Audio Listening Skills Worksheets Exercises

NEW Audio Worksheets: We’re Adding Language Listening Skills

Written by Adrian Marnewick

Yes, you read that title correctly the first time … we are adding brand new LISTENING COMPREHENSION worksheets to WorksheetCloud in English and Afrikaans.

After extensive consultation with teachers across the country, we’ve discovered that learners are battling badly with listening skills.

The challenge with life in general is that you require the ability to comprehend and make sense of things. Whether it’s paying the correct amount of money for your groceries, or reading instructions for building a DIY cassette tape wallet. Comprehension is critical.

Try making one of these without reading the instructions. Impossible!

Try making one of these without reading the instructions. Impossible!

So, in a huge effort to help maximise your child’s comprehension skills, we’ve built a new audio player into WorksheetCloud that will allow your child to listen to recorded stories, followed by a worksheet based on what they just heard.

To use the new listening comprehensions, all you need is the ability to play sound on your device. A set of speakers, headphones or your device’s built-in speaker will do. And of course, you need an active WorksheetCloud subscription. (Don’t have a subscription? Enrol here)

These listening comprehensions will be available across all devices, including your tablet and smartphone.

Listening Skills Worksheets

Use our new listening comprehensions anywhere, on any device. All you need is an active WorksheetCloud subscription.

Initially we’ve introduced this in Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in English and Afrikaans. We do have plans to include Grades 1, 2 and 3 shortly after.

This new content is also suitable for children with learning challenges like ADHD.

We’re releasing new audio worksheets throughout August and September 2016. Login to your account to view.

This is another great reason why you should enrol your child to WorksheetCloud today. It REALLY works. Just ask these parents.

The Author - Adrian Marnewick

Adrian is the Product Director and Co-founder of Learning Lab Apps, the company that develops WorksheetCloud. He is an activist for technology in education, but also a firm believer in the effectiveness of good, old fashioned, hands-on teaching.

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. Ingrid

    My son is already enrolled, can he benefit from the audio worksheets or is there an additional cost involved?


    • Adrian Marnewick

      Hi Ingrid

      It’s great to have your son enrolled with us! And the good news – there is NO extra cost. Our audio worksheets will automatically be added to your WorksheetCloud account as soon as they become available (1 August followed by more on 1 September).

      Have a great week!

      Adrian 🙂

  2. Nereshnee Elijah

    Absolutely. I have 1 daughter that is more stimulated by listening than reading. She is in Grade 4 this year and i think it would benefit her tremendously.

  3. Leizel

    I think it would really benefit any child that is battling with Comprehension skills.

  4. Fleurette Fourie

    Yes, because children tend to listen rather than reading to learn. I feel my children will definitely benefit from this (Grade 4).
    Thank you

  5. Sandy

    Yes , he would benefit as he is an auditory learner

  6. Angie Fernandes

    Yes, I definitely think the audio worksheets would be awesome for kids that battle with comprehension.

  7. Shaun Allan

    My child would definitely benefit from the new audio worksheets, because she has difficulty with reading and comprehension. She has a reader with her during times tests and exams at school and her marks really improve.
    I think it will be great for Learning Apps and Worksheet cloud to introduce this to its members.

  8. Daleen

    Hi, Adrian.

    This is awesome news! That is one part that my son is not good at and by exercising his listening skills, I might be able to help him with this :).

    Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into WorksheetCloud to help our kids do better at school.

    Kind Regards

  9. Mandy Roux

    Yes, what an awesome addition to the great worksheets you already have. I have found that my child does not do well in this area.

    Thank you

  10. Louise

    My son is Cerebral Palsy and in Grade 8. His reading and spelling is great, but his understanding of “the bigger picture” is poor. I feel that he will benefit from the audio tapes, as it will ensure that he learns to listen and concentrate, not just read. And in that way, I hope he will get “the picture”!

  11. Paroshni Naidoo

    Great idea with the new Audio Worksheets. This will definitely benefit my children.

