WorksheetCloud Online Practice Exams

Want Online Practice Exams? Here They Come!

Written by Adrian Marnewick

The day we’ve been waiting for!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our ONLINE practice exams in WorksheetCloud in a few days time!

  • You want your child to practice for exams without needing to print anything?
  • You want your child to complete the entire practice exam online?
  • You want to save time by not having to manually mark your child’s practice exam?
  • You want your child to use his or her tablet or smartphone to practice for exams?

Yes to all the above!

A year ago we announced the upcoming launch of WorksheetCloud 2 – the fully online, interactive version that allows your child to complete every worksheet online with no need to print anything.

Great apps take time (and a lot of money and skill!) to build. We’ve been working on developing WorksheetCloud 2 this entire year, and we now have the online exam part of it ready for you to try out!

Here are some things you can expect to see now …

Earn coins for answering questions

Your child will be able to earn and collect coins for doing practice exams! They’ll earn 1 coin for each mark they score during an exam. This adds a fun element to studying, and just wait to see what they’ll get to spend their coins on next year!


Complete your worksheet online

Your child can now answer every question online, so there is no need to print anything. Also, WorksheetCloud will automatically mark your child’s answers and provide explanations and help.


Full explanations and help with each question

WorksheetCloud automatically marks your child’s practice exams and provides detailed feedback that allows your child to see what they answered correctly and incorrectly. They’ll also receive explanations and help to guide them.


Here are the details …

What does “online exam part” mean?

This means that we are giving ALL WorksheetCloud users access to our interactive, online practice exams to allow your child to prepare for the upcoming 4th term exams, and to try out some of our brand new online features. However, you won’t have access to ALL the features in WorksheetCloud 2 because they are not ready yet.

FREE for all WorksheetCloud users!

The great news is that our online practice exams are FREE for all WorksheetCloud users with an active WorksheetCloud subscription. Your child will benefit from our online practice exams at no extra cost whatsoever. Groovy? We think so too!

Don’t have a WorksheetCloud subscription? Sign up here.

What grades and subjects are available now?

We are launching Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 English, Afrikaans, Maths and Natural Science. Remember, this is free for you to try out. Other grades and subjects will be launched when the full version of WorksheetCloud 2 becomes available in the 1st term of 2017.

How do I access the online exams?

We will send all WorksheetCloud users an email containing a link to the interactive practice exams as soon as they become available in the next few days. Seriously, if you don’t have a WorksheetCloud subscription you’ll want to sign up soon!


If you have any questions about our new online practice exams, contact us.

The Author - Adrian Marnewick

Adrian is the Product Director and Co-founder of Learning Lab Apps, the company that develops WorksheetCloud. He is an activist for technology in education, but also a firm believer in the effectiveness of good, old fashioned, hands-on teaching.

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. faywinique

    What about grade 11 and 12 this year

  2. Natasja

    I so needed the online exams now for my son! He is in grade 8! Urgh!
    Such a pitty it will only launch next year!
    My biggest frustration now is to test him on maths!
    Cant you maybe just do mats, afrikaans and english now. Please

  3. rita

    Wow! This is great! We’ll save some trees! Thank you. look forward to have Grade 9 onboard next year

  4. Mandy Roux

    Thank you, this will really save time and money for all of us.
    It is great to have someone like you continually working to make things easier for us and our kids.
    Well done.

  5. Yusrah Hendricks

    This is great news as I have an aversion to printing anything unnecessarily. Also practice exams are great to prepare for the exams.

    Thanks for the continued improvement.

  6. Luann

    That is amazing!! Great news that there is no printing needed and can do it all online….well done!

  7. Randy Dyers

    That’s wonderful!Thank you.

  8. Amanda Moss

    I don’t have the internet at home, do you also do exam papers I can print?

  9. Dalene

    This is great great news!! Thank you!!

  10. Cathy

    Great news indeed !!

  11. Charl

    Wonderful! Cant wait to try it out. My son is gonna love it!

  12. Ntombizodwa

    Can’t wait to try it me too iv got two boys one n grade 1 nd grade 5

  13. Adele

    Awesome news. Thank you Adrian for the brilliant initiative.

  14. Yusrah Hendricks

    When will the online practice exams be available? We are starting to revise and prepare for exams.

    • Babita Deokaran

      Hi yes that is what I would also like to know as i want my daughter to start on these as part of her preparation for the exams.

  15. Louw-retha Mouton

    Great oppertunity for the kids…. especially for using the time inbetween sports practices. Well done and thanks a million!


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