ask. If I'm looking for him he's on here doing his thing. It's easy to use, thorough in it's presentation of the information and kids understand it. I'm so happy I joined and I'll stay joined until my son goes to high school.

 by Diane
Great Results

My son has ADHD, so school and studying are struggles for us. When he started using Worksheet Cloud, he suddenly WANTED to study. He loves screen time and Worksheet Cloud combines what he wants to do with what he has to do. The avatars, rewards, leaderboard and fun challenges are keeping him motivated to study. For the first time in years he achieved over 80% in an exam this term!! Happy kid, happy Mom!!

 by Natasha
Studying is Fun!

My daughter thought studying is extremely boring but now she enjoys doing activities/tests/exams on worksheet cloud.
She finds it challenging and it motivates her.
I strongly recommend Worksheet cloud

 by Lungelo Sobopha
Best of the best

My son is a first time user of worksheetcloud and he enjoys being part of it .it helps him so much especially with studies for exams we hope for better marks as he enjoys it and also help were his weak

 by Cathy Maistry

My grand-daughter Abishai is loving it.

 by Peggy
Motivating learning

My child was a bit laid back when it came to study and practice. With worksheetcloud, he has started liking completing activities. He is inspired by instant feedback as well as the report being generated, which helps in monitoring progress. I recommend Worksheetcloud any day.

 by Ifeoma
Smart initiative

I never knew my children will ever be so enthusiastic to study. Their class grades keep soaring per term and they even teach me some of the things they have learnt in WSC. This App is simply a smart initiative to help learners excel. Kudos!

 by Katarina

My daughter is loving working on Worksheet Could, and definitely works on her weak points

 by Kirk De Villiers
Love it

My son loves the gaming concept. His always checking the leaderboard, basically after every activity. This platform makes him want to put the effort in, thanks for providing such a fantastic platform to motivate the kids to study. Best of all, I dont have to look all over the internet to find aids to him him prepare for tests or exams, its all in one place.

 by Nicole Greeff

We have signed up this year for the first time and I am beyond amazed!!! My 10 year old daughter absolutely loves this learning platform. She is constantly checking where she is on the leaderboard and gets super excited every time a new avatar or sidekick is unlocked. We can already see an improvement in her studying, her concentration and... most importantly, her school work.
Thank you so very much!!!!

 by Lynette Wyszkowski
Free worksheets

I love using the free worksheets to supplement the curriculum we have to use. Thank you very much.

 by Kirsten
Brilliant Concept

We signed up part way through Term 1 2023 and it’s been a fantastic aid to prepping for Gr4 tests and exams. My son loves the gamefication learning format and is really eager to make his way up the leaderboard, and loves the avatars etc. He’s very excited for the launch of the store too. His enthusiasm makes learning and test prep easy, and I’m thrilled we have this resource at the start of his journey through exams. As a parent it’s great to see the curriculum correlation, and hugely beneficial to see how the questions are asked since that has changed from when we were at school. The bite sized learning chunks are spot on to keep learners engaged and constantly wanting to go back for more. Brilliant concept and really well executed. Thank you.

 by Lauren
Love this!

My daughter has hated homework since age 5 when all they had to do was colour in their alphabet letters. It's been a struggle to make her sit and read through her work until now. She absolutely loves going on the Worksheetcloud site because she gets to be at the laptop and learn in a fun way.

 by Lillian
My son is excited

My 14 year old grade 9 student is very excited about the extra assistance he's receiving from Worksheetcloud. He went through the survey process when we first signed up and he found it very interesting. He also went through his list of subjects on the website and could easily correlate it with the work he's doing at school. But what really caught his attention, was the exam revisions that are also available on the website. He looked at me with gratitude in his eyes and he confirmed that Worksheetcloud will definitely make a difference and lessen some of the pressure he's currently experiencing at school with the overwhelming amount of school work.

 by Nadja de Munnik
Best Investment Ever!!

