The Average Learner

Is your child stuck on the fence between average and great marks? WorksheetCloud will give them the extra push to get them into top-mark territory.

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Here’s why WorksheetCloud will help …

Dimakatso is a 39 year mom with two children in school.

Her son, Benji, is a bright child, but lazy. Benji is coasting through school by putting in just enough effort to get the results he wants, but Dimakatso struggles to get the lad to work harder and take school seriously.

Her other child, Thandi, works really hard, but despite Dimakatso’s best efforts, she is struggling to reach her academic goals. Thandi just needs a few extra marks in her exams to increase her grade average from a C to a B.

Dimakatso’s children are on opposite sides of the spectrum: one bright, but unmotivated. The other, hardworking and willing, but needing a little extra academic help.

Dimakatso doesn’t have the time, knowledge or resources to spend on helping her children. She’s unsure what to do next.

Does this story resonate with you? You’re not alone. It’s a reality faced by thousands of South African parents.

And it can leave you feeling alone.

You’re not expecting your child to get an A+. You’re just wanting them to get good grades for a brighter future.

We’ve found that the root cause of children not achieving their full academic potential is that they simply don’t study enough, or don’t study the right things at the right time. We designed WorksheetCloud to provide your child with all the study-help they need.

How does WorksheetCloud improve average learners results?

WorksheetCloud gives you and your child access to thousands of practice questions that are specifically designed to help give your child the extra push that will take them from average marks to excellent marks.

You’ll have access to Maths, Afrikaans, English, Natural Sciences, History and Geography. You don’t need to spend any more time searching the internet for relevant practice material or past exam papers because WorksheetCloud has it all in one affordable package! Your child can learn in class, and then come home that same day and use WorksheetCloud to practice what they learnt.

Your child can study in the way that works best for them by choosing short bursts of practice questions that give your child instant feedback, or longer practice exams that simulate a real exam environment at school.

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