New WorksheetCloud Features for Term 3


Now’s the time to be a WorksheetCloud subscriber! We have some EPIC new features coming in Term 3 of 2019.

Exam time has come and gone.

There’s no need for your child to study anymore, so all their study resources have become irrelevant. Including WorksheetCloud, right?

WRONG! And here’s why …

WorksheetCloud is so much more than just an exam preparation tool. We didn’t design the app just for exam time. WorksheetCloud was made as a year-round study and revision tool.

Here are 4 major reasons NOT to cancelyour membership …

  • NEW: Audio Worksheets!
    We’re adding brand new listening skill worksheets to help your child with … well, listening.
  • NEW: Study Summaries!
    We’re adding brand new study summaries (basically a “cheat sheet”) that will give your child a learning overview before starting a worksheet or practice exam.
  • NEW: Facebook community just for WorksheetCloud parents!
    We’re launching an exclusive Facebook support group for WorksheetCloud parents. It’s a central place for you to ask questions, share ideas and get inspiration for the school year.
  • PRICE INCREASE: We’re increasing our prices , but NOT for you!
    WorksheetCloud pricing will be increasing from R95 per month to R130 per month, but NOT for current subscribers. This means you won’t be affected by the price increase as long as you keep your existing subscription active.

Preparation for exams and tests starts at the beginning of the term. We guarantee that with regular use and practice, by the time your child gets to the exams, they will be 100% prepared!

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About the Author

Aiden is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Learning Lab Apps, the company that develops WorksheetCloud. He is a creative at heart, and loves to add a different spin on everything he designs.


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