  12. Natalie

    Yes, this will be a great exercise for my daughter who is ADD and struggles with listening skills!

  13. Nicole Gerber

    My child would definitely benefit – just had a parent-teacher meeting last night and comprehension and problem solving skills are top of the list of what she is battling with! I am no teacher and work full-time so it is so difficult to get the time to help and to know how to help.

  14. Bronwyn

    I think it is a fabulous idea!!!! I have 2 children – one in grade 2 and one in grade 5. I have found that you cant give more than 3 instructions to be followed…. this is great as it will incourage listening skill to last a life time.

  15. Karen

    My son is already enrolled and we have seen the benefits already. So, yes the Audio worksheets will definitely benefit him 🙂

  16. Madelein Immelman

    Dylan has been enjoying the full benefit of the worksheets and the exam questionaires in the time we have been enrolled. I am certain he will most definitly benefit from the Language Listening Skills as well.

  17. Pervasheni Mohanlal

    Today most parents will agree that our children do not listen. I have to repeat myself at least 3 times before I can get my 8 and 11 year old to pay attention. I do blame myself – allowing too much tv and other electronics when you are busy with other chores. But it’s never too late to fix it so that they grow up into listening adults.

  18. Jenny

    think this is a very good idea. I will be waiting for the Grade 1,2,3 listening skills Audio worksheets. Thank you

  19. Ruth

    Yes, definitely! My daughter is homeschooled and in Gr 5. This is something that would add value to her learning experience.

  20. Jacqui

    ANOTHER great addition to an already GREAT service. My son will benefit enormously from these, I look forward to their arrival.

  21. Cara

    My son would benefit from a subscription to Worksheet cloud as he is trying to transition from alternative schooling to mainstream next year. Having learning difficulties is already a disadvantage but perhaps this can be minimized by using a service like work cloud.

  22. Chantal

    Yes, my son would benefit. The jump from what is required from them in comprehension from grade 3 to 4 is a big one, and he has struggled with it a bit.

  23. Michelle Gross

    The audio worksheets are very important because it challenges the child to sit quietly, listen and absorb the information and then think and apply their abstract knowledge and understanding of what they have just heard. It sounds easy but for a young person it can be incredibly hard.

    Instead of visual cues they need to work a little bit harder and I know that my daughter who is in Grade 4, often receives unprepared listening assignments in class that count towards their term mark.

    Having completed our first ever exam series in Grade 4, I have to say it went well. We would really benefit from focussed-preparation at the end of the year and some experienced insight (rather than recreating the wheel 🙂 ) – that is why we would love this subscription.

  24. Diana

    Good morning. My son has Irlen Syndrome, and it an auditory learner. He would greatly benefit from the “listening worksheets”. (Grade 5). Wishing you much success with the launch of the new medium!

  25. Wright

    The worksheets have helped so much. I will be renewing my subscription once my current one expires.
    Yes, my child will definitely benefit from using the new audio worksheets!

  26. Wendy Arendse

    Good day
    This is so amazing and my Grade 7 son will definitely benefit for both English and Afrikaans audio lessons in all the subjects. He currently uses a PDF audio reader with those funny electronic voices, and even that is a great help with his learning challenges in the Dyslexia and dysgraphia areas.
    So happy worksheets cloud, which is already a great help, has expanded to the different learning modalities and styles our vastly different kids require…… I hope that video is next on the list.
    Kindest regards

  27. Janette

    Yes defetniley because my daughter is ADHD and struggles with comprehension she’s in grade 6. And does not always have money to buy extra material to help her with, because im a single mom

  28. Julia

    Fantastic news about the listening comprehension modules in both English and Afrikaans. both my husband and I are from overseas, and battle with helping our sons with Afrikaans. This will add value, and make our lives much easier.

  29. Jill Myburgh

    This is great. Can we also test them like the rest of the sheets.