We only signed up at the start of 2023 but the fact that I cannot get my son to "stop" learning and go to bed says it all. The whole "gamer" feel sets a familiar environment for the kids and upgradable Avatars, ability to level up and Knowledge Points connected to a Leader Board serves as constant motivation to log on and learn. Winning recipe!! Thanks also to the admin team behind the scenes who are quick with replies to any questions. Looking forward to seeing an improvement as we go through this term and year.

 by Mmule
First time user

I'm really happy with the help my son is getting from worksheet cloud. He struggles with maths and my problem is he not being taught well at school,sometimes he struggles with other subjects because they give them work without teaching them. I am now relying on you.

 by Hajiera
Awesome Tool

I have signed up for WSC at the end of term4.My daughter loves it she likes the videos and the test.She love the fact that she could choose a cartoon.The point system motivates her she loves it.We covered a few tutorials and she could relate to the lesson and she practiced more on her English as she has a better understanding. As a Mom I can see shes very excited about WSC looking forward to start with the programme in the new year.

 by Zodwa Zimu
Great investment in my kids education

Signing up with WSC is the best decision I've made for my kids' education. I have seen good improvement on their school reports.

 by Billy

I signed up on Worksheet Cloud for about a month, after my son had failed all 3 terms of Gr9 this year.
Honestly, I had kind of lost hope of him passing this year.
We used WC for just about 1 month, and he was very confident and said it had helped him alot.
Today we received his results and surprisingly he has passed and even scored an A in Technology (sounds like a miracle to me!)
A huge THANK YOU to Worksheet Cloud - you have no idea how much we appreciate your help.

 by Lauren

My son loves WSC. He is a "gamer" and having points, rewards, leaderboards is EXACTLY what motivates him to study. He finished Gr4 with a 90% average overall.

 by Zola
Best learning tool ever.

Im impressed. He is kearning and excuted about books now. Thank you so much

 by Deepa
First time user

This is a great tool to keep the kids practicing questions and the rewards system keeps them highly motivated. The leader board also keeps them going and trying harder each time. I would like to see more theoretical questions though, and the marking system for these type of questions should maybe include key points which should be included in the answer.

We are very happy to see that you have been enjoying your use of WorksheetCloud so far! Also, a massive thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions with us. We will definitely look into this as soon as we are able to. In the meantime, we hope that you and your child will continue to greatly benefit from our worksheets and practice exams! 😁

 by Nina Versfeld
Worksheetcloud: Worth every cent!

Dear WSC,

My son is in grade 5, and being a very smart kid and very much into reading en masse, he struggles to stay interested in the CAPS curriculum. With WSC, he’s able to stay engaged and stimulated, and I find the competitive element that is constantly fueled(
i.e. via the leaderboard) keeps him motivated during study times. He has just been awarded the top academic achievement award in his grade, and I cannot emphasize just how MUCH his use of this app has contributed to these results. Definite fan for life- now you just need to incorporate the subject of Life Skills as well, and we are all set!

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful feedback Nina! Please do pass on our congratulations to your son for receiving the top academic achievement award in his grade. 🏆We will definitely look into making Life Skills available as soon as we are able to. In the meantime, we look forward to being able to continue motivating your son with his studies next year!

 by Julie Marie Todd

My daughter only started on worksheet cloud this past month - I wish we had had it earlier as she is definitely finding it useful in reviewing and understanding her work better. . We will probably only start to see some difference in her results next year and will definitely provide feedback in the new year. I actually cancelled another online programme which cost more and was only focussed on one subject. so value for money in these difficult times is great.. Not sure if different schools in Gr8 have different set books (specifically the classics - like Shakespeare which is difficult for teens to understand) but it would have been useful to have questions and an exam paper on the Shakespeare set book but if schools differ then I guess that would only work for matric . Not sure if the kids are behind due to covid but the history syllabus didn;t appear to entirely synchronise with what she did in school BUT having said that there were sections in the worksheet cloud programme that did allign. Have been really impressed and have recommended to colleagues

 by Susan

This App has changed studying for my Gr5 child (and me as the mother!).
She wants to work, learn and improve. She is aiming to achieve and loves doing this all by herself!
She loves the tokens earned and are counting down the days to the lucky draw.
Highly recommended !

