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Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Exponents / Eksponente
    • Factorisation / Faktore
    • Equations / Vergelykings
    • Expressions / Uitdrukkings
    • Factors / Faktore
    • Products and quotients / Produkte en kwosiente
    • Space and shape / Ruimte en vorm
    • Afkortings, verkortings en akronieme
    • Begripstoets
    • Direkte en indirekte rede
    • Enkelvoudige en saamgestelde sinne
    • Gedigte
    • Idiomatiese uitdrukkings, spreekwoorde en eufemismes
    • Lees- en skryftekens
    • Letterlike en figuurlike betekenis
    • Tyd: Verlede, teenwoordige, toekomende
    • Woordsoorte
    • Afkortings, lees- en skryftekens
    • Begripstoets
    • Direkte en indirekte rede
    • Drama
    • Gedigte
    • Lydende en bedrywende vorm
    • Tyd: Teenwoordige, verlede, toekomende
    • Voornaamwoorde: Aanwysend, persoonlik, besitlik
    • Abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms and clipped truncation
    • Active and passive voice
    • Advertising
    • Comprehension
    • Concord: Subject and Verb Agreement
    • Dictionary work
    • Direct and indirect speech
    • Drama
    • Fact and opinion, subjective and objective
    • Homophones, homonyms and malapropisms
    • Idioms, proverbs and euphemisms
    • Literal and figurative language
    • Nouns and adjectives
    • Phrases and clauses
    • Poetry
    • Punctuation
    • Simile, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, personification, onomatopoeia, pun
    • Stereotyping, prejudice and bias
    • Verbs and adverbs
    • Comprehension
    • Concord: Subject-verb Agreement
    • Direct and indirect speech
    • Homophones and homonyms
    • Idioms and proverbs
    • Nouns, adjectives and pronouns
    • Prepositions and conjunctions
    • Punctuation and spelling patterns
    • Stems, prefixes, suffixes
    • Tenses
    • Verbs and adverbs

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • 1:10 000 Orthophoto Maps
    • 1:50 000 Topographical Maps
    • Contour Lines
    • Development
    • Erosion and Deposition: Moving Ice and Wind
    • Erosion and Deposition: Rivers and Seas
    • Factors Affecting Development
    • Food Resources
    • Information from Maps and Photographs
    • Opportunities for Development
    • Resource Use
    • Sustainable Use of Resources
    • Weathering

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • 1948 National Party and Apartheid
    • 1950s Repression and Resistance: Freedom Charter to Women’s March
    • 1950s Repression and Resistance: Programme of Action to Defiance Campaign
    • 1976: Consequences of the Soweto Uprising
    • 1976: The Black Consciousness Movement and the Causes of the Soweto Uprising
    • 1990: Release of Nelson Mandela and the Unbanning of Liberation Movements 
    • Apartheid Laws Case Studies: Group Areas Act and Bantustans
    • Division of Germany in 1946 and the Building of the Berlin Wall in 1961
    • Definition of Racism
    • Definition of the Superpowers and the Meaning of ‘Cold War’
    • End of World War 2 in the Pacific : Atomic Bombs and the Beginning of the Nuclear Age
    • Increasing Tension Between the Allies After the End of World War 2 in Europe
    • The Arms Race and the Space Race
    • The End Of the Cold War in 1989
    • The Formation of the PAC and the Events at Sharpeville
    • The Rise of Nazi Germany: 1919 – 1933
    • The Rise of Nazi Germany: 1933 – 1938
    • The Short and Long Term Consequences of Sharpeville
    • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights After World War 2
    • World War 2: Europe
    • World War 2: Europe – Examples of Resistance
    • World War 2 in the Pacific

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Atmosphere / Atmosfeer
    • Birth, life and death of stars / Geboorte, lewe en afsterwe van sterre
    • Cells as the basic unit of life
    • Cost of electrical power / Koste van elektriese krag
    • Electric cells as energy systems
    • Energy and the national electricity grid / Energie en die nasionale elektrisiteitsnetwerk
    • Forces / Kragte
    • Lithosphere / Litosfeer
    • Mining of mineral resources / Ontginning van minerale hulpbronne
    • Resistance / Weerstand
    • Series and parallel circuits
    • The Earth as a system / Die Aarde as ‘n stelsel
    • Business plan
    • Transactions – cash and credit

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