Introducing WorksheetCloud Study Notes

Written by Aiden Delport

A lot of people think that WorksheetCloud is just an exam revision tool. It’s questions and answers, that’s all.

Hmm … NOPE!

I’m about to blow your mind.

Introducing our brand new WorksheetCloud Study Notes, an exciting way for your child to study and learn for their next exam or test.

Here’s how they work:

Simple, quick studying

The goal that we had in mind when creating Study Notes was to make learning and studying for exams and tests as easy and quick as possible for your child.

Our Study Notes break down your child’s study material into bite-size, easy to grasp chunks (or slides as we call them) alongside beautiful imagery that helps them to understand and remember their work.


Key Definitions and Textbook References

At the end of each Study Note your child will find some key definitions to help them understand important terms and phrases from the section that they are studying. This will help them when it comes to answering questions in their next exam or test.

We’ve also provided references and page numbers to the relevant chapters in some of the common textbooks used by most South African schools, in case your child wants to do some extra research and learning.

Key Definitions

We’re adding new Study Notes all the time

Our curriculum team is hard at work creating Study Notes for every subject in every grade. We currently have Study Notes for:

  • Grade 4 to 7 – Afrikaans, English, Natural Sciences, History and Geography
  • Grade 8 to 9 – Afrikaans

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for WorksheetCloud today and stop stressing about your child’s learning. Click here to learn more about WorksheetCloud, or click here to sign up.

The Author - Aiden Delport

Aiden heads up our design department and is in charge of making WorksheetCloud look great. He also forms part of the product team in charge of developing new features. His top skill - making a mean cup of tea!

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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