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WorksheetCloud is a premium online app that lets your child practice and study for class tests and school exams.

We’ve now launched WorksheetCloud Online Lessons – this free online classroom service.

We’re a dedicated team of teachers, designers, developers and educational strategists who have a passion for helping South African families through the stress that is often associated with tests and exams.

Our mission is to encourage the development of happy families by empowering parents to assist children to reach their full learning potential and gain a feeling of success.

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Why is WorksheetCloud giving free online lessons?

Just like you, we’re also parents. Nobody expected this global COVID-19 pandemic and the reality is that everyone has been thrown into disarray.

We believe that your child should roll with the punches and continue their learning. That’s why we decided to launch our free online video lessons. We are making our virtual classrooms freely accessible to all South African learners who have an internet-enabled device.

And, we are not making any money from this. We refuse to take financial advantage of a pandemic. We’re funding this live lesson project with our own money and a contribution from MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet.

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