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Features available for Grade 11:

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Practice Exams

Features available for Grade 11:


Practice Exams

Curriculum content available for Grade 11:

    • 2D trigonometric problems
    • Area rule
    • Box and Whisker plot, outliers and distribution of data
    • Calculations with surds
    • Complete the square including maximum and minimum
    • Cosine rule
    • Euclidean geometry
    • Exponential equations
    • Exponential expressions
    • Exponential Functions
    • Fractions in equations
    • Integrated numerical geometry problems
    • Pythagoras applications with reduction formulas
    • Quadratic equations including the quadratic formula
    • Quadratic inequalities
    • Reduction formulas and co-functions with variables
    • Reduction formulas with values including special angles
    • Roots and surds
    • Scatterplots
    • Sine rule
    • Solving quadratic equations by completing the square
    • Solving riders
    • Statistics: Integrated problems
    • Trigonometric equations
    • Trigonometric identities
    • Venn diagrams
    • 2D Trigonometriese probleme
    • Berekeninge met wortelvorme
    • Breuke in vergelykings
    • Eksponensiële uitdrukkings
    • Eksponensiële vergelykings
    • Graad 10 Hersiening: Vergelykings en ongelykhede
    • Kwadratiese ongelykhede
    • Kwadratiese vergelykings insluitend die kwadratiese formule
    • Oplos van kwadratiese vergelykings deur vierkantsvoltooiing
    • Oppervlakte-reël
    • Pythagoras toepassings met reduksieformules
    • Trigonometriese identiteite
    • Vierkantsvoltooiing insluitend maksimum en minimum
    • Wortels en wortelvorme
    • Break-even analysis
    • Budgets and statements of income and expenditure
    • Calculating perimeter, area and volume
    • Conversions and converting between liquid and solid quantities
    • Cost price and selling price
    • Inflation
    • Interest
    • Measuring length, weight, temperature and volume
    • Models and Plans
    • Patterns, relationships and representations
    • Probability
    • Scale and Mapwork
    • Tariff Systems
    • Time
    • VAT and UIF
    • Advertensies – Taal in konteks
    • Afkortings en Akronieme
    • Begripstoetse
    • Byvoeglike Naamwoorde – Trappe van Vergelyking en Intensiewe Vorme
    • Byvoeglike Naamwoorde – Verboë vorme, attributief en predikatief
    • Bywoorde en Hulpwerkwoorde
    • Direkte en indirekte rede, Lees en skryftekens
    • Drama – Kenmerke en begrip
    • Enkelvoudige en saamgestelde sinne, voegwoorde.
    • Gedigte – Algemeen
    • Gedigte – Vergelykings, Metafore, Personifikasie, Alliterasie, Assonansie
    • Homofone, Homonieme en Paronieme
    • Kortverhaal – kenmerke en begrip
    • Letterlike en figuurlike betekenis, idiome, gevoelstaal
    • Lydende en bedrywende (STOMPI)
    • Ontkenning en woordorde (STOMPI)
    • Selfstandige naamwoorde – Eiename, Soortname, Versamelname, abstrakte selfstandige naamwoord
    • Selfstandige naamwoorde – meervoude, verkleining, geslag
    • Sinonieme, Antonieme en Leenwoorde
    • Sinsoorte – Stelsin, Bevelsin, Vraagsin, Uitroepsin
    • Spelreëls, Spelfoute, Woorde wat verwar
    • Spotprente – Taal in konteks
    • Stamme, Afleidings en Samestellings
    • Tyd en tydsvorme
    • Veralgemening, stereotipering, feite of menings
    • Voorsetsels en Voornaamwoorde
    • Werkwoorde en Deelwoorde
    • Woordsoorte – Algemeen
    • Active and Passive Voice
    • Ambiguity, Puns, Malapropism, Irony
    • Comprehensions
    • Direct and Reported Speech
    • Drama – Characteristics and understanding
    • Figures of speech
    • Jargon, Slang and Euphemisms
    • Literal and Figurative Language, Idiomatic expressions
    • Novels: Characteristics and understanding
    • Poetry
    • Sentences: Phrases and Clauses
    • Sentences: Subject, Verb, Object
    • Spelling: Americanisms, Homophones and Homonyms, Words that confuse
    • Stereotyping, Bias, Fact and Opinion
    • Summary
    • Textual editing: Abbreviations and Acronyms
    • Textual Editing: Adjectives and Adverbs
    • Textual Editing: Different types of Nouns, Pronouns
    • Textual Editing: Miscellaneous errors
    • Textual editing: Parts of Speech
    • Textual Editing: Prepositions, Conjunctions
    • Textual Editing: Punctuation and Spelling
    • Textual Editing: Verbs – Tenses and Concord
    • Visual Literacy: Advertising
    • Visual Literacy: Cartoons
    • Biodiversity – classification of micro-organisms: Fungi and protists (including malaria and thrush)
    • Biodiversity – classification of micro-organisms: Immunity and medicine
    • Biodiversity – classification of micro-organisms: Virus and bacteria (including HIV and TB).
    • Biodiversity of animals
    • Biodiversity of plants
    • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
    • Fixed assets
    • Partnerships: Adjustments, ledger, accounting equations, final accounts
    • Partnerships: Financial statements and notes
    • Reconciliation: bank and creditors

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