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NEW Worksheets and Subjects Coming Up

Written by Adrian Marnewick

We’ve had an amazing journey over the past few months with WorksheetCloud. We’ve met enthusiastic fans and learned about the children who are seeing an improvement in results by using our content.

When we launched in November last year, we truly didn’t believe that our product and company would grow at such an incredibly fast pace. The demand for our CAPS-based worksheets have exceeded what we originally thought possible, and we’re truly grateful to each and every parent and child that uses WorksheetCloud as their main source of school revision and practise content.

Since the launch of WorksheetCloud, we only offered English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Natural Science for primary school, and Mathematics for high school.

That’s all about to change.

From the third term onwards, we’re expanding our subject offering and adding hundreds of new worksheets for our users. We’re primarily focusing on topics that are covered during the third term as laid out in the CAPS curriculum schedule.

New Subjects

Grade 1, 2 and 3:

  • Life Skills
  • English First Additional Language (second language)
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language (second language)

Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7:

  • Social Science (History and Geography)
  • Natural Science (extra topics)
  • English First Additional Language (second language)
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language (second language)

Grade 8 and 9:

  • Social Science
  • Natural Science
  • English Home Language (first language) and First Additional Language (second language)
  • Afrikaans Home Language (first language) and First Additional Language (second language)

Grade 10:

  • Chemistry
  • English Home Language (first language)
  • Mathematics (extra topics)

Short Term Plan for WorksheetCloud

Our short term plan is to include ALL subjects and topics for every grade. While we’ve almost achieved this in primary school, we’re looking to complete the entire high school curriculum as soon as possible.

We’re also considering adding Grade R content in the near future.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you – contact us here or post your comment below …

The Author - Adrian Marnewick

Adrian is the Product Director and Co-founder of Learning Lab Apps, the company that develops WorksheetCloud. He is an activist for technology in education, but also a firm believer in the effectiveness of good, old fashioned, hands-on teaching.

WorksheetCloud is the most exciting way to study for exams and tests!

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  1. virginia garnham

    Such good news……………….!!! Grade 11 too please – very important year.

  2. Sandy

    Please advise how we access these sheets and is there a cost

  3. Busiswa

    May you also add Grade R

  4. Salomie Minnie

    Thank you. WorksheetCloud has made my life so much easier. I am a teacher myself and really don’t always have time to draw up mock tests.


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