  30. Lindy Siemens

    This is absolutely awesome – Yes my child will definitely benefit from this, as she struggles to concentrate and loves listening to audio (music etc)! Thank you

  31. Lesley

    Yes Absolutely – Both my children would prefer to listen to an audio rather than read…. plus I am from the UK & can not help them with Afrikaans at all….

  32. Linda Smith

    I am a retired teacher. This is THE most brilliant idea I have yet heard of to help children to learn!!!! I know from experience that today’s children have little if any listening skills, if we could improve that, we would have won the “fight”. I am fostering an 11 year old girl, who is in grade 6. I would be very interested in putting your ” listening comprehension ” to the test. Linda

  33. Tanya

    My son will definitely benefit as it would improve his comprehension, especially in Afrikaans.

  34. Ashlinn

    My daughter would definitely benefit from the audio worksheets. She is in Gr5 and has ADD

  35. Margeré

    Defenitely an excellent way to learn children!!! Becoming more tempted to join you guys!!!

  36. Rene

    My son would definitely benefit and I think this is one area that is very important but not always focused on in class. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store.

  37. Tracy Londt

    Yes, I believe my daughter will benefit greatly. She has arthropryposis (AMC).Her speech is affected, resulting in difficulty in language skills and spelling.She is mainstream schooled (Grade 6), but I still spend a lot of time doing extra worksheets and comprehensions. In this way she could teach herself.

    Thank you.

  38. Tara

    My son would definitely benefit from the audio worksheets. He is in Grade 4 – This will help us so much 🙂

  39. Henriette

    This would be a tremendous help as it is true that the listening skills my son is not what
    it should be. This would also boost his confidence. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  40. Lorraine Kroutz

    I have a foster child with ADD. She is battling with maths and her listening skils. I think she will greatly benefit as she was badly traumitised during the first 4 years of her life. We are taking her t a clinical psychologist regularly but without any financial help it is difficult to get her all the help she needs. Thank yoi

  41. Liezel Anderson

    This is a great idea! Yet another skill that I can help my child to improve.

  42. Esme Ackermann

    Stunning way to help our kids!! Well done!! My son was born deaf and with one cochlear implant, hearing is a struggle for him, he would benefit so much from something like this to improve his hearing skills and that will help him with all the other skills that he has fallen behind on.

  43. Tanya Wesson

    YES, YES,YES DEFINATELY! Both my children can reap the benefits of this new Audio addition, especially with my son that is already behind in this area.

  44. Claudia

    Awesome idea, my son in Grade 3 is struggling with comprehension and reading. He is attending remedial lessons at school and afterschool also. This looks like a wonderful application but with extra lessons, just can afford to add this as well 🙁 would love to win a subscription !!

  45. Lydia

    Listening is indeed a skill and needs to be practiced. With so much to distract us these days we could all do with some help in this area. It could really improve our relationships. My son in Grade 5 finds paying attention difficult and would benefit hugely from these audio worksheets. Great idea! Thank you WorksheetCloud!

    • Annette Koekemoer

      I subscribed my granddaughter just before the exams started and she already benefitted tremendously from the worksheets. I sure do believe that the new additional audio worksheet will be to great value to better her comprehension skills.

  46. Jayshree

    Yes, I do. He is grade 9 this year but definitely battles with comprehension. Is there anything he can use now, to assist him.


  47. Mampe Kumalo

    Most definitely yes,my daughter who is in grade 4 will benefit from the audio exercises.I have realized that my kids do not listen to instructions carefully as they are always distracted by one thing or the other and this will go a long way in building their listening and comprehension skills.My son,who is in grade R,cant wait to join this community as he has seen how the sister has been enjoying doing the question papers and seeing a graph showing her results and progress in mastering the subjects.
    You guys rock

  48. Elizabeth Louw

    Hi. I enrolled my one child (gr 6) on worksheetcloud just before the june exams, this has really helped us a lot. I have another child (gr4) eho is ADHD and the audio lessons will definitely help her a lot.

  49. Estelle

    Absolutely! It would be a valuable learning tool that I would treasure!

