Here's Why I'm Super Excited About 2017 and Why You Should be too

Here’s Why I’m SUPER Excited for 2018, and Why You Should be too!

Written by Adrian Marnewick

Happy new year! And happy 1st School Term!

The beginning of 2018 heralds a new age of WorksheetCloud – an age where your child will be able to complete every worksheet online, with instant feedback, hints and tips provided on a question-by-question level, as well as win awesome prizes and rewards.

Why does this excite me SO much? For two reasons …

1. My son, Mikhail, begins Grade 8 (high school!)

As a parent, Mikhail’s education is a top priority for me. As we continue to develop and improve WorksheetCloud, my own son will be able to use a product I helped design and create, and one that I trust to help him improve his school results for test and exam preparation.

2. I love making our customers happy and helping your children succeed

Your child’s education is a top priority for me too. If WorksheetCloud helps your child succeed at school, you’ll keep coming back for more. Your happiness with WorksheetCloud is what helps us build a sustainable business that can continue to help children throughout South Africa. This is my dream, and it’s becoming a reality.

What does this all mean?

It means that the people behind WorksheetCloud are building a product that they trust to help their own children, and yours too!

If I’m THIS confident about WorksheetCloud, then I encourage you to sign up today and try it out for yourself if you haven’t already done so.

WorksheetCloud is the ultimate weapon in your parenting arsenal with the sole focus of helping your child get better exam results.

So don’t wait. Get your WorksheetCloud subscription today. Your child will thank you when they complete 2018 with a great report card.

And to all our valued existing customers, thank you for trusting us with your child’s education in 2018! You will NOT be disappointed.

The Author - Adrian Marnewick

Adrian is the Product Director and Co-founder of Learning Lab Apps, the company that develops WorksheetCloud. He is an activist for technology in education, but also a firm believer in the effectiveness of good, old fashioned, hands-on teaching.

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. Natasha Muller

    SUPER excited for Worksheet Cloud 2! Definitely helped us survive end of year exams and looking forward to even greater achievements this year!

  2. Adele

    Ek het dit gebruik vir my seun in grad 6 verlede jaar! Dit was amazing!!

    Baie dankie vir julle harde werk:-)


  3. Jayne Pooler

    Thank you for such a wonderful product, it definitely helped us with our end of year exams last year. Cant wait for Worksheet Cloud 2 🙂 !!


  4. Jane Broughton

    When is worksheet cloud version 2 going to be live and available to use on line?

    • Kayleen Olivier

      Hi Jane

      Thanks for your message!

      Our development team is currently completing the new features that will allow your child to complete the entire worksheet online. We expect to launch our interactive, online worksheets in February 2017. You will then have the option of printing content or allowing your child to complete the content online.

      You can read more about the exciting new features we are launching here:

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

      Kayleen 🙂

  5. janine

    good day, if I am subscribed to the old cloud worksheet platform. will I be able to access cloud 2 automatically or would I have to subscribe? thanking you

    • Kayleen Olivier

      Hi Janine

      Thanks for your message and interest in WorksheetCloud 2!

      As WorksheetCloud 2 is a totally new system, unfortunately we’re not able to automatically migrate you, because we are using a different billing service. This means that you will need to re-enter your credit or cheque cards details on the new system should you choose to upgrade to WorksheetCloud 2.

      In order to have access to WorksheetCloud 2, you need to sign up on this page:

      If you’d like to find out more about WorksheetCloud 2, you can here:

      I hope this helps. If you have any questions or need assistance with this, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be very happy to assist!

      Kayleen 🙂

  6. Martha Hutchinson

    Are the worksheets available for afrikaans learners?

    • Kayleen Olivier

      Hi Martha

      Thanks for your message and interest in WorksheetCloud!

      All the content in WorksheetCloud is available in Afrikaans and English. When you add a learner to your account, you can simply select the learner’s default language and they will receive content in the language you select. For example, Mathematics will become Wiskunde and so on.

      You can see a full list of subjects and topics covered here:

      If you’re ready to sign up, you can get started here:

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and I’ll be very happy to assist.

      Kayleen 🙂


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