How to study for exams with WorksheetCloud

How to Study for Exams Using WorksheetCloud

Written by Aiden Delport

Studying for exams sucks.

Your child has to open each textbook. Read each page. Make notes. Highlight a bunch of stuff. There has to be a better way to do things.

Oh wait, there is! WorksheetCloud!

I’m going to show you just how fun and easy it is to study with WorksheetCloud, and how you can get started today.

Where to Start

The WorksheetCloud Dashboard is a great place to start. The Dashboard is the central hub for your child to see all of their basic information including their level, their stats and a history of what they’ve been doing in WorksheetCloud.

From the Dashboard there are two activity options to select from: Questions and Exams.

Starting with Questions is definitely going to be best. Why? In a real exam, you have no idea which questions are going to be asked. You therefore have to study and revise your work so that no matter which questions come your way in the exam, you’ll be 100% prepared. Our app is designed in exactly the same way. Our Practice Exams are made up of random questions, from random topics in each subject, so in order to SMASH them, your child first needs to learn and practice in the Questions section.

In the Questions section, each exercise or “Worksheet”, as we call it, is made up of 6 questions, making it quick and easy to practice and learn at any time of the day.

Hit the Questions button to get started.

Let’s do some learning!

Once you’re on the Questions page you’ll notice at the top of the page that you can search for a specific topic or section, as well as filter each subject’s content by Term.

Select a subject that you’d like to practise questions in, select a topic and then pick a section of work.

Once you’ve found the section of work that you would like to learn, you’ll notice three options (in this order):

  • Study Note – this will open a Study Note
  • Practice Questions – this will start the interactive worksheet
  • Print – this will print the worksheet

Before starting with Practice Questions, your child should start by looking over the Study Note.

What are Study Notes?

Study Notes are a fantastic way for your child to revise the work that they’ve studied, or even to learn it for the first time.

Study Notes break down your child’s study material into bite-size, easy to grasp chunks (or slides as we call them) alongside beautiful imagery that helps them to understand and remember their work.

At the end of each Study Note your child will find some key definitions to help them understand important terms and phrases from the section that they are studying. This will help them when it comes to answering questions in their next exam or test.

We’ve also provided references and page numbers to the relevant chapters in some of the common textbooks used by most South African schools, in case your child wants to do some extra research and learning.

Once your child has completed a Study Note, they’ll be ready to jump into Practice Questions.

Time to Practise Questions

Each worksheet is made up of a mix of multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false and type your answer questions. Your child will be able to monitor their progress in each worksheet with our tracker that’s at the top of each question page.

At the bottom of each question, your child will also find a hint that will help them if they get stuck.

Once they’ve answered all questions, they can simply click the ‘finish’ button and will instantly be presented with their results as well as how many Cloud Coins and Knowledge Points they earned.

At this stage, it would be a great idea for your child to dive into the Memo.

Review the Memo

The Memo shows your child exactly where they were right and wrong in the Practice Questions, and WHY they were right and wrong.

Looking over the memo is just as important as looking over a Study Note, so make sure not to skip this step.

Once your child has gone over enough Study Notes and practised enough questions, it’s time to tackle the Exams.

Exam Time

Our Exams work exactly the same as real school exams, making them the perfect way to practice.

The Exams section of WorksheetCloud works in exactly the same way as the Practice Questions. The only difference is that they are a lot longer, anywhere between 20 to 40 questions. Before starting an Exam, make sure that your child is ready to focus because it takes a bit longer to complete than a Practice Questions worksheet.

Using WorksheetCloud to study for exams is that simple.

What are you waiting for? Start learning today and SMASH the upcoming exams.

New to WorksheetCloud? Why not sign up and get access to thousands of practice questions, study notes and exams. Click here to learn more.


The Author - Aiden Delport

Aiden heads up our design department and is in charge of making WorksheetCloud look great. He also forms part of the product team in charge of developing new features. His top skill - making a mean cup of tea!

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. Glacia Tlhoka

    For helping me with this app. My kid is doing better.

  2. Adele Cupido

    Hi. Can Teachers use this as well???

    • Ross Frank

      Hi Adele, thanks for your comment on our blog!

      Absolutely! WorksheetCloud does provide school subscriptions, which cater for Grades 1 to 12!

      Your subscription would give you access to all the grades that you cater for and you’ll have licence to print and distribute our content to all the learners at your school.

      In order to receive an obligation free quote based on your school’s needs, you can complete the school pricing form here:

      I hope this helps.

      Ross 🙂


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