 by Kebareng
Great improvement

There is nothing that impress the parent than seeing their child showing commitment on their school work.
I'm impressed

 by Bhavani
Wonderful resource

Worksheet cloud is an excellent tool that has helped my child understand the work better and gets him excited about getting better marks! It's made my life easier! Thank you thank you thank you!

 by Amandla
Great improvement

It's been two weeks but wow, I'm so excited about the improvement

 by Nina
Great progtamme

This is a very good programme it has all the information for the children that is needed and its put into such a simple format for them that they understand. I am so happy we found worksheetcloud for my granddaughter, shes enjoying it so much.

 by Hleliwe
Great Improvement

ever since my son started his tutorials with work sheets there has been great improvements in his studies. he is showing so much enthusiasm and excitement towards his studies which is something new.

 by Masentle Moatlhodi
Marks gone up!😁

Omg! This has helped my daughter a lot!😋 Thanks worksheetcloud for making us moms lives easier😁

 by Natalie

Oh to be a mother of a 10 year old boy! Getting him to do homework or eat vegetables is a chore unto itself, let alone studying! But Worksheet Cloud saved the day!

 by Liane Heyl

Hi Adrian. I have wanted to leave a review for a while now. This worksheetcloud is THE BEST thing ever. My daughter's marks have gone up by 20%...!!!! And I don't have to sit with her - just check her marks at the end of each session, I have referred WorksheetCloud to a lot of parents. Thank you for making our lives so much easier. Ta. Liane

 by Neelanthri
App after two months

HI , the app is great since using it for about two months now . I would love some feedback on zulu worksheets please .
The rest of the course content is really good and my son has improved in English ,Maths and Afrikaans so far .

Thanks so much for your fantastic feedback Neelanthri! You'll be happy to know that we will definitely consider making Zulu available. We don't have a launch date for when this will happen, but we will do our best to have this language included. In the meantime, we hope that you and your son will continue to greatly enjoy your use of WorksheetCloud. 🤩

 by Frikkie

At first I thought there was only a limited things to do on the cloud but after exploring I found out all you can do it makes my studying with my child so much easier and I can leave her on her own to do the test and so on we are very happy like having our own tutor

 by Vera
Happy mom

My child and I absolutely love it. The video lessons are great and the test and exams helped us to identify my child’s problem area so we know exactly what to focus on. She is now excited about studying because of WorksheetCloud. Thanks guys🙂

 by Athena Ramasamy

Thank you to WorksheetCloud for this amazing platform, it has helped my child so much with her tests and exams. It has also given me lots of relief as a work from home mum.

 by Anandee
Excellent support

Dear WorksheetCloud, you would be pleased to know that I passed all my June exams with flying colors.

Life Sciences - 74%
Physical Science - 78%
English paper 1 - 66%
English paper 2 - 77%
Geography - 70%
History - 54%
Maths paper 1 - 59%
Maths reading 1 - 70%
Maths paper 2 - 64%
EMS - 58%

Thank you Adrian for all the support your platform has given me. I really appreciate all the resources (topic and exam papers). Also a special thanks to all the teacher's videos which really helped me to understand concepts. Thank you for being so relevant and always up to date and at the level of the exams. Exams suck as WorksheetCloud likes to say but WorksheetCloud has really brought my test and exam phobia to a null and has restored my confidence in my recall and test/exam ability and has made me become a day high school student. I am really blooming into my own study patterns due to WorksheetCloud's support. Thanks again, Anandee (grade 9 from Abbotts college Northcliff high school).

 by Karien du Toit
Great help

Such a big help for my first time exams boy!

 by Tracy Hardcastle
Highly recommended

We are super impressed. WorksheetCloud gives our daughter confidence in exams. The videos, summaries and practice test questions help build confidence while having fun and learning at the same time. Its like having a teacher in the comfort of your home. The positive comments and rewards are also a great incentive. We definitely recommend WorksheetCloud!

 by Jolene Atkins
A great help!!!

