Yes, you read that title correctly the first time … we are adding brand new LISTENING COMPREHENSION worksheets to WorksheetCloud in English and Afrikaans.

After extensive consultation with teachers across the country, we’ve discovered that learners are battling badly with listening skills.

The challenge with life in general is that you require the ability to comprehend and make sense of things. Whether it’s paying the correct amount of money for your groceries, or reading instructions for building a DIY cassette tape wallet. Comprehension is critical.

Try making one of these without reading the instructions. Impossible!

Try making one of these without reading the instructions. Impossible!

So, in a huge effort to help maximise your child’s comprehension skills, we’ve built a new audio player into WorksheetCloud that will allow your child to listen to recorded stories, followed by a worksheet based on what they just heard.

To use the new listening comprehensions, all you need is the ability to play sound on your device. A set of speakers, headphones or your device’s built-in speaker will do. And of course, you need an active WorksheetCloud subscription. (Don’t have a subscription? Enrol here)

These listening comprehensions will be available across all devices, including your tablet and smartphone.

Listening Skills Worksheets

Use our new listening comprehensions anywhere, on any device. All you need is an active WorksheetCloud subscription.

Initially we’ve introduced this in Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in English and Afrikaans. We do have plans to include Grades 1, 2 and 3 shortly after.

This new content is also suitable for children with learning challenges like ADHD.

We’re releasing new audio worksheets throughout August and September 2016. Login to your account to view.

This is another great reason why you should enrol your child to WorksheetCloud today. It REALLY works. Just ask these parents.

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