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Thank you for this amazing platform. We logged onto the Grade 5 Maths this morning. Teacher Travis is brilliant, my daughter loved that she was able to follow and understand Mr T, and enjoyed the test at the end. Keep it up, looking forward to what Monday has in store!

Jene Bester


Awesome! My daughter enjoyed the grade 6 maths lesson this morning. She is so excited for the next lesson which starts Monday.

Salma Daggia


My grade 7 daughter watched for 2 days now and she was excited to do the homework too! Thank you, it is really helping our children especially this time of lockdown.

Dhel Manalo Rapoo


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INITIATIVE, it is much appreciated. This entire experience, Covid-19, lockdown, online learning is not an easy one, however you rose to the challenge to help South Africa. Well done!!!

Giovanna Collins


Thanks for this initiative! Enjoyed the Grade 4 maths with my lil one.

Samantha Gunpath


Thank you so much for the lessons. My daughter is in Grade 6. She enjoyed the lessons.

Siphokazi Mfikili


This platform for online learning at a primary school level is exciting especially because you are a South African company offering lessons within the context of our curriculum. Thank you very much for the service that you are offering to millions of kids in S.A.

Jenine Van Villing

Parent and Teacher

My son is doing the grade 6 maths lesson now that he couldn’t do at 8am. He’s enjoying it. The maths guy was cool and I appreciate that he acknowledged that the kids needed to start with a refresher. Thank you for the amazing work you and your team are doing.

Olivia Petersen



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