My daughter is in Grade 9 and the worksheets and mock exams are certainly helping her with her studies!

 by Meriam

I am a first time user, subscribed close to the end of Term 2. I love it and my son is loving it as well. It is a great tool to assist a child.

 by Judy Porter

We signed up in May 2022 and my daughter absolutely loves WorksheetCloud. It has helped her with studying for tests and exams and it makes studying so much fun. If you haven't already signed up, do it!

 by Mulalo
Life saver

I have tried many products before and couldn't get my little one to focus on his work. He is always looking forward to unlocking more characters which is a plus for me. The Leaderboard is also working wonders as he can see that he has the potential to climb up the ladder.

 by Rhoda

Worksheet cloud is awesome . My son simply loves it . So far no complaints.

 by Vuyelwa
Very good

My daughter is enjoying it, it’s the first month but I can see lot of improvement. Thank you

 by Carrie
Life changer

I've been a huge fan of WorksheetCloud … since lockdown . And have thoroughly enjoyed the info emails and videos these last couple of years.
WorksheetCloud literally saved our lives during lockdown. The online teachers were amazing.

My kids have been on ‘pause' for a year and a half due to them having started the Cambridge curriculum. But we are back … because I feel it’s important to look at things from a different perspective. So we will be using WorksheetCloud as our revision.

Thank you again for your excellent service!

 by Nomzamo
Love it

Me and my son love it, thank you!

 by Nomsa
First time user

We recently started using WorksheetCloud. My son loves it, it's helping him a lot especially for Maths. So far so good, no complaints 🙂

 by Cindy Leigh Saunders
Thank you!

I just want to say thank you! WorksheetCloud is great for my daughter. She uses it every week to help with revision for their cycle tests.

Great job guys! Keep it up!

 by Tanya Allan
Great Support!

My son and I love working with this app. It is fun and he enjoys it a lot. It is really making a difference in improving his school work.

Thanks so much for the great support.

 by Sharanjeet Shan
Supporting my child's gaps

WorksheetCloud has proven to be an invaluable support in closing my grand-daughter's gaps that occurred due to Covid. Online and the ineffective teaching, learning and assessment of online schools. No gaps can be closed; no learning can be retained and recalled without short, tests and assessments regularly. Without WorksheetCloud, we will both be lost though I am an educator of STEM for over 56 years. From Videos to short tests to exam papers; you have saved my sanity and helped her to gain self-esteem.

 by Janine Richards

This is such an awesome system. My son has benefitted so much. He enjoys being able to earn points and coins. He feels that it relates to many games that he plays and he is always looking to be able to upgrade or have a higher KP level. The child has something to work towards.
This is the way of the future.
To the WorksheetCloud team... Keep doing what you are doing.! You are providing great support for us homeschooling parents who need additional resources to get the point across.

 by Lisette
Very Good

Hi Adrian. The app is very good. I'm very impressed that you offer all the Grade's subjects. I can definitely see where my daughter is struggling. I do believe the more she uses the App, she will definitely improve in all the subjects. I highly recommend WorksheetCloud to all parents who have children that struggle.

 by Carmen
Absolutely brilliant

What a wonderful learning platform, user friendly and has a wonderful reward system making my boys excited to do work to level up. When you level up, you unlock new characters and it makes it so much fun! The leader board is also a wonderful encouragement!

Adrian and the team keep a awesome open channel for communication, I honestly feel like they really do want your feedback . THEY'RE EXTREMELY helpful and we could not be happier!!! 100% RECOMMEND!!!!!!

 by Liesl B Webb

Excellent! Ever since we've joined WorksheetCloud, we've never experienced any issues or struggles. My daughters are happy, satisfied and always excited to logon and start working. WorksheetCloud staff are always ready to assist promptly wherever or however needed. Thanks a million WorksheetCloud. We appreciate y'all. YOU ROCK! 😊 God bless.

 by Karien
Fantastic tool for both Student and Parents

Truly fantastic platform to use both for the parent and student. Its taken a lot of weight off my shoulders and its fun and easy for my son to use!

 by Valencia Coetzee

My son is in Grade 4, this was his first time writing tests. WorksheetCloud helped him to revise the work and made him feel confident and prepared for each test. WorksheetCloud kept him motivated for each test.

