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South African CAPS Worksheets

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Our Grade 10 Pure Maths worksheets are currently only available in printable format, and cannot be completed online. Interactive version of Pure Maths coming soon!

Die volgende inhoud is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

    • Algebra 1: Products
    • Algebra 2: Factors
    • Algebra 3: Algebraic Fractions
    • Algebra 4: Exponents
    • Analytical Geometry
    • Equations 1: Linear equations and inequalities
    • Equations 2: Quadratic
    • Equations 3: Simultaneous and modelling
    • Equations 4: Formulae
    • Equations 5: Exponents
    • Finance
  • Calculations with Fractions and Decimals
  • Conversion
  • Financial Documents
  • Length
  • Patterns, Relationships and Representations
  • Probability
  • Rounding
  • Tariff Systems
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Afkortings, Verkortings en Akronieme
  • Begripstoetse
  • Byvoeglike Naamwoorde – Intensiewe Vorme
  • Byvoeglike Naamwoorde – Trappe van Vergelyking, Attributief en Predikatief
  • Bywoorde
  • Die Enkelvoudige en Saamgestelde Sin
  • Direkte en Indirekte Rede
  • Homofone en Homonieme
  • Idiome
  • Letterlike en Figuurlike Betekenis – Denotasie en Konnotasie
  • Ontkenning
  • Selfstandige Naamwoorde – Meervoude, Verkleining en Geslag
  • Sinsoorte – Stelsin, Vraagsin, Bevelsin, Uitroepsin
  • Soorte Selfstandige Naamwoorde – Eiename, Soortname, Versamelname, Stofname, Abstrakte Selfstandige Naamwoorde
  • Stamme, Afleidings, Samestellings en Verbindingsklanke
  • Tyd en Tydsvorme
  • Werkwoorde
  • Comprehensions
  • Direct and Indirect (Reported) Speech
  • Summary 1
  • Textual Editing: Miscellaneous Errors
  • Textual Editing: Nouns and Pronouns
  • Textual Editing: Prepositions and Conjunctions
  • Textual Editing: Verbs
  • Visual Literacy: Advertising 1
  • Business Opportunities, Related Factors and Location Decisions
  • Contracts
  • Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Presentation of Business Information
  • Self-Management
  • Team Dynamics
  • The Business Plan
  • Basic Budgeting Concepts
  • Cost Accounting
  • Animal Tissues, Biotechnology and Indigenous Knowledge
  • Biodiversity and Classification
  • Biospheres and Biomes
  • Cells: The basic Units of Life – Animal Cells
  • Environment and Ecosystems
  • Life’s History: Change Throughout the History of Life on Earth
  • Plant Tissues
  • The Chemistry of Life
  • Transport Systems in Mammals (Human)
  • Understanding of Fossils Formation and Tourism

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