NEW: Grade 9 History Worksheets Now Available!


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Take a trip back in time with our brand new printable and interactive Grade 9 History worksheets.

Our curriculum team has been hard at work getting our new History worksheets to all of our WorksheetCloud members, and they are finally here!

The new worksheets are available for all members with an active WorksheetCloud subscription. Not a member? Sign up here. 

The following topics are currently covered for Term 1 and 2, and we’ll be adding Term 3 and 4 shortly.


  • The Rise of Nazi Germany: 1919 – 1933
  • The Rise of Nazi Germany: 1933 – 1938
  • World War 2 in the Pacific
  • World War 2: Europe
  • World War 2: Europe – examples of resistance
  • Definition of the superpowers and the meaning of ‘Cold War’
  • Increasing tension between the allies after the end of World War 2 in Europe


  • Die totstandkoming van Nazi-Duitsland: 1919 – 1933
  • Die totstandkoming van Nazi-Duitsland: 1933 – 1938
  • Tweede Wêreldoorlog: Europa
  • Tweede Wêreldoorlog: Europa – voorbeelde van weerstand

Remember, we are adding new worksheets across all our grades on a weekly basis. So if you’re not yet a WorksheetCloud member, sign up here or find out more.

Are we missing subjects or topics that you need? Let us know in the comments below.

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