Our Culture Statement

Written by the WorksheetCloud Team

A culture statement acts as an identity card for LLA employees and reminds us what we believe and what type of person we strive to become, individually and as a team.

It is an easy measure to use when evaluating individual team members and when evaluating potential new hires.

Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented service request. It guides us in making decisions that the handbook, playbook or policies don’t cover. Culture tells you what to do when your manager isn’t in the room. In order to work at LLA, you need to believe in our culture statement and strive to be the person it describes.

1. We believe that life is lived better when it is lived together, and while there are many paths to follow into the unknown future, there is one way that dramatically increases the chances that we will enjoy the journey – by travelling with people we trust.

2. We believe in working as a team and will commit to see the entire team perform well. We believe that it is our ability to work as a team that turns good ideas into reality.

3. We recognise it is never acceptable to break the rules for your own personal gain, but it is acceptable to break the rules when it benefits the team and our customers.

4. We believe in over-communicating so that everyone is on the same page and nobody is left behind to make unnecessary mistakes.

5. We believe it is kinder to give timely, open, honest feedback, rather than consciously watch someone work in a direction contrary to the company’s goals and see them fail.

6. We believe failure forms an integral and necessary part of our journey, and no person on our team fears failure, save for the times when someone keeps making the same mistakes without learning to pivot. We don’t accept excuses from anyone, not even from the CEO.

7. We believe in being vulnerable. No person on our team fears asking for help, and no person minds giving help.

8. We believe in learning and improving ourselves irrespective of our experience or education. From those who only have experience, to those who only have a university degree, we all love continuous learning.

9. We value the opinion of older and more experienced people, and we value the gloriously shiny ignorance that comes from being new. Both have an integral part to play in our journey.

10. We recognise that strategy without plans will lead to failure, and plans without strategy will also lead to failure.

11. We believe that our leaders should lead with a servant mindset and should always eat last (both figuratively and literally).

12. We recognise that people are often not the problem. The problem is the environment in which people operate, and we believe that each of us will play our part in creating an environment where we can all do the best work of our entire careers, together.

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