 by Hombakazi
What I think about WorksheetCloud

When I watch any video presented by Adrian I feel as if I know him like he is my brother. Without WorksheetCloud, I will not be able to assist my son. What I like about the content (study notes, worksheets and now videos) is that my son has learnt to be independent. The value is not measurable. We are forever grateful to Adrian and the team. Please keep up the good work! Stay blessed!

 by Jacky
First time User

This has helped my daughter alot in preparing for test and exams. She loves it! And I can see the improvement she made. Would definitely recommend it!

 by Renée Elworthy
Great Job

My boy is LOVING your worksheets - it has really made a huge difference! Great job.

 by Tedai

Perfect tool to help my kids study.

 by Fiona Ncube

I would like to thank WorksheetCloud team for the brilliant idea applied on this app. I see a very great change on my child's performance. As a single parent who hustles for my child. I don't stay with him because of work and it is so difficult to help my son to study, WorksheetCloud does it all for me. I am even able to revise with my son over the phone. He mostly loves the videos. He even knows the teachers names😅😅. I highly recommend WorksheetCloud. Thanx to the team. Me and my son highly appreciate you!

 by Hombakazi Mabude
Thank you!

It's been several years since my son became a member. WorksheetCloud made it easier for me to support him. With the material he does not just study to pass exams, I hope it helps him to get a better understanding of the subjects. My special thank you to the whole team. You were there for us during the darkest days in 2021! You truly gave us hope ! We are forever indebted to you!



 by Alicia
WorksheetCloud first time user

We started using WorksheetCloud for the first time during term 4. I was a bit skeptical and after a lot of convincing, my daughter started using it for her exams.
I have to say I was impressed. There was no having to stand behind her and checking to see if she was studying or not. She enjoyed this way of studying especially the fact that she could use my laptop. The ultimate test will be when she receives her exam results next year.
She even wanted to know if completing a section would unlock hidden games. Lol
But thank you so much! I can't wait to let you know how she did.

 by Daleen van Onselen

My child loves the videos and exercises!

 by Tarryn
WorksheetCloud Review

I absolutely love the work and dedication that this program has for children. My child Cody loves being on WorksheetCloud and it pushes him more to do better every time with the practice worksheets.

 by Leanne Loubser
Thank You!

I just wanted to say that your programme is brilliant, my child failed 4 subjects in the first term, like 34%, she then did worksheet cloud and practiced those questions over and over again, and her marks shot up by 20% if not more! So huge appreciation to you and your team!!

 by Lia Gangoo
My WorksheetCloud Experience

I am a learner of WorksheetCloud. Let me just say that my mom putting me on here was the best thing ever. They have excellent practice exams and learning notes for that subject. It has really helped my report, I had straight A's because of all the practice I got from WorksheetCloud. So parents, if you are considering WorksheetCloud, I suggest you get it immediately for your child's excellent progress. The tiniest problem I have is that it doesn't have PSW (Life Skills). But other than that this app is great.

 by Thabiso Mosia
Worksheetcloud App

This is an excellent app my kids love it and they're so engaged with their studies and preparation for exams. I wish I started with it from the beginning of the year. Next year, I'll subscribe for the whole year next year. This is so interactive!

 by Candice
Great experience

My kids love how interactive the app is. Who knew learning could actually be fun. The online tutors make lessons easy to understand. I would recommend WorksheetCloud to everyone!

 by Lucia
Love WorksheetCloud!

Absolutely LOVE WorksheetCloud. You guys are the best. Not only do you provide a very usable (and fun) format online, but your consistent emails really taking parents’ role in our children’s education is truly heartwarming. I just wanted to take the time to send a big shout out to the team. Keep it up, you guys ROCK!

 by Zandile
Happiness loaded

It’s become so much easier to study, I wish I had joined a lot sooner. Looking forward to a lot of happy exams. My son has definitely changed his tune when it comes to learning and school!

 by Noluthando Ngqondela
I love WorksheetCloud!