  50. Charlene Erasmus

    My child will definitely benefit from it as he has adhd and this will definitely help to train him to listen in class and also hopefully learn to filter out the external and surrounding noise while listening to what is being said

  51. Sam

    Yes this is so great. my boys will make use of this. especially Afrikaans.

  52. Agatha Kolo

    Definitely I do think my daughter will benefit greatly from this learning tool.

  53. Colleen Versfeld

    My preschool Granddaughter is so hungry for knowledge. I meet with her once a week and spend an afternoon working through stimulating activities. These worksheets would benefit her so much.

  54. Tahira Toffie

    Its brilliant and I cant wait especially now that the kids are done with the first 6 months of schooling it will definitely assist them to prepare for the next 5 months.

  55. zeenat

    we subscribe to worksheet cloud. We have noticed the postive change in our child’s ability to read and comprehend tasks, exam questionares nd worksheets. His confidence has also improved and he now knows that he has greater potential.
    YES! audio worksheets will indeed be a further enhancement

  56. Charmaine Van Biljon

    Yes MOST defnitely benificial!!! Just a suggestion…get the lower grades on board ASAP because it is at the foundation level that the children learn the fastest and it is there that they lose the ability to listen. Thank you so much for always improving on your system and hope to see more subjects added especially in the Grade 7 slot. BTW I am a client now on my 2nd year and very happy with using worksheet cloud.

  57. shanne baynes

    Lexi will definitely benefit from audio tapes.

  58. Jennifer

    Absolutely!! I’ve started doing audio books at bedtime to counteract the television and I can see the improvement already, not only in her listening, but also in her reading.
    You really need to get Gr2 going soon.

    On another note, the Gr2 English words don’t seem advanced enough for the grade? Am I missing something? I feel like I landed on a Gr 1 words page instead of Gr2.

  59. Linda

    My son is having big problems with listening. At home & school. I think this will help his concentration as well, looking forward to using this way. WOW

  60. Isabel Du Plessis

    I can just say Amen to all the comments above. My child (Gr 4) ADHD/Autism , do have the same problems and this new method of teaching them will help so much in the long run to improve listening skills. Although reading skills alone, still needs to practice regularly and not be left aside now. I am not a member, but by grace would love to add my child.
    Thank you for a great program to help our children.
    Warm regards

  61. Ashina

    Yes,definitely. I think listening skills are incredibly important and unfortunately there is not much attention given to it in school. My daughter’s are not members yet but I would love them to have this opportunity to improve themselves academically. Keep up the great work.

  62. fathima

    Yes, my son responds better to computers and technology…I think it will be a great way for him to learn.

  63. Julie Bashkier

    My son has left mainstream for a remedial school as he is dyslexic, is an auditory and visual (concrete) learner. Because of his dyslexia, spelling and reading are quite a challenge. His listening sense has been heightened so he can learn better in class. He will definitely benefit from the auditory comprehensions. I have looked into buying the school curriculum in auditory format, but we don’t have the correct medical disability to qualify. Cant wait!

  64. yullanda

    My son Charles gr 4 is dyslexic but still in mainstream..he wil benefit from listening the work more auditory…and my ather son stefan gr8 wil allso benefit fom it will be waiting…

  65. Michelle Caldwell

    Looking forward to the listening comprehensions. My daughter will definitely benefit from them.

  66. Pelo Mathabathe

    Yes , my son will love it as he is more in listining than reading and it is good resources for him cant wait already ,love it too

  67. Hellouise

    My children will definetly benefit!

  68. Theo

    Yes most definitely my son will benefit from the audio excersice

  69. I Beckmann

    I would like to enroll my child but I see you only cover maths for Gr9 when will you be adding other subjects

  70. Zeida Solomons

    I’m always looking for new ways to help my son study. I’ve found that he learns better when I read things out to him.

  71. Amanda Bridgette

    Yes I would like to try out this system as listening is easier than reading for my son and daughter


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