Term 3 Rewards Hub Winners

2024 Term 1 Rewards Hub Winners!

Written by Aiden Delport

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2024 Term 1 Rewards Hub prizes.

I want to start off by saying a massive WELL DONE to each of you for all of the hard work that you’ve put in during Term 1, and a humongous THANK YOU for all the valuable feedback that we’ve received about the WorksheetCloud Rewards Hub (if you haven’t yet given us your feedback, click here).

I hope we can continue to make your studying suck less, and improve your marks while we do it!

How to claim prizes:

Below you’ll find a list of the Term 1 Rewards Hub prize winners. We’ve sent emails to each winner’s parents, so if you see your name, ask your parents to check their email. They’ll need to send us your shipping details so that we can send you your prize.

Without further ado, here are our lucky winners.

PlayStation / Xbox / Steam R300 Voucher Winners:

  1. Aiden Peters
  2. Alaric Goldstein
  3. Alex Mackenzie
  4. Anine Jager
  5. Cayden Jaftha
  6. Ethan Lawrence
  7. Jesse Rebekah De Vos
  8. Michael Liebenberg
  9. Nobuhle Masango
  10. Ryan Soorajlal

Takealot R300 Voucher Winners:

  1. Ciara Beukes
  2. Dawood Reid
  3. Jayden Da Cunha
  4. Luke Te Loo
  5. Mpilenhle Ntuli
  6. Opelong Mokhothu
  7. Oreabetse Tlala
  8. Rocket Ntuli
  9. Ruhi Sharma
  10. Zoe-Claire Abels

Lego R300 Voucher Winners:

  1. Anam Rizvi Khan
  2. Brooke Carter George
  3. Clever Kyle Botma
  4. Dayyaan Toyer
  5. Ezekiel Venkiah
  6. Kara Lindemann
  7. Kei-Lou Fong
  8. Lukesh Naicker
  9. Max Broadley
  10. Ndumiso Ntombela

Didn’t find your name on the list? Don’t worry, our 2024 Term 2 Rewards Hub is launching soon, which means that you’ll get another chance to win.

How do I get started with earning rewards?

If you’re already a WorksheetCloud member, sign in to your account here.

If you haven’t yet signed up for WorksheetCloud, then now is the time!

WorksheetCloud is designed to motivate you to learn throughout the entire school year with:

  • Interactive Practice Questions, Study Notes, Practice Exams, and Video Lessons that make learning easy.
  • Gamification features (as mentioned above) that make learning fun.
  • Our Leaderboard that lets you compete with your friends and classmates and adds competition to your learning.

Sign up to WorksheetCloud here and watch your grades soar!

The Author - Aiden Delport

Aiden heads up our design department and is in charge of making WorksheetCloud look great. He also forms part of the product team in charge of developing new features. His top skill - making a mean cup of tea!

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. Rumaysa Omar

    How long does it take for learners to receive they rewards?

    • Kyle Roets

      Thanks so much for your comment Rumaysa!😁

      We have emailed all of our Rewards Hub winners regarding their prizes.

      As soon as we have received the relevant information needed for shipping, we try and send out our prizes as soon as possible.

      I hope this helps! Have an awesome day further.

  2. Niskaya

    How do you pick who gets what?

    • Kyle Roets

      Thanks so much for your comment Niskaya! 😁

      During each school term, learners are able to earn entry tickets for each of the available prizes.

      As soon as the term has come to an end, all of their entry tickets are then added to a lucky draw and our winners are selected at random.

      I hope this helps! Please feel free to give us a shout if you ever have any more questions.

  3. Oratile Tlhong

    Hello. I haven’t received a code for the takealot voucher and my mom responded to the email

    • Aiden Delport

      Hey Oratile.

      We’ve been in contact with your mom and your voucher will be sent through today.

      I hope that you buy something cool with it!😎💜

  4. Austin

    what do you do in order to get picked

    • Aiden Delport

      Hey Austin.

      That’s a great question!

      As you progress through the Rewards Hub each term, you earn tickets that grant you entries into a lucky draw for each prize.

      The more tickets you earn, the more entries you get into the lucky draw, and the better your chance of winning.

      As I mentioned, it’s a lucky draw, so the winner is chosen at random from the pool of learners who have earned tickets for each prize.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help. 😎

      • siyabonga

        If its a random draw why was i unlucky.

        • Aiden Delport

          Hey Siyabonga

          Thanks for the comment!

          I’m really sorry that you weren’t one of the winners this term. The winners are chosen at random from a list, and unfortunately, you weren’t one of the chosen ones.

          But it’s a new term and there are new prizes to win. Keep your chin up, stay focused, and keep working hard.

          This could be your lucky term! 😎

  5. Austin Nel

    ok so you just need to get points and then you guys put all the names in a draw and you put your hand in the draw and pull out a name

    • Aiden Delport

      Hey Austin

      Yup, it’s a lucky draw. The winners are chosen at random. The more entry tickets you earn in WorksheetCloud, the more entries you get into the lucky draw, and the higher your chances are of winning a prize. 🏆

  6. Austin Nel

    what day will the shop come out because I’ve put what I want to get with my coins but now I’m waiting for the shop just to get out

    • Aiden Delport

      Hey Austin

      We are still busy working on the shop and will let everyone know as soon as it launches.

      Thank you for your patience. 😎

  7. Niskaya Govender

    Hello my name `is Niskaya just wanted to know if will know once the shop has opened will we still get our coins from last year ( 2023 )?

    • Aiden Delport

      Hey Niskaya

      Thank you for the comment!

      We haven’t yet announced a due date for the shop, but we will update all of our parents and learners as soon as we do.

      Regarding your coins, you will always keep your coins from previous years, as long as your WorksheetCloud membership stays active. So make sure that your parents don’t cancel it! 😄

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  8. khanyo chabe

    hello im khanyo i wanted to ask when is the shop opening

    • Aiden Delport

      Hey Khanyo

      Thanks for the comment!

      We are still busy working on the shop and don’t have a definite launch date yet. But we’ll make a big announcement when it launches.

      Have an awesome day.


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