My son is showing more interest in WorksheetCloud, I really don't regret joining this app. Reading textbooks is boring him, 10min is very long watching him reading his books. I thank WorksheetCloud because now, he takes hours enjoying WorksheetCloud lessons!

 by Katrina
No regrets

First of all, I don't regret joining WorksheetCloud. My son didn't show any interest in his schoolwork. Since he started with WorksheetCloud, one can see he actually enjoys it. He even started to ask questions which he never did. And what amazes me is the fact that when he completed an exam and his score is not what he expected, he will redo it. That already showed me that with this program, he will take it far.

 by Bontle

Thank you to Worksheet cloud for helping my Son improve in Term 3. I joined in the beginning of Term 3 after noticing a drop in his Term 2 results. His Term 3 results improved about an average of 15%. I will encourage other parents to give it a try. It is well worth it, and very affordable too!

 by Michelle West

Our thanks, our gratitude, to the WorksheetCloud Team, for providing an exceptional platform for Learners.

My twin daughters, now in Grade 9, have not only found this helpful, bit quite literally indispensable.

From videos to CAPS content, there is no other platform that provides the interactive resources we've enjoyed, here.

Please, please, please add EMS, Life Skills and Technology. You will be unmatched, once you have those available, too.

Thank you, for everything.

 by Shabana Randere
WorksheetCloud is cool

I think it’s great as it motivates my triplets to do better as they are competing with themselves. I feel it’s also a good way to get kids to set and do some constructive work!

 by Hansie Ferreira
Worksheetcloud Rocks 🤘

Dankie vir die werk wat oom aan ons verduidelik met worksheetcloud. My ma probeer dat ek elke dag ietsie doen op die program sodra al my huiswerk gedoen is. Ek geniet die NWT en geografie want dit is my gunsteling vakke en wiskunde. Ek is baie bly my ma het dit vir my gekry. Nou kan ek nog beter doen op skool. Dankie oom Adrian.Worksheetcloud Rocks🤘🤘🤘🤘💯😁

 by Erica

Thanks to WSC, my son is more focused on learning. He enjoys logging in to work on questions and practice exams. We are still new on this but really enjoy doing this together. Keep up the good work Adrian! Also thank you for all the support you gave us in understanding how it works. With all the stress in schools with the Covid pandemic, we can focus calmly on helping my son with Grade 4 subjects, in which he has problems. You made learning much more fun, especially with the study notes that explain all nicely to him. Thanks WSC and Adrian!

 by Najeebah

Love WorksheetCloud! Brilliant. Easy to use. Excellent too.

 by Mandisa Jordan
Happy Mom and Son😄😄

My son is in Grade 5. He did not do well in Math and Afrikaans in the 1st and 2nd Term. I have been searching for an app that provides all of his subjects. Thanks to WorksheetCloud, every subject is there! It has been a struggle for my son. He just does not concentrate but now since he started on WorksheetCloud its been fun! He is excited about his work. I'm sooo happy about this app! Thank you Adrian🤗🤗

 by Anne
No Regrets. WorksheetCloud Rocks!

Our boys received low marks on Maths and History, we've signed them up just a week before schools close for 2nd Term, like we knew we were going on lock down. Our Grade 3 is amazing with Maths, he can't just guess an answer, he is able to work out a sum and that makes him excited as he gets most of the questions correct. He believes in himself and ready for schools to open, he says "Mommy, I'm a smart boy, now I can do Maths!" WorksheetCloud definitely played a huge role.
My Grade 4 excels on History. He got 54 percent on Term 2 and now ready for Term 3. He managed to work on Term 1 & 2 questions. He says, "Mommy, my Teacher will be surprised that I'm the best in History and NS." Thank you WorksheetCloud Team!

 by Crizelle
So much motivation

My son hates studying for exams, it is a big issue to get any info into his brain. He is suffering with ADD and ADHD.
He really loves WSC because there is a constant change of pictures, pages and questions that keeps him intrigued.
Exams is so much easier now for him and me. Studying is half the time, quick and easy.
The rewards system is very helpful for him to keep going.
Thanks so much, what a life saver!!!

 by Michelle
Love WorksheetCloud

Brilliant. Easy to use. Excellent tool.

 by Yolande
Great product

Great to have an online product that keeps my daughter motivated to learn especially during the lockdown periods. Product content for Grades is up to standard. Love the ability to monitor & track my daughters progress at any time and folllow up with her on any weak areas & also find the online videos you have made available extremely helpful. I will gladly recommend your product.

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